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    Fancy Pants Rub-ons--never disappoint! (22 December 2008)

    ...and the new Rub-ons for the "Splendid" Collection are no exception! The colors are so very vibrant, and each image transfers with ease unmatched by any other brand! THese beautiful Rub-ons are a "must-have' for anyone who purchases the "Splendid" paper collection, or just for you love-birds in general!

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    BEAUTIFUL PAPERS! (22 December 2008)

    This gorgeous pattern by Basic Grey, that we all collected when it first came out, is still available--now on Clearance in a 6x6" pad of wonderfulness!
    You will adore the lovely pinks, pale yellow and greens of some patterns, while other display an array of reds, blues, burgundy and grey! Either pallatte serves to be the background or accent paper for your layouts and handmade greeting cards for any occasion! I would have happily paid the retail price for "Perhaps" any day, but now that it is in CLEARANCE, treat yourself to your own stocking stuffer, or simply put it in your craftroom. (Its small enough that no one will know!)

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    Gorgeous Cut-outs! (25 October 2008)

    The rich, beautiful colors of the "Beau Jardin" line from Bo Bunny are perfectly captured in this versatile variety of coordinating 12x12 page of cut-outs. From the journaling cards, quotes, photo corners and more, each element matches one or more of the many hues in the Beau Jardin line! This sheet is a "must-have" when ordering any or ALL of this stunning line of paper by Bo Bunny!--they've done it again!

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    Best Adhesive Runner--Hands Down! (26 September 2008)

    We all know we have our favorite--well this one's MINE, and I'll tell you why: You get a full-width straight line EVERY TIME. It is NEVER gummy or gluey--no balls of "goo" to remove EVER! No worries about figuring out how to replace the cartridge, just open a new one, and it starts up right away--right where you left off! I am buying a 6-pack today because I know I'll use it all, as it has proven to be the best adhesive runner on the market! I used another popular brand (not sold on to make some cards a few months ago. When I pulled the cards out of their storage box to use, they had fallen apart! How embarrassing! No such thing with th 3L Scrapbook Adhesive! Buy yours today!

  • My favorite! (23 July 2008)

    I love Bo Bunny word albuns, but "HAPPY" is my favorite, because it isthe most versatile! You easily cover the letters with contrasting patterned paper (to make sure you can read the letters--if the paper matches too closely it is hard to read...) Use a craft knife to easily cut around the letter, then just add photos and a few embellishments! For HAPPY, I have used my son, a birthday party, and pics of me and my family's trip to an amusement park! SO buy it and go crazy with ideas! Plus, you can finish in an afternoon! Instant gratification!

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    Beautiful designs! (23 July 2008)

    I used this line to scrap my entire honeymoon to Maui, Hawaii! I wouldn't have chosen anything else! THe colors are rich and luxurious, and jsut give you a tropical feeling, but could also be used for birthday parties, kids pages, whatever! Nice, heavy cardstock! Fancy Pants is my new favorite, and I bought up the whole line!

  • Most beautiful ribbon! (23 July 2008)

    The fancy-free collction in general is gorgeous, but the RIBBON is jsut to die for. It comes in over 2 feet per style, cuts nicely for finishing the edges, and the colors just POP!
    Don't buy the fancy free collection without the ribbon!

  • Love Heidi's Masks! (29 June 2008)

    I am relatively new to the "mask scene" but with Heidi Swapp's beautiful designs, I am now an addict! This mask has a sticky underside which keeps it gently stuck to the backing. (Keep the packaging for easy storage!) You peel the mask off, which is very easy, and place it wherever you want the dots on your layout. You can place it so that you use the whole thing--it is 12" long-- or so that you only use part of it. Once it is in place, take your favorite chalk, ink, paint, or other medium of your choice, and, making as big a mess as you want, cover the holes. I always color over the edges as well for a beautiful effect! I usually use several colors, but use your imagination!
    When you are satisfied that you have completed your design, gently peel the mask away from the paper to expose the beautifully colored dots, and place the mask back on the packaging background. It sticks easily over and over again, so use it as often as you like! The instructions say you don't have to clean it, but I take a lightly damp paper towel and gently wipe the mask clean, then dry it lightly as well. From one scrapper to another, AVOID getting the back wet, as it will not stick as well, even though, again, the instructions say it is OK to get it wet. Try this product, and I assure you, it may be the first Heidi Swapp mask you purchase, but it surely WON'T be the last! Have fun!

