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    I LOVE these letters - perfect except... (23 February 2009)

    I really do love these letters - a good font and just the right size (not too big, not too small)! The only problem is they aren't very sticky...I've tried them on multiple different papers and they don't stick to anything. I'm having to glue them, so it's more work, but I still love them! (I'm going to order some more...maybe I just got a bad batch or something...)

  • Love, love, love these letters! (23 February 2009)

    I recently ordered these letters and love, love, love then! Fun font and "sparkles", too! :-)

  • Great quality and color! And large!! (23 February 2009)

    Great quality and color...nice font...and large size which is great (when you can use something that big)!

  • Nice size and nice deep green color! (23 February 2009)

    Nice size and nice deep green color - no complaints!