Dcarpenter9's Reviews

  • pets collection- chipboards (22 March 2009)

    have these and they are sooo cute and you do get alot of them for your money, 100 pieces!!, these pieces are not only good for scrapbook pages of your pets, you could make a really cute card with them also.

  • The Pets Stack (22 March 2009)

    i have 5 animals and i do take lots of pics of them, and this paper has turned out to be a great scrapbooking investment for me, the papers are soooo cute and i bought the matching chipboard pieces that go with them, compliments the paper perfectly. wonderful product

  • christmas stack (22 March 2009)

    i used this stack on my christmas cards in dec. 08, and they turned out beautiful.,

  • Kabloom (20 February 2009)

    great set of little flowers, i find these are great to use on cards, i love the variety of flowers you get in this little set, always get good value for the money! would look cute with the flowers coming out of a stamped vase of course with a stem on the flower to, which you have in this set along with the flowers

  • loves me loves me not (20 February 2009)

    this set is great for girl pages , or making a card for female friend, very versatile, i love the different patterns on each petal, made a card for my boyfriend's mother and she really loved it!, could also be great for romantic cards or scrapbook pages!!

  • skin deeptattoos stamp set (20 February 2009)

    i like this stamp set alot because i have a 15 year old son and i think it looks perfect on pages i do of him cause of some of the bolder looking stamps in the set, but also perfect for girl pages to!, cool looking set

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    dog and pony show stamps (20 February 2009)

    this set is sooo cute, i think these stamps would be wonderful if you've went to the petting zoo at the zoo and took pictures and used them on a petting zoo themed project, or use them on pages for cats anddogs, or use the owl on a card that says, "you're a real hoot!!!!", or the cat on a card that says, " Your the cat's Meow!!!", soo versatile, so many ides i could think of with this set, great set of stamps!, also i would suggest buying the new set on here that compliments this stamp set, dog and pony show phrases, or sentiments set, i need that one to add to my collection to!!, lol

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    storytellers well worn journaling stamps (20 February 2009)

    I have this set of journaling stamps and they are great, very versatile and can be used on scrapbook pages or cards, great for jotting in a few sentences to tell about the page you are making, tech. tuesday has great quality stamps as always and i want to collect many more sets, sooo many options with tech tuesday stamps, if you have'nt tried any yet or are thing about buying some of these great tech tuesday stamps, go ahead, you won't be disappointed for the value for the money!!!

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    storytellers journaling (20 February 2009)

    i have this journaling stamp, it's so cool, i love journaling in my scrapbooking and since i'm not very good at drawing straight lines, these journal stamps are just perfect, and i love the fact that they come with little words with them that relate to journaling!

  • olde world squares (20 February 2009)

    this set, i think, looks great on male scrapbook pages and cards, i send my brother lots of cards, and try to stick with the more male style images on his cards, would also look great on antiqued scrapbook paper, or on heritage pages, another great set of tech. tuesday stamp sets!!

  • Marvy extra jumbo scalloped circle punch (20 February 2009)

    i have this punch along with the marvy giga scalloped circle punch and i love the way you can layer the different sizes within themselves. i want to get the 2 other scalloped circle punches to finish my set of that shape. punches are great for cards and scrapbook page..punch the shapes out and set them up on pop dots for a 3-dimensional look. can't beat these marvy punches for the value for the money.also, to keep your punches sharp, every so often take some aluminum foil and punch the image a few times, keeps the punches sharp. great product!!

  • Marvy Uchida-Giga clever lever scalloped circle punch (20 February 2009)

    I love the marvy punches because you really can do alot with them, i have about eight of their punches, and i find soooo many ways to use them.You can use them on scrapbook pages, cards, invitations, place mats, etc.... I love the value for the money and the are very easy on your fingers if you have to punch out alot of images. I especially love the stacking shapes cause you can layer them within one another.

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    tinkering ink/papillon (25 August 2008)

    very adorable paper, bright and cool looking!!

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    tinkering Ink/Lola (25 August 2008)

    very bright and colorful and such an interesting design, love it!!!

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    about a boy/peace scrapbook paper (25 August 2008)

    interesting i love the design!

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    about a boy paper (25 August 2008)

    what an iteresting and neat looking piece of scrapbook paper!!

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    rhapsody peacock (07 August 2008)

    such a cute and interesting looking piece of paper, neat!!, love it!

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    Casablanca Stamp Set (01 August 2008)

    I can't wait to get this set! It is very pretty, love the ornate designs of the stamps. I have about 7 other Technique Tuesday stamp sets and they are all very high quality, easy to work with. I plan on using these on scrapbook pages, cards and to put designs on my candles using a technique i know.