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    Jugle Time (24 March 2009)

    This a great product for a jungle theme. I used is with ight blue carstrock in the background and it looks great. There is no need to add a lot of extra embelishment when using this item. One thing you might not be able to tell from the picture is that it say, "It's a jungle out there" on the bottom of this cut out.

  • great buy! (18 March 2009)

    These "stickers" are easy to use and add that special extra to a page. Works great for 12X12 pages. Grear color and design.

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    Butterfly Love (16 March 2009)

    These butterflies are very beautiful and add a great finishing touch to any project. I love how they use beads for the body of them. The brown, red, and gold on these butterflies are very beautiful together. I can't wait to use them!

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    Great idea (16 March 2009)

    As someone who goes to the beach a lot I love this wave punch. The cut is clean and it works great. I only wish it where bigger for the price.

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    Beautiful and tropical (16 March 2009)

    I just got these flowers in the mail and I really like their bringht color and fun, d3 like texture. I also like the fact that some of them are solid colors (red, green, and yellow) and some of the are multicolored. I cannot wait to use these flowers!

  • Good Buy (14 December 2008)

    I like this product because it can be used in many different ways (whole circle, half, or even quarter). Although many of the LO used with product seem to be fall theme because it is such a nutral color it can be use for almost any season or theme.

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    A little bit brighter.. (26 November 2008)

    These flowers have a great felt like texture. From the picture it appears that they are a deep rich red however, I found that they were more a lighter pink-red color. It you are looking for some flowers that are lighter red then these are your flowers..

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    Beautiful but Hard To Work With (25 October 2008)

    I bought this product not to long ago and love the bring, bold red color. This product really pops out on the page. This was my first time however to work with this type of product and I found it a bit difficult to manage. When you take off the backing the product tend to want to stick to itself and to get twisted around. I recommend only feeling a little bit of the backing off at a time and sticking to the page before you peal more off. If you are can be patience with this product it is worth the time.