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    Save yourself some time! (18 August 2008)

    I'm a scrapbook rookie and started out with photo mounting squares and liquid glue. I wish I knew about this type of adhesive sooner because it allows me to adhere paper together without having to worry about the paper wrinkling (which liquid glue does), or having to peel off the paper baking from mounting squares. It does get a little annoying to have a pile of paper backings for trash. This adhesive just glides on and that's all I have to do! It's a quick and easy and works so well!

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    So happy with it I'm buying more (25 July 2008)

    As a brand new scrapbooker that knew nothing about albums, I purchased a post-bound album for my first. It worked well for a while until one day I decided to add more pages to the album - the added posts exposed a part of the spine which made the album ugly to look at on the shelf, not to mention the difficulty of having to take everything out then putting it all back in.
    So, imagine how glad I was to open the box and get this album! The 3-ring makes it so much easier to arrange, add, and if needed, rearrange the page order. And, the lilac color is just what I wanted for my baby girl. The page protectors are thick and are just a tad larger than 12x12 so it fully serves its duty. I'm so happy that I'm waiting for some other colors of this album to be in stock.