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    Gift for Granddaughter (21 December 2011)

    I originally ordered this for my granddaughter and decided to get myself a set too! Great buy!

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    Clear Stamp Storage (30 April 2009)

    I like the holder. I don't like the sleeves. They are too wide for most of the stamps that you buy now a days. I had to fold them over and tape them to hold the stamps that I have. Also, it doesn't hold very many stamps.

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    Cuttlebue - I Love You (26 December 2008)

    This made Christmas card making so easy! I could either use the embossing side or the die cut and it made such cute cards! I love my Cuttlebug and would recommend having one and many of these combo folders on hand!

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    Rub Ons Gone Wild (12 September 2008)

    I LOVE THESE RUB ONS! Basic Grey has outdone themselves! Keep them coming!

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    Couldn't be without it (12 September 2008)

    I was actually rubbing my rub ons with the wooden file that was in the package before. This works so much nicer and so much faster!

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    I LOVE THIS PAPER (12 September 2008)

    This is the most versatile paper I have. I love the colors, the designs, the texture. I'm so glad I bought it!

  • I love my clip it up base and topper (14 August 2008)

    Everything is right where I need it. It's convenient, practicle, space saving...... I LOVE MINE - MAY NEED TO GET ANOTHER!!!

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    LOVE THESE SCISSORS (14 August 2008)

    These are perfect! I had an accident last year and cut the tendons in my right hand in two places. Since my surgery, I can no longer handle regular scissors. They have to be without the thumb and index finger holes. I bought these out of desperation to be able to use scissors again and I absolutely LOVE them. They are sharp, convenient and well worth the $14.

    TRY THEM! You'll never go back to regular scissors again!


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    Love this paint! (26 July 2008)

    Making Memories paint is the best by far! I've tried them all, trust me. This covers so much better than any other. I use it for scrapping, for crafts, for stamping! Anything that I can think of. The colors are vibrant and true! And, they fit right into the Making Memories Embellishment Center that I love!

  • A MUST HAVE BOOK (26 July 2008)

    This book helped me realize what I could do to make the most of my supplies. I was getting overwhelmed with all of my tools and didn't quite know what to do with them all. Great storage solutions also. There are several techniques in this book that I would have never thought of. I have a lot of colored pencils and this book gave me great ideas! Check it out for yourself! You'll be pulling out all of your supplies!

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    E-Book (07 June 2008)

    I downloaded this book because I'm very interested in learning about digital scrapbooking. It's well priced and informative. I've added it to my "collection" of e-books from

    Great tool - worth it!

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    Great brads for the money! (29 May 2008)

    These brads are adorable. They can be used with so many projects. They are really cute in the middle of the silk flowers. The colors allow you to use them with many different layouts and cards. A rainbow of colors!
    I would recommend to anyone!

  • Love My Cuttlebug! (29 May 2008)

    I LOVE THIS LITTLE MACHINE! Even my grandkids can use it! (I need to get the little Cuttlebug Jr so that I can have mine back!) LOL
    This machine comes in so handy when making cards. I've used it so many times and with so many different embossing cards, you can do just about anything! I have the hand embossing sheets that you have to rub and this is just so much easier! The die cuts are cool too! Great for the smaller cuts when I don't want to drag out the Cricut!
    My girlfriend just came over last night to scrap and I talked her into buying one too! She was very impressed.
    GO GET IT! YOU'LL LOVE IT TOO! (HINT: I bought mine using a 50% coupon from JoAnns)