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    Great, easy to use tool! (15 June 2009)

    I love this tool! No need to plug it in, refills are inexpensive and easy to insert. This is great for small letters or other items that are too difficult to hold and put adhesive on the back of.

    If there is something with holes (like a snowflake), it works just as well, but be wary of some of these adhesive showing through the holes. Rub the plastic top layer very well to remove as much adhesive from the "in between" spaces to help this issue. Overall, a great, easy to use, and worthwhile tool!

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    Fun fonts! (19 January 2009)

    I love the whimsical look of this cartridge! I am a teacher and love using it in my classroom, but also for my pages and projects. It has lots of fun features like speech bubbles, words/phrases and 6 different modifications for the fonts. I just made a bunch of cards in the shape of a dollar bill with it's "Thanks a Million!" characters-so fun! I would recommend this cartridge to anyone who likes to add fun and whimsy to their machine's already amazing capabilities!

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    A very handy product! (02 January 2009)

    I just received my Jukebox and have 7 cartridges; one more than the Jukebox can hold. However, I love it's convenience and may eventually invest in another one. It's extremely user-friendly (very easy to identify which cartridge you're accessing) and because the top is clear, I find I don't even need to open it up to see which one I want to use. The storage space underneath is the perfect size to hold 6 books and 6 keypad overlays. I don't own the Design Studio and still love the Jukebox! Great investment!

  • Just got it and love it! (28 November 2008)

    I am a teacher so of course, the possibilities here are endless for me. However, I'm also a mom of two elementary school-aged girls and the possiblities for school pages are endless! Like with all cartridges, try to find them on sale because they are pricey. However, they are totally worth the investment and you will find more and more uses for them all the time! This cartridge is great for anyone who has children in their lives in any capacity. Cute, fun graphics and it's a Cricut product, which means it's synonymous with ease of use and quality. Get one today!

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    UNBELIEVABLE!!!! (28 November 2008)

    I am both a scrapbooker and a teacher and this new machine was worth a million bucks to me! I can use it for bulletin boards, name tags, labelling areas of my classroom, etc., etc., etc. And scrapbooking? Forget it! It's unreal; the ease of use is indescribable; they always say that you're cutting right out of the box and they are not kidding! Within 5 minutes I was scrambling to find some paper to play with! It's multi-size feature is something that makes it worth the price alone. Where else could you cut something up to 23 inches? And the ability to cut out mutliple pieces on the same page (of the same or different image) is a dream come true. If you have ever wanted letters, shapes, designs or anything else for your scrapbooking (and don't forget teachers, too!) needs, get this product! It is well worth the cost and if you find cartridges on sale, snatch them up and build up an incredible library of choices that will keep you busy for years to come. Let the boys have their toys....this is mine!

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    Love this product! (23 June 2008)

    This is a great solution to the bags taped to tables or tied to the legs of the table or chair, and its size is perfect for use around your home cropping space or for a crop night. My ONLY complaint (and it's minor) is that the elastic used to keep it compressed is extremely tight and I'm afraid it wills snap easily. If it does, I will gladly replace it with a new piece, because the portability of this adorable can is wonderful!