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  • Absolute must I have (17 March 2011)

    I love this stapler and the staples are so tiny. They are so easy to cover up and you can staple thru many layers and many materials. It's a must have.

  • Be careful (21 October 2009)

    I love these stickers however you better make sure that you lay them out where you plan on using them because they stick on contact and are hard to pick back up.

  • Verified Buyer

    All shapes and sizes (22 June 2009)

    The main reason why I love this product is the versatility. The product comes with a variety of sizes not just the standard sizes we are accustomed to seeing. I use these more as a template to trace that way I can use them over and over. Occasionally I will use the smaller ones in order to pop an important feature in my lo. A definite must have!

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    Great for a first timer (22 June 2009)

    I had never tried Stickles before and rather than get a single bottle I opted to buy this three pack. I'm very glad I did. First they are in very neutral colors, I was very hesitant to start out with a red or green. The second thing I like about stickles in general is that it's an extremely easy product to work with. I personally like to use a paint brush when I apply stickles this was I spread and control how much I use. I would highly recommend that if you are just starting out with stickles then you start here.

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    Love the paper but... (22 June 2009)

    I love this paper, in fact I had to buy it twice! The only down side to this paper is that it has so much great stuff it was hard to place the photos and still keep intact the pieces that I liked on the paper. So the second time around that I bought it I cut out the boxes and made them into tags for my pages. Which this might be a better idea for you.

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    Big Difference for a Great Price (22 June 2009)

    I bought these stickers to use on Senior scrapbook. I was really pleased with this project the colors were great and the stickers themselves are large and make great accents. If you make cards these would also be great. Another thing I like was how sticky the stickers were, they stuck to any kind of surface, even glitter.

  • Use them to make a gift! (22 May 2009)

    I really like these stickers, I used them to make Christmas ornaments for my volleyball team a few years back. It was really easy and a great time saver. I bought glass ornaments at Micheal's that were flat on both sides one side I put one of these stickers on the other I put their name and year. Topped the ornament off with a little pink and orange ribbon. They were a big hit.

  • Not a big fan. (22 May 2009)

    I wasn't really pleased with this item. I thought that I would like to use it on a page with all the photos of my wedding party but after I started on my wedding album I decided that this wasn't something I was going to use. The sticker is okay but if I were going to use it I would probably cut the bells off at the bottom. My suggestion don't purchase unless you really, really, like it.

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    Great for teachers. (22 May 2009)

    As a teacher, I am always receiving tons of pictures, drawings, cards etc. About a year ago I decided to start scraping it all. Nothing too fancy just something to keep the mementos from my favorite kiddos. This paper is great and even if you don't use it all always keep the scraps, I used my scraps for this project:

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    A Must Have! (22 May 2009)

    I loved this paper! It is very useful you could use is as a background, matting or accents to any school page. I like the size of the drawings, they aren't huge but just big enough to make a great accent. The black and white really helps it go with everything.

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    Great for a Teenager (22 May 2009)

    I love this collection made by Rusty Pickle. I used this product my niece's high school scrapbook for her graduation present. The black and white theme is really easy to work with. In addition, I used some bright colored markers and filled in some of the shapes, it really makes the pages pop. They are a great size to work with and really added something special to my pages.

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    So beautiful! (01 May 2009)

    I just got this paper pack in the mail. I'm using it for my Mother-in-Law's scrapbook. The paper is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to get started.