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    Exploding box fun (28 February 2009)

    OK, In every exploding box I have ever seen there is aclways many layers inside. well when I got this one it only has the four sides it has in the photo. I don't know why I thought it had more, but instead of the product giving more it just gives you instructions on how to cut out more. If anyone is like me I don't think I can ever cut a smaller version of this box as nice as the original shape. While I am saying it could use some improvement it is still a great box. It does work and it is beautiful and fun when it is finished.

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    Def a great buy (18 February 2009)

    ok, when I bought this I bought it for a friend so I couldn't review it but now that I have bought it for me I can def tell everyone how fab this stuff is. I love it. Take it tear it. Sandpaper it. distress it. you can do anything to this paper and what do you get... A great look. The more you ruff it up the better it looks. You can't go wrong. Great Product.

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    So beautiful!!! (18 February 2009)

    ok, this paper is so elegant. I have in love with all of these round papers. If you havn't used a round paper yet then you are in for a treat. I think these pages are a new fresh look. I can't wait to get my hands on some more of this great page. Fantastic!!!

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    Great for sooo many uses (18 February 2009)

    ok, by now everyone has figured out that I love products with multiple uses. I was plesently pleased to see the variety of different shapes. I used the heart on one of my valentine pages. the car on one of my DS birhtday presesnt pages. I used the arrows and I have used one of the scaloped edge ones on a card. these arn't only great four journaling but also for layering. I used one to stack flowrs on top. These are great for that perfect elegant or fun touch. These are a def much have. I was also for impressed with the cost. I was really happy with the amount of sheers that come in a really cute tin. Which by the way is great for altering later. I will have to buy more of these cause I know I am going to use them all. hehe

  • Love me some stickles!!! (02 January 2009)

    Stickles is the best way to give any page a little bit of bling. It is the simplest way to give your page exactly what it needs. Stickles goes on any product with ease, and can be easily wiped off without damageing your paper. Stickles is a must have in my collection. My Favorite!!

  • Really pretty (02 January 2009)

    These diecuts are really cute. I love how easily it is to pop them out. These is no worry of tearing them when you try to get them out. I also like how the edges are so decorative and edgy. The pink is perfect for any girl from baby to a grown woman. Great product!!!

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    Easy to use (28 December 2008)

    I think this product is really easy to use. All you do is lay it down where ever you want to use it, then take a pen and mark the holes you are going to stitch into. Next take up the template and start sewing. Except sinch you have marked all of the holes perfect your stitch will be perfect. Fun and easy

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    Great headers (28 December 2008)

    I really like how this paper was both for boy and girl paper. One side of the paper is geared for boys and the other side is geared toward a girl. I used the " Go ahead and smile" for a title header. I think I could do alot of pages just useing this paper. great paper!!! Love it!!!!

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    First time useing cosmo cricket (28 December 2008)

    This is the first time ever useing Cosmo Cricket. This is the perfect paper for any boy. I loved how all of the different cosmo lines went together. This is not only a PP, but a perfect company. Awesome!!!

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    Simply beautiful (26 December 2008)

    This paper is awesome quality. I really like how it can easily be used as new and fresh , but at the same time it is easily distressed for that rough look. Great paper. Great for any occastion.

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    The perfect touch (24 December 2008)

    These cards are the perfect size for any Lo, or card. They are small enough for any mini album too. They are a great addition to any collection. Love them!!!

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    Extra Beautiful (23 December 2008)

    This paper is very beautiful. I loved how it gave my LOs the perfect amount of glimmer. I have had alot of glitter paper but this paper is awesome. The red in this paper is soooo much nicer than online. The paper def has a wow facter to it. I really liked how you can cut out the flowers and flourishes for an instant bling embellie. This paper is a must have for any christmas, valentine, or any page made with love. Def awesome!!!

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    Everyone should have one of these little gems (23 December 2008)

    I thought I would use this little gem on a few photos but when I got it the possibilities were endless. I can clip photo corners I can edge my 12 X 12. Tags, ETc. I can give any of my cards and LOs a smoother feel. I love this little tool. It is a must have!!!!!

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    Fantastic details (20 December 2008)

    This paper takes scalloped paper to a whole new demention. I love the look of the little tabs off the edge of the paper. The paper is perfect for any Lo, card, Mini album etc. This is a fabulous paper.

