• Old World Paper,New Feeling (06 May 2009)

    Just received this today and I am overjoyed. The designs are lovely,even the muted ones are clear and crisp.Candidate for holiday layouts!

  • Stick with the crank (30 March 2009)

    I'm going out on a limb here and write a review that goes against others posted.
    Waited with great anticipation for the release of this machine.I have several different types of Sizzix dies and eagerly anticipated this machine as it was advertised as having the ability to use all Sizzix dies.
    Followed instructions to the letter and loaded Original die sandwhich,first cut was OK.Loud, but cardstock cut was OK.Second attempted cut using Original Dogwood Die,machine jammed. Instructions and tool for solving jams provided. Procedure not user friendly since acces to gear/motor not visible so user must rely on "feel"
    Long story short, packed machine back in box with jammed die in place and returning to company tomorrow. The only plus? Excellent customer service.

  • Save $ and buy the original Sizixx (30 March 2009)

    I bought this on sale and rarely use it. My designated location for using the Sidekick (tabletop) is level yet the machine's vacuum base is tempermental. Newer platform helped some but not much.

  • Sad,sad Xyron product (09 February 2009)

    Okay, I am a fan of Xyron products. I progressed from the little "X" sticker maker to the 900. So, when the Design Runner made its debut, I jumped on the bandwagon.Mistake. As a classically trained pianist, I'm no stranger to practice. The Runner practice time exceeds the time I would devote to mastering Chopin.
    SB.com Friends, save your hard earned $$$$ and avoid the crawl of the Runner.

  • Post Holiday Happiness (13 January 2009)

    This was my introduction to the SEI line of products. I "discovered" The assortment pack in the clearance bin at a local store. Price was wonderful! Product is a step above what I usually purchase. Papers are clear and vibrant. I know I'll make additional purchases from this company.

  • Undone (11 September 2008)

    Using this product has been a staple in my crafting and overall housekeepng. I've used it to salvage photos from albums. When I built my house, it was wonderful for removing manufacturers stickers from glass doors, windows and mirrors. Needless to say, it's on standby to remove price tags from gifts,especially the really sticky "sale/clearance"
    lables on paper containers.

  • Snowfall (06 September 2008)

    These puches are easy to use and maintain.

  • Punchy (06 September 2008)

    Love the Paper Shapers. Easy to use and durable.

  • Cozy Coluzzle (30 August 2008)

    Even though I have a Cricut, I still enjoy the security of my Coluzzle. The safety of being able to control positioning is a plus.

  • Tool Time (25 August 2008)

    Bought the Tool Kit at the same time I bought my Cricut Expression. I guess my Girl Scout training kicked in. I wanted to be fully prepared. Smart move on my part. As other reviewers have said...this is a must have. All of the implements are of the highest quality and will withstand plenty of use. Go Buggy!

  • Tagged (25 August 2008)

    I must admit I am slowly but surely going Buggy! The possibilities are endless when you use this cartridge with other cartridges in the Cricut line. I am having so much fun just playing around with making tags of various sizes. While the bags and boxes are small ( I'm using a Mac computer and the Designer software that permits sizing is for PC) I'm just making tiny things for tiny gifts.

  • Verified Buyer

    Going Dotty (04 August 2008)

    The Grungeboard Dots sheets came today. Yippee! The product remains true to its initial format. I was afraid that new and improved would reduce this quality product. Tim , you and your ideas are the best. Keep them coming. I luv this stuff!!!!!!

  • Bitten (01 August 2008)

    Just got the II today and I'm sooo happy.It punches neatly and cleanly.i'm off to shop the site for larger gromlets for chipboard and maybe even grungeboard.
    I'm a happy crafter

  • Verified Buyer

    Going Brown (25 July 2008)

    I was worried that designing holiday cards with a brown focus was weird. Nope, these are awesome my pink/brown combos pop. I'm thinking about doing an all brown card in various shades.
    These are easy to use with wonderful adhesion.

