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  • Excellent price and quality (12 September 2017)

    These sturdy page protectors were available at an excellent price.

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    convenient and inexpensive (10 September 2010)

    This product is very convenient to use for small pieces and edges of larger pieces. The cost is quite reasonable.

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    Beautiful (10 September 2010)

    This book is so beautiful! I love my Primas (flowers and paper) and saw some great uses for them here. I often cut other brands of pp, but would have to think twice or thrice about cutting the beautiful Primas. Here they show examples of how the pieces added to other things come out even better than the original papers, if you can imagine.

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    See the video (23 May 2010)

    This is an inexpensive addition to your scrapping supplies. If you just run across the product in your browsing, you might not be too impressed, but if you see the video here you will see all the possiblilities. I especially like the border sections and the maps.

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    A new viewpoint (23 May 2010)

    Before reading this book I thought a lift was getting as close as possible to the original layout. Now I really see what the authors mean by "lifting" a title, layout, color scheme, embellishment, etc. Now I can look at a layout in the gallery and lift an aspect of it without giving it up if I can't reproduce the layout exactly. I'll be spending a lot more time in the gallery now.

  • Multipurpose tool (01 February 2010)

    I bought this for the equally spaced holes for piercing holes for brads and stitching, but I love the metal edge for drawing an even line. The see through factor is a big plus, too! I relegated my old ruler back to the office supplies drawer.

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    So convenient (30 October 2009)

    These cartridges can be changed in an instant. Then you are ready to adhere those small items which can be messy to attach.

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    bright and beautiful (20 June 2009)

    This is so pretty and convenient. There is no mess! I used it on chipboard, on the gems of a crown. It was just the look I was going for.

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    beautiful color (20 June 2009)

    a very pretty baby blue. Shake, shake, shake! The first layer was like a clear blue. After shaking it more, it became opaque and just what I was looking for. I used it on raw chipboard and dabbed it on. I like the slightly bumpy effect. If you stroke it on, you get a different effect.

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    beautiful on chipboard (20 June 2009)

    I put the green smooch ink on chipboard ivy. There was a beautiful gold shimmer to it! I have a lot of raw chipboard and I think I'll just spread it all out and smooch away! It dries quickly which makes it easy to handle. I think several colors on a flower would be awesome.

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    great coordinating pages (21 January 2009)

    I've already used several of these pages. I like to use the coordinating colors on the same or facing pages. I really think these are a great bargain.

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    great double sided embellishments (21 January 2009)

    I plan on using every one of these. Since they are double sided, I may even have a hard time deciding on which side to use. And what a great price.

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    nice bargain papers (21 January 2009)

    I really like these papers. I feel lucky to have gotten them at such a good price

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    Beautiful effect (01 December 2008)

    I love the effect the stitched flourishes have on layouts. The templates have choices that range from small to large and from simple to more ornate. I like the fact that I can work on the templates and stitching while watching television or riding in the car.

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    ribbon clips hold fiber ends down (08 November 2008)

    After winding my fibers around cropper hopper ribbon cards, I used the clips to hold the ends down. I bought these to eliminate the tangles and that's what they do.

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    Great for fibers (08 November 2008)

    I used my new ribbon cards to organize my fibers. I separated them into individual fibers from my varicolored tangle and wound them round the cards. I then secured them with cropper hopper ribbon clips. They are now easy to get to and there is no chance of waste because of knots.