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    Loved it again! (03 June 2008)

    This book will help me tremendously in updating my current workspace and in organizing my scrapbook supplies. I love the chapter on "Organize Time". Personally, this is a huge obstacle for me. I can never seem to find time to scrapbook! Now that I've learned about maximizing limited time segments throughout a given day, I think I can finally put my mind at ease and let the creativity juices to flow. Thank you for a wonderful book!

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    Things I never knew (03 June 2008)

    This is another excellent book! I can't wait to apply all the information I've learned as I start my very first scrapbook.

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    Loved it! (03 June 2008)

    For a first time scrapbooker like me, the amount of scrapbooking materials available out there is overwhelming.  Thanks to this awesome book, I can finally start scrapbooking and be confident in knowing where and how to start. I love the Essentials List! It takes out the guess work on my part.