  • Verified Buyer

    Rub-On Heaven (25 July 2008)

    OK. I'm there. Love these. Easy to use. Great adhesion.

  • Verified Buyer

    So many choices (25 July 2008)

    Luv this product! Continues to inspire me as I make holiday cards.
    Great adhesion.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great intro to product line (25 July 2008)

    This assorted paper pack was a wonderful introduction to the many selections available from Basic Grey. Superior quality and true colors.

  • Verified Buyer

    Getting Buzzed (25 July 2008)

    Basic Grey continues to exceed my expectations. Excellent adhesion. Terrific selection of words. Go Basic!

  • Verified Buyer

    Wholy Cow! (25 July 2008)

    Just reached these in my stash. Easy to use and wonderful adhesion.
    Basic Grey is anything but basic.

  • Verified Buyer

    Leavin' my comfort zone (18 July 2008)

    Okay, this kit inspired me to try a different format. The enclosed project pages are very inspirational. I hope to post once I complete one.

  • Verified Buyer

    Rub-Ons Rock! (18 July 2008)

    Just got these today and they are awesome. The adhesion is very good. Like the mix of colors.

  • Verified Buyer

    Wow ! (18 July 2008)

    It's rare to get a product that is a winner before you use it. Enter the Grungeboard I recieved today. The package was easy to open ! I made a pot of tea, gathered my tools and prepared to launch a full assault on the hard plastic wrap. Not needed. All I had to do was pull up the mini tag made of the grungeboard material and voila "instant" access. Yippee.
    So much for the tea. I was off to the races. I inked, stamped and distressed before the tea was cold. LOL
    Is there a site for Senior Citizen Scrappers? The Arthritis Foundation should know about this stuff and it's awesome packaging.
    Yes, I'm gushing. Love it. Luv it.
    Once I figure out how to indicate products used, I'll add it to items displayed in my Gallery.
    P.S. I Love This Stuff !

  • Keep it Clean (16 July 2008)

    I am madly in love with my Cricut Expression. The tips found here are on point. Cover the mat when not in use. Check the "tips" section on this site for additional info. I use diaper wipes to clean the mat periodically. It seems the really cheap wipes without aloe or lanolin work the best.

  • Molli does pop (14 July 2008)

    Just got these today. Multiple letters accurately reflect the frequency of letters in English. The set has six sheets of black and six of white. Easy to use with great adhesion.

  • These Pajamas are Hot (14 July 2008)

    Just got these today. Multiple letters accurately reflect the frequency of letters in English. The set has six sheets of black and six of white. Easy to use with great adhesion.

  • Finally (14 July 2008)

    Well, this proves the folks at the Sizzix division are paying attention.
    I tried every trick including incantations and begging to try to get my Sidekick to stay in place. This tool is loooooooong overdue. Thanks

  • Still loving Sizzix (14 July 2008)

    My original Sizzix machine continues to be a favorite in my card making madness. I forget how old it is, let's just say it's a Senior Citizen in my tool world. Sizz is beginning to show signs of her age namely cracks in the frame. The cutting pads last a long time and are easily cleaned. I've even lightly sanded them to prolong their useage ( read that as when replacements are not in the budget)
    love my Sizzix !

  • Verified Buyer

    TYPO (03 July 2008)

    I like the idea of Swatch Books but...
    This one didn't use spell check in design.
    So far I have found the word appreciation spelled incorrectly twice!!!!
    Not good. That means there are at least two rub-ons in the book that I can't use.
    Will not order again or recommend to friends or foes.

  • Terrific Tool (08 May 2008)

    I too, kept the Notch and Die Cutting Tool in the cabinet along with the " I'll get to it later" gadgets.Then, I visited a boutique paper goods store and realized I had the tool that could replicate the pricier items. So, it was off to the races...scalloped envelope flap,photo corners,ribbon slots and journaling holders.The curved edge is perfect for cutting gift card holders directly in a greeting card.
    As a crafty Senior the ergonomic design is perfect after a little practice.
    I plan to continue to "play" with this tool just because it is so user friendly.