Bunnieboo's Reviews

  • Love these papers!! (17 March 2012)

    I recently started buying AC cardstock. I have this pastel pack and just love it! It's a great pack to have for subtle colors, and I just absolutely LOVE the packaging because you use it for storage. It keeps the paper organized and protected with a spine that tells you what type of papers it holds. Just fabulous! No bent corners or curled corners & edges from those horrendous tablet pads!

  • Nice, subtle colors and patterns (17 March 2012)

    Despite a previous reviewer, the image that SB shows is, yes, the cover of the paper pad. But, the cover shows exactly how many different types of sheets there are. There are 12 different designs/colors and 3 sheets of each (single-sided). The patterns are only stripes and dots and 1 design with the cute little stars that is gender neutral. Though it's only stripes and dots, the sizes of the stripes and dots vary on each color of paper. Though it's part of the "Animal Tales" line, since there are no animals, it can really go with anything without being overwhelming!
    I purchased this pad to use for party favors for a baby girl shower (will be using pink, green and yellow). I will use the blues for my sons' baby pages, and the purple and orange pieces, I'm sure to find another use for it. I actually really like this pad of paper and found it to be exactly what I was looking for - pastels and simple and subtle patterns.

  • LOVE these (29 September 2010)

    I love these magnetic sheets, too. They are sturdy and the magnetic is strong. In fact, sometimes it's hard to get your die off of it. That's when the QK Magnetic Wand (SKU: qk-tool-03) comes in handy. I use these sheets to store all of my QK Cookie Cutter & SB Nestability dies. The only complaint that I have is that I wish they would make bigger sheets to accommodate some of the larger dies that are coming out. The actual surface area that holds the dies is just shy of 8" x 11.25". Also, it seems that these sheets are becoming harder and harder to find in stock anywhere.