  • 72 Embellishments in One Tiny Package! (23 June 2008)

    If you have a Fastenater, then you will use this staple pack over and over again! These hot colors brighten up any layout! I use mine to adhere photos, tags, and other embellsihments, or just to add a little pop of color here and there on ANY layout! Each staple is nearly 1/4" thick, and you can put just one at a time in your Fastenater stapler, or a whole long row. They are easy to break apart, so you can alternate green, blue, pink, etc., to get a variety of colors coming out one after the other, or you can choose all of one color at time! I have 6 different packs of staple bars! I bought the Fastenater reluctantly at first, then saw the huge variety of colors and patterns of staple bars available. One day I experimented with them, nad, VOILA! a whole new technique and toy! I especially love the "Brights" beause they match so many of the new paper packs and iondividual sheets, especially the lime green , turquoise. and hot, HOT pink!
    Get a new toy, the Fastenater, and don't forget to pick up the "Brights" staple bars! At these prices, buy 2 or 3--you will use them faster than you can imagine!

  • Picky teenage son loves this one! (07 June 2008)

    My whole family is into my scrapping! My son, Josh, is 13, and he will not let me scrap any current pics of him without him having pre-approved the paper. While I normally stay away from paper stacks, as I usuallyl don't like enough of the pages to spend the $$$, my son was in LOVE with this one when we were browsing on line. I did a whole album and used all but one sheet! I love the papers, too! Such neat flocking, felt, glitter, and embossing! It is defiinite eye candy! THis stack made EVERYONE happy!

  • A Nice Addition to My Tool Collection (03 June 2008)

    I've looked at the Fastenater several times, but always passed it over, thinking of all the other things I "needed" that were less expensive, and that I would use more frequently. But today, with my 30% off coupon, I thougt, OK--this really would be fun to have! It uses wide staples that come in a great variety of colors and patterns, from pastels, to primaries, from animal prints, and black & white patterns--they really are such a fun and different way to adhere things to layouts! Or, you can just staple them randomly for a fun embellishment to any layout. Because of its size, you can use the Fastenater on any 12x12 layout , or, since staples are a relatively small embellishment, they go great on cards, too! I can't say I couldn't live without this tool, but now that I have one, I'm so glad I do!

  • OK, I'm in love! (02 June 2008)

    When I saw the price, I thought twice about buying this product...but it was worth every single penny! This is the easiest-to-use adhesive runner I have ever tried! You know how each runner is unqiue, and you kind of have to "get your groove" with each new one? Not so with the Kokuyo~ just put it down on the paper, slide it along the page, and out it comes, first try! It even turns smoothly around corners! It does most opf the work for you--you simply guide it, and off it goes! I am never going to buy the cheapest adhesive runner in the store just because it is cheap, KNOWING that it is inferior! (Not that I don't LOVE a good sale...!) I use so much adhesive (even with jsut a little piece on each corner,) that I HAVE to have a few good ones. NOW for the refills--they just drop in! Open the cartrdige, drop in the refill, close it, and you are on your way! I have a firend who can't figure out how to use a tape runner. i am sending her one of these!

  • Maknig Memories Paint--Best Coverage Around! (01 June 2008)

    I am a paint fanatic! I rarely do a layout without even just a little stroke of paint on it--it's kind of my signature. Making Memories is the first paint I ever tried, and I love it! The coverage is excellent: A little goes a long way! I altered a big square tissue box, started out by painting the entire thing, and barely used 1/3 of a small bottle. Not only that, but the Making Memories paint dries so quickly! A medium coat on chipboard, for example, only takes about 10 minutes to dry completely! It washes off of brushes (and hands!) easily. And the colors! So many choices, and such beautifully-saturated colors! There is a color for everybody out there, regardless of your taste! I've tried some cheaper brands over the past year, but just wind up throwing them away because they are too thin so you use more, plus they take a lifetime to dry. From now on, I'm sticking to my Making Memoiries paint! And so should you!

