Henrietta's Reviews

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    Doodle Templates (20 January 2010)

    These templates make scrapbooking much more fun for children. They liked the Christmas/Winter and Valentine/Heart templates the most, in addition to this one. The kids used Removable Glue Dots to keep templates in place! The templates are sturdy and worth every penny. It would be helpful to have smaller-scaled designs, and children's versions with animals (farm, zoo, bugs, ...), flowers, buildings, vehicles, etc.

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    Christmas Cardstock (20 January 2010)

    The red and green designs (different on each side of pages)made perfect frames for Christmas photos in a scrapbook, especially black & white photos. We cut them into rectangles using a pre-measured cardboard template. That made it easy for young children to stick photos on top of patterns to frame/mat them. The colors and designs were classic and elegant, not tacky!

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    Snowflake Paper (20 January 2010)

    The pattern brightened up a Christmas scrapbook!

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    Red Album (20 January 2010)

    Album is a nice shade of red, Cardinal. It seems to be sturdy and holds a lot.

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    Removable Glue Dots (27 March 2009)

    Removable Glue Dots are great inventions. They can be used in many different projects, including scrapbooks, photo albums, school assignments, crafts, office presentations, and more. They can be used to adhere paper to an appropriate work surface or template, write or draw on the paper as it stays in place, remove paper from surface, and peel each dot off of the paper easily, without leaving residue, and without tearing the paper. The rolls seem easier to work with than the sheets.

  • Botanical Template (13 January 2009)

    This Botanical template is ideal for making Mother's Day, Easter, Birthday, and other cards.
    I prefer its small size compared to the 12x12 templates, because I do more artwork for cards and stationery, than large scrapbook pages.

  • Snowflake Template (13 January 2009)

    This Snowflake template is ideal for making winter cards, stationery, et al.
    If you make any smaller cards with it, I would like to see how you did it, if possible on this website.

  • Valentines (13 January 2009)

    This Heart template is ideal for making Valentines, Mother's Day cards, et al.
    If you make any smaller cards with it, I would like to see how you did it, if possible on this website.