Paper Bagley's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    One of my first (29 December 2009)

    Love them, love them, Love them. Crafters Workshop Rocks!!
    All the guessing and pre-measuring is over! Now I just create!!
    Easy to use, storage is a breeze in paper file folders.
    One of my first and not my last!

  • File this! (29 December 2009)

    Yes, this is a good template to have on hand. I use circles, ovals, rounded squares and alike of the Coluzzle templates.
    They are quick, easy to use and to store. I have tried alot of other cutters and still go back to my Coluzzle that I have had since 1987!!!

  • Contest 2nd place! (29 December 2009)

    Years ago (1999) I placed my LO for a contest and won 2nd place using Page Poppers and page protectors. It was alot of work and the product is durable and easy to use.

  • Its Cute..... (29 December 2009)

    But it is not durable for the avide hand cutter. It does not take presser well nor does it stay screwed togather.
    My choice is a good old....Xacto knife that is retractable and comes in 2 different blade widths.
    Pink was the catchy thing here!

  • Verified Buyer

    Universal (29 December 2009)

    I enjoy using these embossers with my QK Revalution. I also have made afew cards so far and need to work them in with a LO.

  • Mono Blue over Green (29 December 2009)

    I work with the Mono Blue bottle for most all scrappin' although I am a adhesivaholic! I use the Green for inventive touches that can be lifted often and replaced.
    The love of glue and alike, which makes scrappin' less fussy and more creative!!!

  • Westrim and CM page perfect (29 December 2009)

    I use Westrim and CM pages so this adhesive is the one I choose to put my LOs on the pages. I dont do this until I know the LO goes on that page. The page protector keeps the page in place until final decisions are made.

  • Clear is good! (29 December 2009)

    Jills comment is perfect! I am a genealogist and alot of the time someone would see a picture on a LO that they would like a copy of! Here you are able to take it off, copy and put it right back. history pages I use clear photo corners all of the time! Put your life in a book!

  • Lots of Dots (29 December 2009)

    I would not crop without some 3-D effect on a LO !
    I use all of their sizes, colors and levels to get the look I need.
    All of them are a must have in my Scrap Rund room!

  • Verified Buyer

    Picture Veiw (29 December 2009)

    All of my pictures are divided per family, trip occasion, you name it. No more search and find!!!
    A good investment for my scrap room since 1998!

  • Score a 5 star! (29 December 2009)

    My friend turned me on to this and what a blessing. Being a perfectionist this is right up your alley! When using different pages one might need to spritz a fine bit of water.
    Great to travel with! The 12 X 12 is a wounder tool also, worth the purchase for the uses are all over it!

  • Layering with 3-D (29 December 2009)

    I have alot of this foam left over from purchases.
    In order to make good use of it....within my layering of paper and embellishments I cut these along with the others foam Dots product. It is not much of depth in its self although it can be added a wedges also. Check out my pages to see some othe the looks I got.

  • My tool for productivity (29 December 2009)

    I do cards and LO's for others and organizations so...this tool pumps the dies out quick with less waste.
    I started with the Squeeze (Blue) and it wore out and so did I. Once the new, longer handled tool came out....what a difference! I go to my 2X2's often and I have a collection that I treasure! I enjoy the art of them all!!

  • My Shadow (29 December 2009)

    I have worked with other die cut machines...they are ok. I really liked the Silhouette for its designs although all companies have their odd dies out! To be able to use every font on earth and make your own dies is a plus. With a little know how it cuts just about any material.
    One needs to follow through with the tutorial from the web site. There are alot to chat rooms out there to learn from other Silhouetters for tips and tricks.
    It is wounderful to travel with. Since a laptop goes with me, my Silhouette is easy to grab and go. There are no cartrage load!!
    Love this is my shadow!

  • Positive on the Negative (15 December 2009)

    Holds my photos in the clear boxes for organization and fast finding. Here again no "search and find". I have each child, family and trips per box.
    Durable....well done!

  • For the extreme Crop! (15 December 2009)

    I have this although it is great for the extreme crop, a one time crop I would go with the one smaller. Reason being it gets heavy!!! Other then that the wheels hold up, just dont abuse it by going in the rocks or setting it down hard.
    Wounderful unit!

  • Main Stay (15 December 2009)

    I have about 30 of them. Pattern paper, solids, projects, scraps. I dont ever need to do a "look and find"!!!!
    My next order will be for the 8 1/2 X 11.
    A must have!!!

  • A Real Craft Mate (15 December 2009)

    Mine holds all of my tiny and mini brads. Organized, easy to see and storable. I have had mine for 7 years and it is holding up nicely.

  • Verified Buyer

    Scor-it Love-it (02 December 2009)

    Perfect for multi-card making!
    All in one use for nice smooth folds with control.

  • Storage for a time (17 November 2009)

    These are ok. There is a fussiness about them pulling the drawers out and their connections to each other coming apart.
    I like the singles with lids the best.

  • Verified Buyer

    All my tools in one spot! (17 November 2009)

    I have had my tote for 3 years now.
    Holding all of my must have tools with me at all times at home and on the road to crops.
    I did have a problem with it tipping over during travel so I have made sacks with a drawstring top for them. This solved the problem. You can see them in my gallery.
    The different colors they come in....a must for all of those personalities that are out there. I even gave it my personal touch with a chain of gems that my friend Trisha made.

    *E njoy your Tote-ally Cool Tote *

  • Verified Buyer

    Organizer in a Drawer (26 January 2009)

    I have been using these and their smaller units as organizers for embellishments. Items are organized in them and they are put into ACRO-MILLS organizer drawers which I have 3 of so far.
    Everything is right there in front of me at all times "to use" and I dont have to spend hours looking for things.
    I love this system and hope to show you with a picture later.

  • Verified Buyer

    Work in Progress (26 January 2009)

    My idea when I first saw this product was, WOW...just what I need....a organizer for the layouts in progress.
    I have been working on layouts in progress filed and not getting done. Now they are filed in progression.
    Love this product and I am always thinking of other ways to use it later if need be.