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    Great borders (15 February 2009)

    I love these for card making. The embossing comes out so crisp and clean and it's so fast and easy to use. I'll never dry emboss with stencils again! This set is so pretty. I love using 2 or more on the same card, since they coordinate so well.

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    Another great texture (15 February 2009)

    I love these embossing folders for making cards. They are so easy and fast and add SO much to each card. Looks great on solid or patterned paper/cardstock. Big enough to do a background for a 5.5x4.25 card.

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    Makes an otherwise boring background paper really pop. (21 January 2009)

    This folder is terrific. I love the beautiful crisp texture of the embossing. I have already started my Valentine's day cards with this one and can't imagine making one w/o using this folder. It will be great to have on hand for anniversary cards too.

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    Adds SO much to a birthday card. (21 January 2009)

    I love this folder. It really makes a birthday card look so professional. I love that I can use this to make a simple and quick card without the card looking slapped together. Just add a little ribbon, flower or a cut out "happy birhday" popped up and you have a card you can be proud to give anyone.

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    Wondering why I waited. (21 January 2009)

    I have had the Cricut for about a year. I like it because I don't have to buy/store lots of dies. But when I tried dry embossing on some of my Christmas cards this year, I gave up quickly because it was just too labor intensive. But I love the way the dry embossing looks. So I checked around and decided to get the Cuttlebug. I LOVE IT! I still don't plan on using it for cutting dies too much, but the embossing folders are wonderful! The images are so crisp and perfect, and it's SO easy to use. Not to mention, quiet and I don't have to worry about taking up another outlet. I recommend it to anyone who wants to do any dry embossing.

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    Great variety (14 January 2009)

    Owning this cartride actually helped me to decide to upgrade to the Cricut Expression so I could make bigger boxes to put little gifts into. I especially love the box with the flower top. Too cute.

  • Haven't tried a Stickles I didn't like yet. (14 January 2009)

    This one adds such a beautiful subtle touch to any project. It's not very "blingy" so it has a nice soft effect. Love the quick dry time of the Stickles product line too.

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    Such a nice touch (13 January 2009)

    I love these folders. It adds such a nice touch of dimension to the cards I've used it on so far. This set is a great value.

  • Very pretty font (04 January 2009)

    I thought about getting this cart for a while and finally did. I am so glad I did, it adds such a lovely touch to my girly layouts.

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    I'm a fan (11 September 2008)

    I already knew I loved the mini glue dots, and now I know I love them all. This was a great value to have a bunch on hand. I can be sure I'll have what I need for a while. If you have never tried glud dots, it is a definate must for any scrapper, paper crafter, or even general crafter. They work where all other adhesives fail or are a pain/messy to use.

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    Wonderful Bargain (11 September 2008)

    I am just getting started using flowers and this is such a wonderful way to get your supply built up. This kit has a wonderful variety of quality flowers. TONS of centers/brads to build your blooms too. I am so happy I finally decided to grab this one up.

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    I'm impressed (11 September 2008)

    Wow, this actually works! This combines the "laying flat" advantage of D ring books with the the postbound feature of having your pages right up against each other. I'll never keep posts again. In all honesty, I can not say if the instructions were helpful or not. I never looked at them. Having read the great reviews already here, I knew exactly what to do and had no problem transforming my extremely full 12x12 postbound. Thanks fellow sb.com-ers!

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    FINALLY bought one (17 August 2008)

    I've been trying to buy one here, but haven't had much luck. I was at my LSS yesterday, and they must have had a recent delivery, because there were 4 on the rack. I snatched mine up and played with it last night. It punches really smoothly and is such a nice clean design, I know I'll be using it tons for LOs and cards, especially cards.

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    So far so good (24 July 2008)

    I ordered mine from sb.com and was a little worried that it might not stay flat because it rolls up. It has not been a problem at all. It works just like it's supposed to, NOTHING that I have used sticks to it, it doesn't even stain with ink. The only thing is, if you stamp off the edges of something, you either need another paper under it, or have to remember to wipe the extra ink off of the spat mat so it doesn't accidentally transfer onto something it shouldn't be on.

    Over all, I'm very pleased with it.

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    Got it on advise from SB.COM members (27 June 2008)

    I am so glad I listened. I got a great deal on the 900, but the x came so highly recommended that I bought one before the 900 even got here. It is terrific when you have small lettering or pp embellishments and you just don't want to mess with glue. I already bought a refill, even though I am no where near out, just so I know I'll never be without it, even for a day.

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    I came around. (29 May 2008)

    I loved this stack in the store, but after I got it home, I couldn't imagine what I would use it for. So it sat for a while, until I started making some greeting cards. I decided I wanted to make something that wasn't so plain, so I pulled the stack back out. I am lovin' it for cards! It's nice and thick, easy to work with, and the glitter actually stays on the paper. I may even start incorproating it into my lay outs.

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    Handy and NOT bulky (29 May 2008)

    I love having this trimmer. It does an excellent job, and the numbers and lines are much easier to see than with the 100% plastic ones. It's easy to store and to take along to crops.

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    Already upgraded (29 May 2008)

    I was a little intimidated at first, but once I finally got into it, I just LOVED it. I have already upgraded to the Expression, but not because the small one is no good. It is an excellent machine.

  • A little of everything (29 May 2008)

    If you are looking for your first shapes cartridge, this is a great choice. It has a little bit of everything, so it comes in handy for a lot of different occasions and holidays.

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    Very useful cartridge (29 May 2008)

    I bought this cartridge because I decided not to pay for commercially made birthday cards anymore. This is perfect for birthday cards, invitations, and any birthday or party scrapbook LOs.

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    Perfect Cricut Companion (29 May 2008)

    I sure love this set. I use the hook and the scrapper the most, but the other tools come in handy too. I especially love that they have such a great carrying/storage case.

  • Almost Perfect (29 May 2008)

    I absolutely LOVE this design. I'm so glad I found it after they came out with the 2. I love the detatchable handle for getting my paper cutter in and out of the center. I love all of the pockets and haven't even come close to using them all yet. The lazy susan is SO handy for getting to anything quickly.

    The only complaint I have is that the magnets that are supposed to hold the lazy susan are not strong enough to actually hold it onto the bottom of the bag. The material is just to thick for them to get through. I did fashion a fix though. Just some velcro tabs did the trick. It holds the lazy susan on tight, and it's still removable to stick it into the pocket for when you're on the go.