KelliKropper's Reviews

  • How did I live w/o this? (12 January 2011)

    I've had my clip it up for 3 years now. I dont know how I lived w/o one. I can see everything, its very organized. I get so many comments on it from friends. Its probably the one piece I could never live w/o. I even take it to all my scrapbooking retreats and everyone ewww and awwwws over it. Get one today!

  • Awesome!!! (13 June 2009)

    I love stickles, love the variety and that they are not to expensive. They are a great little extra to any layout.

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    New favorite (24 February 2008)

    I just Love this paper or any like it. I like to focus my LO on the circle and then add this to a background paper. It just really changes up your LO's. Taking advantage of the journal lines is great...its like its calling out to my to actually journal which sometimes I forget to do. Im looking forward to more LO's with shaped paper!

  • RETURNING MINE, Not that impressed (29 January 2008)

    The original can do everything this one can and can't EXCEPT reach 6". I have used this only once and that was in trying it out, otherwise I always grab for the original. Not worth it to me, im going to get a long reach stapler instead. Now that I can use!!! Oh, and when this or the original is used for their own fancy eyelets, it smashes the jewels and dents the others. I have to used my old eyelet setter for their own product...kinda funny!

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    Love it (06 December 2007)

    So easy to make. I traced the letters on the back of paper, cut out, glued, used an exacto knife to clean up any edges with over hang, inked, added ribbon and now this is waiting for this years Christmas pictures. I loved making this, it was lots of fun and I have the Family and Baby album on my list next!

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    New favorite item (05 December 2007)

    One of my new favorite embellishments to use. I have these clocks in the ghost, brown chipboard and the black chipboard. Almost perfect for any layout. Great variety of sizes and looks. You can cut them in half and layer them behind something and get double the use. Perfect on top of flowers or anything you can think of.

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    So beautiful! (05 December 2007)

    I love these new florals with glitter just on the tips. They have a soft velvety feel to them and will make any page sparkle!

  • Love it! (09 October 2007)

    My old LSS back in California is that gal that designed this. I walked in and they were everywhere. I couldnt help but purchase one for myself and a good friend. Easy to use, great to store ribbon and my 4 year old was able to put all my ribbon in. I started it and she finished it. There is also a pocket on the inside lid to store delicate ribbon. I have large and small ribbon stored here. I took it to my new LSS and was the envie of everyone! I love this product and need a 2nd one.

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    Very pretty flowers! (01 September 2007)

    Ok, just got these in and had to use them right away. They are a thick velvety flower that shimmers. They are so pretty. You get 10 pieces, but it takes 2 flowers to make a 6 petal flower. Each individual flower is actually 3 petals. They are gorgeous! Highly recommend and cant wait to get more. This is not a true white but an off white PERFECT for any WEDDING pages

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    A new favorite of mine (01 September 2007)

    These clocks are just awesome. So many possibilities. I want to have the whole collection. This clock completely made my layout. I gotta get more some more! All Heidi swapp products are awesome!

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    Awesome product, can imagine scrapping without! (01 September 2007)

    What a great product. How did I ever get by before I had these. They are perfect for the embellishment that you just cant imagine how you are going to adhere to your layout. This has saved many of my pages and I actually went back to older layouts where items kept falling off and used this...PERFECT! Its the perfect adhesive for the difficult embellishment. Oh, and its what I always use for ribbon!

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    I love the Love Elsie line! (29 August 2007)

    Can I just say Wow! I just love Elsie and her line of product. Its so fun and can be used on almost any LO. I have her book and im just in awe! Anything she comes out with will be a hit and a hot product.

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    Loving ghost alphas (29 August 2007)

    Love this product and all Heidi swapps ghost embellishments. You can paint them, stitch on em, add brads, eyelets, sand, distress, etc. I use them them a lot on my layouts and have several of this line. Such a great product!

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    Best thing ever! (29 August 2007)

    I love that you can do ANYTHING with these chipboard monograms. Paint, cover with PP, dye, sand the possibilities are endless. They are quality made and perfect for any lay out or project. They are a top favorite of mine and i have purchased several sets. Would love for them to come out with a vowel package! Thanks BG for making scrapbooking the best!

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    Soo pretty (29 August 2007)

    It glimmers and is so pretty. With the perfect pictures you cant go wrong with this paper. I love how my LO turned out.