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    Pretty & so easy to use! (05 August 2010)

    I love these, and I constantly go for them in my stash. They come in a range of matching sizes (makes layering them a snap!) and since they're made to be painted/stamped on/adapted they're also super duper versatile! Sooooo great!

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    Fantastically versatile! (05 August 2010)

    I love these. They're cute, they're paintable, they're so easy to adapt AND they come in different, matching sizes for easy and pretty layering. One of my fave go-to-flowers! :D

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    Love this medium! (11 June 2010)

    It smells bad but apart from that it's FANTASTIC!
    It really brings the crackle AND the pop to your projects! :P

    I am addicted. :)

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    The BEST gloss there is (11 June 2010)

    This is
    1. a super super great glue
    2. the best gloss there is
    3. an addictive product.
    I LOVE my Glossy Accents and use it up in toooo short a time, since it's actually also very wallet-friendly påroduct that lasts forever (you only need a LITTLE) unless you use it aaaaaaaalll the tiiiime - like me. Ranger Ink ftw! :D

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    Fave structure! (09 June 2010)

    I love these. I buy them in bulk and quickly use them up...
    They have the BEST structure - both discreet and versatile, but it still has that edge over the plain stuff.
    I'm addicted to these, and I have no intention of ever trying to break that addiction! ;)

  • Great punch! (08 March 2010)

    I really like this punch! The only downside is that I'm not clever enough to figure out how to make corners... But it's a great tool and the edges it makes are very pretty!

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    Versatile and fun! (23 February 2010)

    I adore my Stickles. I use them constantly - and this one is one of the mostest favourites on mine. :)

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    Staple alpha (23 February 2010)

    I have to get more of these. They're AMAZING! Just the right size, great shape (somewhere between strict & playful) and very easily altered (which I find an added bonus).
    They adhesive is great, as fars as I've been able to tell and they're overall fab. Recommended!

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    Phenomenal in texture and versatility! (22 February 2010)

    I. Love. These.
    Passionately. They've got an amazingly lifelife texture and they're so easily adaptable to your projects too! You can stamp them, colour them, spray them, glaze them... or use them as they are! (Just don't toss them into water in preparation for the colour... They don't quite like that... I know! *grins*)
    That being said: the color-me-crazies are my absolute favorite line of all flowers. Ever. I recommend them strongly!