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    Great New Case for Great New Product! (01 June 2008)

    I am a great big Big Bite II fan! But I go to a lot of crops, and I felt it was very awkward to pack my wonderful new Big Bite II. Solution: The Case! The Crop-A-Dile Big Bite fits in perfectly (you do have to slide the little "feet" off first, though--no big deal.) As a BONUS , the case comes with 4 packages of huge grommets!! Now, instead of finding a strange little space in my rolling tote for an oddly-shaped object, I have a LIGHTWEIGHT, rectangular case for my Big Bite. It comes in a wide assortment of colors--I got the Orange to match my Big Bite!!

  • Only good things to say about this product! (22 May 2008)

    The new design of Fiskar's squeeze punches is awesome! You can line up your paper/cardstock perfectly in the easy-to-see "window," so you never get a partial punch. Just the gentlest of squeezes produces the perfect circle. I love to stamp small flowers, words, or even monograms and other images on the circles, for personalized embellishments on my layouts or cards. I have a bad back, neck, and stiff fingers, making many punches difficult for me to use. For some, I actually have to stand up and put all my weight down on the punch, and then still have trouble because it was not lined up properly. With the Fiskar's squeeze punches, punching has become quick, easy, and accurate, not to mention lots of fun, and a great way to be creative!

  • Best white pen on the market! (21 May 2008)

    I have searched far and wide, and spent at least $50 trying to find the perfect white pen. I love using white to journal on dark paper, or just to do some doodling on any nicely-saturated cardstock. The Signo White Uniball Impact Pen has a nice steady flow of ink--writes just like any other gel-pen. It comes out on the first stroke most of the time, but I recomend drawing a line or two on scratch paper before writing on a layout, just to be safe, and to keep your layout nice and clean. I have even used this pen to write on photos. I love drawing scalloped edges in white around photos for a whimsical "frame." My CHristmas layouts this year were done in Deep Navy & Silver cardstock, with all of the journaling done in white ink with this pen. The pages look very elegant, and were a nice change of pace from the typical candy canes and Christmas trees! Also, for any other of you left-handers out there who sometimes have trouble with pens that seem like they were designed for "righties," you won't have any trouble with this Uni-ball. (Am I the only one who thinks most pens are for right-handers?) So, after lots of dissapointing purchases of inferior white gel-pens, I now have 5 of this product! I hope they never discontinue it--if you're a fan, STOCK UP!!!

  • Love my binder, need another one! (21 May 2008)

    This huge binder, with a zillion different pockets of various sizes holds anything from small flowers embellishments and littel tag books, to borders, and large pages of tags/stickers. I keep my smallest little embellies in the front, then slightly larger packages of things, moving on 1/2 page size pakages/sticker sheets, then borders and large sticker sheets. In the back there is a nice-size pocket, where I keep small chipboard packages. The 3-ring binder makes it easy to take pages in and out, and to add when needed. I have added so much that mine is practically busting at the seams, so I am going to order another as soon as I get done writing this review! While the binder can get rather large when filled, it fits nicely into my rolling tote for easy portability to go to crops and classes. One little frustration, though, is that some smaller items sometimes slip out of their little pockets. The binder zips closed all the way, so they don't get lost, but sometimes, I find things out of place. Despite that, this is the best, most versatile embellishment binder I have yet to see or own. Enjoy!

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    Love every page!!! (16 May 2008)

    Did you ever buy a paper pack, page through, then pick out the few sheets you like, and wonder why you spent all that money for a few sheets of paper? Well, you won't feel that way when you go through the Basic Grey "Phoebe" line! Each page is picture perfect, with a whimsical, yet sophisticated feel. They all coordinate beautifully with each other, and the COLORS--so beautiful and saturated! Pinks, blues, reds, greens, --just gorgeous! I used nearly half the packet already (got it last week!) making a mini spiral album, and I love each page. Also, so many of the "latest' embellishments, like gorgeous flowers, were easy to match with the colors on these beautiful pages. Buy it and love it! I am going to order another Basic Grey paper pack TODAY!

  • Best purchase this year! (15 May 2008)

    For anyone who wants to set eyelets or punch holes in the center (or ANYWHERE!) on their layout of ANY size, or if you have a bad back and don't want to have to squeeze your setter too hard, OR, if youre tired of hammering away in the middle of the might while you're up scrapping and everyone else is trying to sleep, then the Crop-a Dile Big Bite II is for you! (Don't forget to get the case, too!)