Mlsaberry's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute AND cheap (24 June 2008)

    These are so cute. And the cost makes it even better. I've used it for birthday cards and tags. And I'll even be using it for my daughter's invitations.

  • Fun! (20 June 2008)

    These are fun colors. This has made several spring and summer lo's for my little girl. They worked great for beach pictures. The different textures and shapes makes it especially interesting.

  • Hard to use (20 June 2008)

    It's a good punch, but very hard to use. It takes a lot of hand strength to press through cardstock. But the shapes do come out nice.

  • Great for metallics (20 June 2008)

    I bought this set a few years ago. I've never had a problem with them drying out. I'm not a huge fan of the gold one but it's a nice color. I have completely used up 3 of the silver ones though. And the copper one was a nice touch to my autumn pages.

  • A must have. (20 June 2008)

    I have at least one in every color I have been able to find. I have used these for everything. They will write on everything I have tried. I even ended up using them in my daughter's baby book because it had shiny pages and everything else smeared. These are great pens. Everyone should have at least 3 or 4 in their stash.

  • Cute! (20 June 2008)

    These are so cute. The shaker boxes are the perfect size for lo's and cards. They're not too thick like some shaker boxes can be. And they're such a pretty shade of pink, not hard to work with like some pale pinks can be.

  • Most favorite scissors (19 June 2008)

    I absolutely love these scissors. And so does everyone else. These stay hidden unless I'm ready to use them. People seem to borrow them and forget to return them. And the cover for them is so helpful to keep from stabbing yourself if you have to dig for them.

  • Well worth it (19 June 2008)

    I'm very picky about which books I buy. This was a very cool book. It shows how to use the most random things just laying around the house. I was able to empty out my kitchen junk drawer and find things to use. Not just great for being on a budget but for getting new ideas and getting out of a rut where all my pages started looking the same.

  • Too cute (19 June 2008)

    I have used so many of these. They're the perfect size for gift albums, baby cards, or even just for that spot that needs *something.* The colors are just bright enough to stand out and be adorable.

  • Liked it, but not what I was expecting... (19 June 2008)

    I bought several of these and while they do hold a good bit, mine just didn't quite works as well as I had hoped. After a while, I had 2 that the whole post (including the ends where it screws) come through and fall out. They just didn't seem to hold up as well. And I didn't fill it as full as I normally would have another one.

    But they did look so good on the shelf and I did like how there is a place to put what the book is about.

  • So easy! (19 June 2008)

    I absolutely love these. They're so much easier than splits or rolls of tape. And they hold pictures with just one in each corner. I'm not normally a fan of the tape runners but this one is great.

  • Perfect for autumn (27 May 2008)

    I did 2 entire 8x8 scrapbooks on a visit to the pumpkin farm with our 2 kids. This ribbon was perfect. The colors are rich and the textures and styles are beautiful.

  • Makes life so much easier (27 May 2008)

    I'm a mother of a 2 year old. I don't always have the time to do my journaling in one sitting. These are not only cute looking on the page, but it simplifies everything.

    I have used these on almost half of my pages since I got them a year ago.

    I have also taken the parts in bold (quotations, brackets, etc,) and used embossing on them so they would stand out.

  • One of my favorite tools (27 May 2008)

    I managed a scrapbook store and recommended this to everyone getting started with eyelets. It's so easy to use, everything is self-contained, and it doesn't take up too much room in my carrying bag. But above all, it's quiet.

    It's easier for me if I stand when I use it but not everyone seems to need to do that.