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  • REALLY? (05 December 2010)

    i about feel outta my chair when i saw this--really?? an 7.99 tool to roll the petals--really? chopsticks not used from chinese dinner--FREE. Bamboo skewer leftover from the summer bbq's--FREE. I even use my paper piercer--wasnt free--but it was only 3 bucks---a long time ago when i bought it to pierce paper----sorry! not feeling this 8bucks! especially when all orginal videos and tutorials showed turning the petals with my above FREE items. FAIL!

  • FLORIDA (22 July 2010)

    Big shout out to my fav state of the union---FLORIDA!!!--love how she got the colors dead on --same colors as our car tags-

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    Love this ribbon (02 May 2009)

    Very nice quality ribbon! i have used this for many items, layouts and cards. My only complaint is there just isnt enough of each design. I should have ordered 2.

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    very nice ribbon! (02 May 2009)

    This ribbon is so much prettier in person than the photo allows. And very versitile.I have used it on layouts, and cards. My only complaint is that their just isnt as much of it as i would like.

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    love em!! (13 April 2009)

    what else can be said that hasnt been said over and over below? these are the best ever, and yes--i have a pink and a yellow pair--too afraid i might loose one--LOL

    cant live without them, make cutting the small stuff so easy!

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    Splat mat is a Splat for me! (24 February 2009)

    This mat is WAY thinner than i thought it would be--i thought it would be a thick item i could keep on my desk at all times--like a cutting mat. This is thinner than a dollar store laminated placemat, and now that i think about it rather than spending the 17.99 i did here, i could have went to the dollar store and bought 18--and just threw them away when they were trashed. Also, this is tan and brown striped--looks solid color in the pic--really doesnt go with my desk. I will use it till it dies, and then am headed to the dollar store!

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    Love This!! (03 February 2009)

    These are so nice, I saw them used on a layout here on and thought how cool. Cool is right!! Nice size too to fit the pictures---would buy this again (and probably will, as i showed a friend and she wants them too!)

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    great little embellishment (03 February 2009)

    this is tiny--but sooo cute. and looks just like the picture. very sturdy also. Will be great for what i want to use it for. honestly--its smaller than the picture, but feel like what they make plates out of. pretty sturdy!

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    Love this!! (10 January 2009)

    What a nice surprise!! The book is HIGH quality, with a 3-d window of Mickey, You really cant tell that by the picture. This kit was WAY better than I thought it would be . The printed papers that come with the kit are so nice, and in designs I have not seen in single sheets at the stores.
    The stickers are cute, to be honest, I prob wont use them all, as i use my own embelies--but if I was a scrapper who did not have a lot of disney items, then I would use them all. This is a great item for the cost. I am buying another one, because it is so nice, for my daughter to do her disney memories in!!

  • Very nice (09 January 2009)

    When I started scraping I used these to store my brads and embelishments. After awhile I out grew these and had to move to bead containers, so that they wouldnt take up so much room on my shelves. I now use these to store my buttons. These are nice as you can see what you have, and they are hard plastic so no problem of drop and break

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    stickles stickles stickles (09 January 2009)

    who cares what color they are in--I LOVE STICKLES!! you can write with them like a pen-no glue-then glitter-then shake the glitter off--gets all over the place--stickles is glue and glitter all in one!! no mess. if you happen to not get that line"just right", wipe it off and do it again.