Lailalay's Reviews

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    colorful (02 January 2015)

    It's to late for christmas? i love this colors and design and I just buyed it...i can't wait for see the kit ! Love it!

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    Embossing (25 December 2011)

    I love this design and embossing folders...Fabulous

  • Oh you're so sweet (03 December 2011)

    Nice paper but just for one time.

  • amici per la birra (03 December 2011)

    Love this paper for boys

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    funny!!! (24 November 2009)

    Love one letter in one title.Everything is more bright...Cute!!!

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    Bright colors!!! (24 November 2009)

    Fab colors,Easy to use with results straordinario.I've tried to do the flowers with a curved line and a cotton flocked.Nice result!!!

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    Really sweet effect!!! (24 November 2009)

    Perfect for sweets cards!!!Love in pink and with the glossy accent.WOW!!!

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    Love christmas theme (24 November 2009)

    I like every designs ...My fav the tree and gift boxes.Great effect on the paper.

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    Fabulous design!!! (08 November 2009)

    Love this design!!!It is fun to use...WOW!!!

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    Blue eyes (03 November 2009)

    Love perfect butterflies and I would like ever one more...Never too much!!!

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    Laurea debora (17 October 2009)

    Love this this colors on white and pink!!!

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    Bondy beach -Sidney (17 October 2009)

    Fabolous about a boy but I'll use very often for me...Love stars and "frecce" ^

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    Happy 31th (17 October 2009)

    Perfect for card and funny pictures.Love gift box ,cakes and the hat!!!Fabulous

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    Fabolous stars!!! (17 October 2009)

    Perfect for background...It's like water...beautiful

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    mini album Lucia (17 October 2009)

    Beautiful boy paper!!!I've used fom my mini album for girl!!!I like circles,stars and the funny colors.

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    funny design!!! (09 July 2009)

    Love mushrooms!Really good effect...AWESOME STAMPS!!!

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    camminata in calvana (09 July 2009)

    Perfects!!!Love all designs