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    Cute (10 March 2009)

    These were the first set of flowers I bought when I was giving them a try. They are adorable. I wish it had more glittered flowers however. Not bad for a first try, but still making great pages with them.

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    Beautiful (10 March 2009)

    I bought these tags with a particular project in mind, and although they didn't quite match the vision in my head I will certainly use them for other projects. They are simple and elegant. Would be great for weddings, proms, and any other special occasions.

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    Cute Paper (10 March 2009)

    I got this paper for scrap when I got to meet the Girls Next Door in Las Vegas. I wanted something cute, and girly without being too cute and girly. This was a great choice! The texture is amazing. The only issue is using enough glue to keep things stuck to it.