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    Thought it was bigger (20 December 2008)

    These flower slides are very pretty but, I think the pic is kind of decieving. The tin these cute litte flowers is in is no bigger than a silver dollar. The product is very well made and I will love useing them. I was just a little disapointed when I got them. thanks

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    baby pink!!! (03 December 2008)

    The stickles in general are my favorite product to use, but when I ordered this one I thought it was brighter than in person. The pic makes it look like it is bright pink but the actual bottle is a baby pink. much lighter.

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    too cute!! (03 December 2008)

    These flowers are way, way, way more beautiful in person thank in the pic. The details are so nice. The pink is a brighter pink thankI thought, but still really pretty!!

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    A ton of uses (28 November 2008)

    I love this lace card stock. It is easy to use on acrylic albums as well as your cards and LOs. I love how it gives such a simple beatiful to your page. awesome

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    Use it anywhere. (28 November 2008)

    I love these white glitter thickers. I do alot of dark Los so when I use these white thickers they really make a page pop!! they have just the right bling!

  • Everyone should have one (31 October 2008)

    Everyone should have one of these wonderful, quick tools. when I go scraping I always take my X because I know when I stick it down it isin't going to fall off once I get into my

  • Great for cards or LOs (30 October 2008)

    This paper is awsome. YOU can either cut this paper in whole pieces or stipes. I cut the stripes along the dots to make my own scalloped edge. Great paper.

  • more beautiful in person (29 October 2008)

    This paper is way way way more beautiful in person. I bought it and it matches all of my new fall papers I have bought. The shade is perfect.

  • Love the hole lines (29 October 2008)

    I love this paper, what I like the most is that the holes that are in the scallops like most paper they are slightly in making a whole new feel to scalloped paper.

  • Love all the colors (29 October 2008)

    I love the stickles. I have used them on every page, card, tag, project I have done. One of the things I love about this product is that if I mess up, it just wipes right off. no problems. Stickles can make any ordinary page look extrordinary.

  • Love it (29 October 2008)

    This paper is really nice. The jaged edge is perfect for any halloween page. Most scalloped edged paper is almost girly by nature but this paper is great for girls or boys.

  • Bella, Bella, Bella!!!!!! (28 October 2008)

    I love this paper. It is of great quality, and beautiful color. The stripes are a great size for cards or LOs. Awsome.

  • Cut it apart (28 October 2008)

    This paper is beautiful. I have to admit I didn't use the whole paper as one sheet. I cut out the winged heart and and them used the other side as strips. The paper is very veristile. I love paper that can be used in different ways. Awsome.

  • Awsome for mini Albums (28 October 2008)

    This paper is great for a 6 x 6 album. All you have to do is cut the paper into fours. I would use it in a clear album so everyone can see both sides of this great paper. I loved working with this paper.

  • What side do I use!!!! (28 October 2008)

    This paper is beautiful. The back is perfect for cards, LOs. The paper is perfect for any style. You can cut it in strips or the back in blocks. The possibilities are endless. The only problem is what side do I use. I think I am going to have to buy another sheet so I can use the other side. lol

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    Take the stripes and flip it. (22 October 2008)

    I took this paper and instead of the lines going up and down I turned the paper and make them go horizontal. This paper is elegant and fun at the same time. This paper went great with vintage or everyday embellies. It was an awsome paper to work with.

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    great for halloween pages (22 October 2008)

    These are the easiest was to make a title that will be sure to brighten up any page. The glitter is just enough bling to make your pages AWSOME!!!!!!

  • love the ornaments (22 October 2008)

    This is such a great chipboard set. IT has sooo many little details that are great for cards, or tags. The larger items are awsome for layouts. I am defenitly going to use this over and over again.

  • cute as a bug (12 October 2008)

    These littel spiders are a perfect 3d accent to any page. I used them on some tags soo far but the possibilities are endless. These spiders are so much fun with their googly eyes and soft bodies. what fun.

  • quick and easy. (12 October 2008)

    I love these little albums. They are soo much fun. I used it for my jack o lantern pics. the colors are perfect. The album came with everything I needed. embellies, titles, cute back grounds. the album is done and it doesn't even have to take a long time to have a great memory recorded. Awsome product.

