CarlaDns's Reviews

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    Useful (10 April 2013)

    Very useful tool!

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    Loved it (10 April 2013)

    Loved it, but I really need tweezers!

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    Wonderful colors (04 January 2013)

    I loved all colors! I will certainly reorder this.

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    Great! (29 September 2012)

    I Loved it! It's exactly what I need!

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    American Crafts - Ribbon Value Pack (07 August 2012)

    Very cute! I did not use it yet

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    Loved! (20 March 2012)

    I loved it! It's easy to use and gorgeous!

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    I Loved! (20 March 2012)

    It's a very special and glamourous embellishment!

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    Approved (20 March 2012)

    The color is very beautiful, bright and it dries very fast!

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    Approved! (20 March 2012)

    I really love my Cameo and this Cutting Mat is awesome, too. I just wanted that it lasts longer.

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    Aproved! (15 December 2011)

    It's a very good acessory!

  • Wonderful (18 August 2011)

    Wonderful, girly, delicate! I didn't use them yet but I cannot wait for. Those colors are gorgeous.

  • Fancy (18 August 2011)

    This is a very fancy collection and I've made beautiful pages! I love this Webster page.

  • Wonderful (17 August 2011)

    I love this collection. they're in a beautiful range of colors and this makes simple to use flowers, that I love. definitely Basic Grey

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    Loved it! (17 August 2011)

    I loved this stamp. I've used it to do a card last father's day and it did well. I think it fits better with dark ink than others because of the details and It's not that easy to clean it.

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    Amazing (06 August 2011)

    I've used it in a card and it looks fabulous! I always trust in Prima products!

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    Very stylish! (06 August 2011)

    I loved the soft colors and the versatility of this Prima collection. The pearly appearence adds refinement to the project.

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    Delicacy (06 August 2011)

    Delicacy is the word that I thought right after I did my page with these Prima flowers! they're really wonderful and the colors are very beautiful.

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    Good stencil collection (24 July 2011)

    I liked this because they're bigger than I thought, I have used 2 and they look beatiful. They're easy to clean, either.
    If they were thicker it would be best!

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    Awesome! (08 July 2011)

    Absolutely awesome! I loved to have my ribbons organized once and for all! It's bigger and deeper than I thought. I'll change all my scraproom because of it cause I have to put it on a prominent place... LOL!

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    Wonderful (15 June 2011)

    These flowers were at my wish list a long time and I can't wait to use them. Very happy I bought two packages - the colors are just what I thought!

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    It's very good! (13 June 2011)

    Although it's bigger than I thought it's very beautifull and I manage to make room for it.It holds all my Sew Easy stuff and I can even put my other flosses in there because there is plenty of space.

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    Love this (26 May 2011)

    I really love this collection...It's easy to use, it fits in everything like diamonds!

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    Wonderful (18 April 2011)

    I liked this embellishment very much! It's So easy to use and with great effect! I'd sewed it in my page! I'll order another...

  • Need to buy (02 April 2011)

    I'd love it and my page looks great after sewing but it's true that some heads do not pierce as well as others.
    I have almost all the heads now! And still love it!

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    Wonderful (31 March 2011)

    Easy to work with all items and also very cute!