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    Bouquet Bonus Bag (23 August 2008)

    I was so surprised and happy to get these flowers. There are so many options to chose from, from the basic flowers, to the jeweled embellishments and brads. There are literally thousands of combinations and creations to make. Flowers are patterned, colored, polka dotted and even solids.

    This is probably the best investment in flowers I have ever made. Thanks!

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    Floral fun! (23 August 2008)

    These are great to cover with paper, and to ink. I wish there were more types of flowers in it, but it serves it's purpose.

    They are easy to work with, and worth the money.

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    Necessary Tool! (23 August 2008)

    I've seen other color wheels that work with primary color balancing. The other color wheels are more expensive and work with the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow.

    This product takes you further and truly enhances your view of color in a way that is not readily available. You can visually work within one color or spin your way around the wheel and find complimentary hues to the basic color you are working with. A primary color wheel will not do that!