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    Fun and Fresh!!! (08 October 2008)

    This paper is so awsome. As the mom of a darling boy I know we all have the fun little bathing suits that say Surfer dude. I Made cards with this paper to say we are having a great time at the beach. It was so easy I could use it over and over. Just cut it into strips for accent, journaling, or even cut out the surfboards individualy. this paper has no end. Great Paper line.

  • great for all kids of pages (23 September 2008)

    Any time you go some where new you are traveling. I bought his whole paper line with my son in mind. He is always on the go. We went to disney and we used our gps. That little box is a traveling gem. I thought I was only going to use it on my son but ended up making a page about my GPS as well. This paper is awsome and a must have as well. Awsome!!!!

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    what a great piece of paper!!!!!! (23 September 2008)

    This paper was so much fun to work with. I used it i so many pages by cutting it apart. I used the word destination on one page and then used the pics of the map on an Animal Kingdom page about Africa. I also used part of the stripes on the route side for journaling. This paper is awsome. I really need to buy it again.

  • awsome bling (18 July 2008)

    this product can give any page an added wow factor. All you have to do is place a dab on the smallest off details and wow now it is the best detail on your page. I love this. Get this you won't be disapointed.

  • Great for girls or boys (04 July 2008)

    I loved this stack. I think eveyone has a little rockstar in them. I used this page for my daughters Hannah Montana Page and, my boys skateboard page. this paper was not only glitzy but the flocked pages are awsome to touch.

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    a great detailed paper (04 July 2008)

    This paper is awsome by itself, but I was kind of bummed. I mean start not in red or blue, then I turned the paper over and guess what, the paper is white. A perfect piece for any Red, White, and Blue forth of July page. Awsome.

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    This paper makes me Smile :0) (04 July 2008)

    I just got this paper and it is BEAUTIFUL. It has been a long time since I got a paper this delicate looking. I plan on useing it over and over again. I love it.

  • Booooooooo!!!!!!!! (04 July 2008)

    I bought this product thinking, "What a cute little tool." I love tools. I got it home started takeing it apart and what do I find? It is a hot mess. It won't stay together. the tweezers won't come out and it falls apart when you try to do your rub ons. This product is a waste of money.

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    good bye popsicle stick, Hello style (23 June 2008)

    Ok, I have used that silly little popsicle stick for a long time. rubbing away hopping to not mess us my masterpiece I am trying to create. But I am now set free from the stick. When I use my BasicGrey tool I know I am going to be able to put down my rub-on without any error. I mean no more cracking or missing part of a letter because I didn't press down hard enough. This tool is the key to great rub ons. If you are waiting to get yours, don't. Don't wait get yours TODAY!!!! Its Awsome.

  • A great buy (23 June 2008)

    I just went to a friends house who bought one of these little beautys. I used hers and im hooked. I have to buy one. I punched my scalloped circle out of school lined paper and used it as journaling blocks. Im always looking for new ways to journal. This worked out great. Awsome!!!

  • A little bling goes a long way (23 June 2008)

    I love the little touches a few sparkleing little gems make on my pages. I have used some of the other companies bling and found that when I pulled them up to use them some of the gems would come up and i would have to stick them back on. That never happens with Heidi Swapp. Her bling is very well made and always full of shimmer. An awsome cant live without.

  • The Big bite is awsome!!!!! (23 June 2008)

    I love the Big Bite!!! I have used my big bite on almost every page I have done. I use to use my crop a dile one to make tags or eyelets on the edge of my paper, but now that I have this awsome tool I can use it to enhance my paterned paper with eyelets in the middle of flowers, swirls, dots on paisleys. the possabilities are endless.
    I have also used it to place holes around the edge of my scalloped papers. it is so accurate and easy to use.

  • I cant live without this little x (23 June 2008)

    Now, I have the big xyron sticker maker but the little X is a must have. Have you ever tried to glue your ribbbon down. It is either going to look wet when you glue it or lumpy. never as nice as you invision it. When you run your ribbon through this X it is going to be perfect. you can also run your vellum through it and it won't show through. If you love buttons this will make them stick without a problem. I love this portable sticker machine.

  • I love the versatility of this product!!!!! (03 June 2008)

    I love this!!! I have used this same piece of paper inalmost all of my favorite paper line. I simply lay my scalloped paper down on the paper I want to use and trace and cut it out. I have been able to have scalloped paper in basic grey, and Crate. This is a great buy. Buy it once use it again and again.