Crystal Is Leahs Mom's Reviews

  • perfect shiny red turnout (01 May 2010)

    This embossing powder works great. After you use the heat emboss the item it turns to a shiny, bright, and smooth scrapbook embellishment. I used it on a shiny brown and blue polka dot number 2 chipboard. It turned into a smooth shinny bright number 2 (A whole new embellishment that I needed). It works great and the color is awesome. Now I have to try out the Zing Glitter embossing powers.

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    If you love rub-ons you need this tool (21 June 2009)

    The is the best tool ever. Even though you get the little stick in all of your rub on packs they never can with a eraser. The flat top allow you to rub on your product in your lo that you can't reach with the stick. I love rub on's and this tool was a must for me and It turned out to be an awesome product.

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    Goes on blue dries clear (21 June 2009)

    This is a great buy it you glue a lot of small items on your lo's. It goes on blue and dries clear. It's also strong enough for chipboard letters.

  • cute and helpful (21 June 2009)

    I can not work without this on my desk. I just fished a lo and during it I ran out of glue and I went to my stash to grab a new one. (I have a few of them) This glue is used on 99% of my creations. I just started to use this for my ribbon and when I go over the ribbon I just use my finger to fold back the piece that went over and now I can glue my ribbon without a problem.

  • Great glitter coating (21 June 2009)

    I love this item. I used it to finish one of my craft jars and it added a great amount of glitter to my project. It made it sparkle and bling. I have to buy another one.

  • Great product, for a great price (21 June 2009)

    This tool kit has everything that you need to use on a lo. It had a eyelet setter, glue, and a craft knife (plus more) it comes in a cute little metal tin. I love my kit and if you purchase it you would love it too.

  • perfect for brads (21 June 2009)

    I love this tool. I haven't used the stylus side, but I use the paper piercer side for making holes for my brads. It's very handy and can easily be switched from piercer to stylus, but sometimes it falls off. But its a great tool if you use a lot of brads like me. Perfect for on the go.

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    Yummy stack, everything you need for a birthday (15 May 2009)

    I just love this paper pack it has everything you will need if you’re doing a project for a girl or boy. I just made a sweet jar for my Aunt and I used on of the pages that has candy all over it. It was just enough paper to wrap around the jar. I also made a bookmark for a friend (we were in a cupcake swap together) this stack has paper with glitter and paper with our glitter. It also has page with cupcakes, pages with cakes, and brown page that says chocolate. If your making a birthday card or a birthday scrap album this is the product you need,

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    If you love rub-ons and ribbon buy this (02 May 2009)

    I love Ribbon, Stitching and Rub-Ons on my layouts. This brand has it all in one. I works better than I thought it would and I love that I don't have to go into my stash and pick out black ribbon and then cut it because with this tool I just have to pick it up place in to the paper and roll in along my paper and it's instant ribbon. I also love there rub on tape that's looks like stitching. These products makes scrapbooking easier.