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    More than just a winter paper! (03 January 2009)

    I love this line by Fancy Pants! I bought almost every pp in the line and although I do intend to use them for some winter-themed layouts, I probably will not use all of them and they will definitely work for almost any other project!

  • very cute! (03 January 2009)

    I just got these stamps and I love them! Especially the little branch and cloud. I like that you get more than just the owls...very cute.
    I also want to mention that they didn't stain at all. The only clear stamps I have used that haven't. I used them with Tim Holtz distress inks (I think that is a dye ink) and it left no stain. Always a plus.

  • LOVE these stamps! (03 January 2009)

    I just cannot get enough of these border stamps! I fell in love with the borders on the sassafras paper and I am so excited to have my own in the form of stamps! The image is so crisp and clean and it is so much fun to play with color combinations. They look FANTASTIC on layouts. Soooo versatile and can be used on any layout. These stamps really stand out!

    Surprisingly, these are the only stamps that I have used that did not stain. I used them with Tim Holtz distressing inks (a dye ink, I believe) and they didn't stain at all.

  • one of my worst buys (03 January 2009)

    My ink pad did not come inked. I stamped with it on black paper first and was soooo disappointed! You could see the image, but not well. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting for the price. This product is not well suited for paper but for non-porous surfaces. Buy the Brilliance Moonlight White (same manufacturer) if you want white ink that will show up on paper. I stamped the same image side by side using both inks and there was a HUGE difference. The Brilliance shows up well even on yellow cardstock whereas the Staz On did not show up at all on the yellow. Not worth the money in my opinion.

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    Best Paper Ever! (02 January 2009)

    I can't get enough of this paper, it is by far my favorite on the market! I LOVE IT! It is so much fun to use and just really makes your LO special. I love that it is so versatile one sheet can be used on multiple LO's thanks to all of the adorable things to cut out. I just wish I would have bought more than one sheet (what was I thinking?)!!

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    pretty and fun! (31 December 2008)

    I have really enjoyed these rub-ons. There is not a single one in the package that I don't like or feel like I would not use. In fact, they are so cute, I really feel like I just want to save them and look at them :)

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    LOVE these!!! (31 December 2008)

    When I first saw this product, I wasn't entirely sold on the colors, however, after seeing them used in really cool ways, I knew I had to have some. I just got mine and I LOVE them! There are soooo many shapes and the picture above does not show how they actually come in the package. The above picture only shows the shapes once you punch them out. So there are actually hearts inside of the hearts and "frames" of every shape, which I have used for stencils, etc. These shapes are so cool and just plain FUN to use!

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    great product, great price (31 December 2008)

    This picture is not a good representation of this product. This is quality chipboard with a fabulous white finish. These are not at all flimsy and I just love the circles that come with this set! Such a great variety of shapes at an unbeatable price.

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    worth every penny! (31 December 2008)

    I really am very happy with this product! You get a TON of individual "tiles" and lots of shapes and sizes. I love the postage stamp look and there are just endless possibilities here. They take paint and ink so well and because they are a nice creamy white, you don't have to worry about prepping them, your color will stay true. So much fun to use! One set will last for a loooong time.

  • Chalk MOSTLY-a-way eraser (30 October 2008)

    I do like this eraser for chalk but be careful b/c it does not completely erase really dark colors or chalk that has several layers. It helps to minimize it, but won't completely get rid of it. Being realisitic, I suppose most erasers are the same. Overall, it is a good product and for .99$ you really can't go wrong.

  • Basic's Best! (30 October 2008)

    This pp is AMAZING! It is definitely my favorite of all papers out there! It also coordinates well with BG's Offbeat collection. The paper is so beautiful and the designs are so current and unique I have had a hard time using the paper. I wish BG made clothing!

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    Pretty good buy (29 October 2008)

    I really like the texture and quality of this glitter and all the lovely colors that come in the package. I highly recommend it as a "starter set" of glitter. After I use it for a while, I feel like I will get an idea of what colors I use the most and then buy some full size bottles.
    The only downside IMO is that the price is a little high.

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    Great for tiny embellishments (28 October 2008)

    It also works well with glitter or small, intricate punches. Can't beat the price, either!

  • Good for the price (28 October 2008)

    There are only 3 kinds of flowers but for the price, it makes sense. Bazzill chipboard is great quality, probably the best when it comes to chipboard. They take ink and paint really well!

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    Great buy! (28 October 2008)

    I love the pebbles chalks! The tool and little cotton puffs are perfect for applying chalk. I also use them to apply ink and it works really well. These chalks have much more shimmer than what the picture shows but are not overbearing on paper. They are great for shading and highlighting die cuts and are very pretty when used to color stamped images. They blend well and with all the different tones, it is easy to create a blended look!

  • easy and quiet (27 October 2008)

    I set my first eyelet with this and I did it right my first try. So easy to use and yes, it is totally silent! I don't know what I would do without it!

  • sturdy and fun! (27 October 2008)

    These are made with thick plastic so they hold up well and your pencil doesn't slide outside of the lines! They create really cool effects on paper...I wouldn't want to doodle without them!

  • Best quality brads (27 October 2008)

    These brads are of the BEST quality and are everything I have come to expect from Making Memories!

  • These look awsome on a LO! (27 October 2008)

    These journaling pps come in a spiral mini "notebook" so that when you tear it out, it comes with the frazzled edge for that torn out of a notebook look! Really adds to the LO! I can't get enough of these! There are sooo many styles and they are perfect for every LO!

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    A MUST! (27 October 2008)

    The clear effects are soooo fun to use and they create the most amazing effects! The pearl glaze is beautiful and creates a perfect pearlized finished. Same goes with the glitter paint it goes on so smooth and is not chunky at all! Perfect for creating texture and dimension!

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    So Beautiful! (27 October 2008)

    I love this paper and all of the different colors! It is so versatile, I just used it for a page featuring my baby boy! I highly recommend it, you will not be disappointed!

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    AMAZING (27 October 2008)

    I could go on and on about how much I love this punch! It creates a great look on any page and in case you are wondering, YES YOU CAN ROUND A CORNER with it to create a smooth, flowing look around an entire page. The grid helps you line it up perfectly and with a little care, it is almost impossible to mess up!

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    more than meets the eye (27 October 2008)

    This cardstock is so versatile! It takes ink so well and with inked edges, it can take any LO from ok to amazing! This site's store has the best price I have seen yet, so if you want it, order it! Also, the pic does not do the rich color justice!

  • It Really Works! (22 October 2008)

    Much easier and much more precise than using scissors! You can't go wrong with this tool! It is quick and easy and makes your paper look like you did a lot of work to it! For 99 cents, you can't do better!

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    This is a MUST! (22 October 2008)

    I LOVE this product! The quality is AMAZING and the picture just doesn't do it justice! The files included cover all the bases for your scrapbooking will wonder how in the world you ever got by on sandpaper and emery files! Buy one TODAY! You simply cannot get a better item for the price!

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    so many possibilities! (08 October 2008)

    I love Bazzill Basics Cardstock with an Edge! There are sooo many colors and all different kinds of shapes and sizes. My (semi-local) SB store carries a ton of them and I have just about one (or two or three) of each. You can fold them, cut them, chalk them, ink them and they look beautiful as backgrounds on pages. They add nice dimension. I have a hard time not using one on every LO.
    Added bonus: INEXPENSIVE!