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    Nearly perfect photo corner punch (05 July 2010)

    I love this punch! I think the slim punches are so much nicer to have around than the clunky original styles. My only complaint about this one is that the two corners should be different to give you more options in a single punch, but I use it more than I thought I would as it is.

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    Awesome Feet (23 April 2010)

    These metal feet are great! I'm so glad Tim Holtz added them to the collection... and the package contains 4! Mantle clock feet can be difficult to find and these are really nice ones. I'm going to use them on several projects.

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    So-So Punch (24 November 2008)

    This punch works just fine, but it is difficult to push down. I feel like it is going to give out on me before it gets through sturdier papers. And while I like the concept of the catch that allows me to punch several squares out before releasing them, I use my punch the other direction to maximize the number of punches I can get per page, so it is actually in the way for me.

    I'll probably invest in a Fiskars square punch eventually. Those are much easier to use. Until then, I will use this one constantly.

  • Essential Crafting Product (24 November 2008)

    Micron pens are something every papercrafter should have on hand. And trust me, once you start using them, you will use them all the time. These pens write beautifully!

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    Classic Anna Griffin (24 November 2008)

    The Sierra Collection is nice. I love the look of kraft paper and Anna Griffin makes it look so classic. These papers look their best as tags or punch outs. I found the pages a little too ornate for a full layout. Would look great on solid kraft paper pages.

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    WANTED on so many levels (24 November 2008)

    Cosmo Cricket has some of the nicest products I've seen. Wanted is absolutely my favorite. I was drawn to this collection after trying to find a genuinely masculine paper range. They are difficult to find; Cosmo Cricket did a good job of not overly stereotyping a masculine group of items. These colors would fit is well with anyone's scrapbook. Any Cosmo Cricket collection is perfect for beginners too -- any two papers compliment each other well. You cannot make a page that looks bad, which is really helpful when you are starting out. I really can't say enough about this company and this collection. Pick some up quickly... it is starting to disappear (sadly).

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    Very handy punch. (29 August 2008)

    I use this punch constantly. It is one of two that I never put away because I may need them again. I would do that with any circle punch, but I got this one first. It is really easy to use and I can punch out a bunch of circles really quickly. I also have the medium, but will also be getting the extra large circle and some squares (when they are released). They just have endless uses.

    I have noticed imperfect circles with lighter paper and it just won't punch thin handmade papers or tissue paper, but that is such a slight issue for me. A little imperfection is not a problem at all.

    Edit (July 5, 2010): While I was able to use this punch many many times, when it broke it was not at all fixable. I may replace mine in the future, but I'm not going to right away. They used a plastic piece where a metal piece would have worked better. That change would have prevented it from breaking. I still recommend this entire line on punches, but they cannot handle heavy cardstock and they don't work correctly on light papers and handmade papers. Only use them on regular weight papers.