Boomersgang's Reviews

  • A bargain... (26 August 2008)

    I rarely use anything except Pioneeer scrapbooks and albums. They are economical, available in a wide variety of colors, easily expandable and durable. The ONLY complaint I have is that the screws are sometimes difficult to take apart to add more pages. BUT that's true with pretty much any post-bound album.

  • Tons of uses... A must have... (26 August 2008)

    These glue lines will adhere just about everything. They are a nice size - not too big, not too small. And I love how each line is on a little perferated portion so that it is a snap to adhere the glue line exactly where you want it. A must have for any scrapbooker to have on hand!

  • Love 'em! (26 August 2008)

    I use these all the time! They are great for adhering practically anything - including ribbon, fabric, buttons, etc. Their mini size makes them perfect for just about everything. The only thing I would change is to have them on individual little tear-off portions like the lines are so that they are easier to put them exactly where you want them.

  • Sturdy, Economical and Useful... (25 August 2008)

    These are a great way to store and organize your paper. The papers are easily removable and viewable from the paper holders. The holders are easy to assemble and sturdy and nicely sized.

  • Works great and is easy to use! (22 August 2008)

    I've had this product for awhile and use it quite frequently. The heads are simple to change since they are magnetic. The holes punch nicely. When setting the eyelets, I sometimes have to do the same one 2-3 times to get the back flat. The only other drawback is that it's quite noisy. The tin that it comes in is nice and the mat is a useful little bonus!

  • The Only White Pen I've Found That Works! (21 August 2008)

    This pen actually works - unlike many other brands I've tried. It writes smoothly and actually shows up on dark colored paper! I love it and will never try another brand!

  • Has Some Quirks, but Mostly an Okay Product... (21 August 2008)

    I recently bought this and it wasn't quite up to my expectations. The refills are a bit pricey. A box of regular photo mounts is a good bit cheaper. Sometimes the photo mounts don't want to come out right and it's very difficult to place them exactly where you want them. If I need them on something small, I end up removing them with my fingers and placing them. Also, the tabs do NOT stick to my HP photo paper. I have no idea why. I have never had issues with any other type of photo mount. Although I like the product otherwise, I dount I would purchase it again.