AuntJo's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Love them! (21 October 2012)

    I love these! I enjoy making mini albums and cards...these make the perfect accent to the edge! Very sturdily built will cut through alot of thick materials.

  • So pretty! (28 August 2011)

    These are so pretty! Wonderful fabric roses! However again I feel that this product is expensive for the amount you get.

  • Bit Pricey (28 August 2011)

    These are adorable and larger than you think, but I feel that they are a bit pricey for what you get and could easily be made by hand.

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    Wonderful Product (28 August 2011)

    Love that these dies will cut such a variety of material! I have had some trouble with keeping things sandwiched, but I am sure with practice I will master it!

  • Wonderful Product (21 August 2010)

    I love how shiny these glitter glues are! They are fairly easy to use, however, you have to be careful as to how much you squeeze out. If not careful you will end up with something that looks like child's art work. LOL! They also take quite awhile to dry and it is best if you let them dry overnight.

  • Fantastic! (23 March 2010)

    I got this about a year ago. This is one of the most innovative products! I love to use it for setting my eyelets as well as punching holes for brads, etc. I love that I can reach anywhere on my page...I can have my LO completely glued down and decide to add an eyelet, or brad and I can do it without tearing my LO apart or alot of noise! I would rate this as an essential tool to everyone's scrapbooking arsenal!

  • Fun! (26 September 2009)

    These are so much fun to add a little bit of wow to your cricut designs. I also use them so I can see my design before I cut, using plain printer paper.

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    Great Little Tool (09 September 2009)

    I not only use this with my cricut, but if I need to lift pieces from a LO to change my design it comes in handy!

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    Great Product! (09 September 2009)

    This is so easy to use, was able to get it set up within minutes from taking it out of the box. I love how you can create your own designs from different carts into one design. You must own a jukebox though in order to be able to cut it from different carts with ease.

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    Must have (09 September 2009)

    Of course if you own a cricut expression you must have! ;)

  • Great Product! (03 September 2009)

    I own 2 of these. One I have filled with photos...holds alot! The other I am using to store embellishments! Very sturdy!

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    This is good...but (03 September 2009)

    This is a great organizational tool, if you plan out your pages in advance. However, I find that for my style it just didn't work.

  • Must have (03 September 2009)

    Great addition to the Cropper Hopper Paper Storage System!

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    Great Way to Store Paper! (03 September 2009)

    I love this system! Takes up much less space on your shelf and papers don't get bent! Easy to pull out what you want! I will probably be buying more!

  • Great Organizer! (03 September 2009)

    This is one of the best organizers I've ever bought! I love how you can add the little boxes to it to store your eyelets. I also have my fibers on cards stored in there! Makes taking things to a crop easy!