Sandie H's Reviews

  • Great road trip material (21 August 2017)

    I'm using this for a layout of my husband's road trip across country. It's perfect!

  • Slots a great size for samples (16 July 2017)

    Made a series of samples of stamp inks for a larger piece of what each stamp pad represents at a glance. Makes comparisons easier. Also helps you combine colors with small samples as opposed to. Ink pads

  • Great mister (16 July 2017)

    A wonderful mister with a fine spray covering surface without drops

  • Wasted space fitting pad to slot (16 July 2017)

    This is a great way to store all those stamp pads. Wish the description had made it clear about the orientation of the pads. These go into the slots with longer sides parallel to slot, that is, the pad is as wide as the slot. This means the pad is too narrow going in this way and the offered stops are needed to bring the pad forward in the slot in order to remove it. If the pad is rotated by 90 degrees, then the long side of the pad is perpendicular to the case meaning the stamp pad is as wide as the case is deep. In other words, in a case slot of 4" wide, if the 4" pad slides in with the long side on the side, it will go to the back of the slot and then be too narrow for the given slot. In yet other words, the slot in the case is square whereas the stamp pad is rectangular so the pad will be too narrow one way or the other. The company offers stops for the slots, but only for one direction. Either way, there is wasted space in the unit.

  • Fabulous embellishment (13 June 2017)

    You know those tiny colored dots you see on various projects? A lot of the time they are peel and stick embellishments, but talk about small! Difficult to use and get in the exact place you want them, right? You can solve all that by using this enamel to make your own dots, right where you want them. You do need to let they dry so they don't lose their dimension, or you can flatten them too. It dries glossy and looks just like the enamel dots you can buy separately. These are just much easier and cheaper to use. Use just a drop at a time and this bottle is bound to last a while.

  • Handy bottles of sequins (13 June 2017)

    This set of sequins is terrific! The bottles are tiny but they contain a good supply of sequins in a dozen colors which is just right for me. I don't use sequins often, but with this set available, I'm changing that. They really are a terrific size for samples into this new sparkly world.

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    Great new color (15 January 2017)

    This cactus flower color is close to magenta, but not quite. It is gorgeous when stamped. It is part of the Tim Holtz line and the quality shows. Plus I bought the re-inker at the same time so the pad will last longer - a good thing because I'm going to need it!

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    Loved this library looking paper (15 January 2017)

    I am a true bibliophile (lover of books), so this paper appealed to me very much. The designs portray vintage books, not today's bestsellers, as well as library cards, book plates, book spines, card catalog, etc. It is elegant and stunning. I can think of many places to use all these papers - and the sticker sheet included as well.

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    Wish this was generally available (15 January 2017)

    I love how carries this magazine and gives it out for free. It would be nice if the quantity weren't quite so limited, so I wouldn't feel rushed to get my order in ASAP. Plus, I need to order something with it or the shipping charges negate the free aspect. It is a lovely magazine with loads more material on their website..

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    A wonderful mixture of bright and cheerful paper (15 January 2017)

    These papers are for Christmas but not all pages portray Santa or other Christmas icons so they mix well with other full Christmas paper. They're all bright and cheerful and capture the fun of the holidays.

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    Limited but useful extras to use with full planner (15 January 2017)

    There are just a few different embellishments in this packet. Notably some lovely frames, one given per month, to frame a photo or quote on the monthly pages. Pocket pages of cardstock and very sturdy. Some small stickers for various purposes. What I thing was most valuable tho was the section with its own tab for your address book plus the extra pile of the cardstock "to do" strips.

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    A beautiful and "grown up" planner (15 January 2017)

    This a daily planner, with a page for every day and the two days of the weekend together on one page. It's a bit distracting to have to week start on Monday and then have Sunday at the end of the week. I suppose that goes well with the business person. The monthly pages are the same as in so many planners, but again, start on Mondays. Holidays are marked. Different inks are used each month - pink for one, green for another, red for the third, and repeat. It helps give variety and identification to the paper. The paper could be a bit thicker since stamped images show through to the other side. I suppose they used the lighter weight because this is truly a full 18-month calendar. There is an additional "to do" page made on cardstock. I use them or repeating tasks on a weekly or monthly basis. One section seemed useless to me - on the page, one box included "to do" lines and space for things to do tomorrow. Crazy, because tomorrow is right there on the next page! So it is lovely and useful but not perfect.

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    Versatile with many options (15 January 2017)

    This stencil is actually many stencils attached to each other until you pull them apart. Then you can make rows of hearts or dots. Or you can make patches of hearts of dots. I use the glitter paste with these stencils, so I get a great dimensional design when I'm done. You do need to give it some drying time tho so you don't crush it down to a splat on your paper.

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    Fun to make, great on layouts and cards (15 January 2017)

    I love this dimensional glitter paste. Thicker and stronger than glitter glue in those tiny bottles. You can use it free form, but I prefer using it in a stencil which gets the shape just right and just the right height too. The colors are vibrant and bright. And they're lots of fun to use.

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    Great colors for Halloween (15 January 2017)

    These sprinkles, and other collections in different colors as well, are so bright and colorful and cheerful. I love the variety of colors and sizes. Plus the adhesive is great because these dots stay on really well.

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    Matte, not glossy, and they stick! (15 January 2017)

    These sprinkles are the greatest bright colors (here and in other collections as well). They're matte so don't distract with shine. All different sizes so you're bound to find the perfect size for your project. Plus, the adhesive is strong so they actually stay on!

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    My "go to" all around paper (15 January 2017)

    I love this collection of double sided paper. Light on one side with dots in color on white, darker on other side with dots in white on color background. They are the perfect complement to each other. And in so many colors! I use this paper in many projects and cards.

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    Great security idea (23 January 2016)

    You know when you travel be it around town or the world, there are certain papers you want to keep handy yet safe inside your planner. But how do you keep this loose piece of paper not in the planner via the rings secure enough so it doesn't fall out? Magnets! These differently sized magnets work so well inside the memory planner by Heidi Swapp, or I'm sure they would world many, many different places. It sort of glues something in yet it comes out whenever you take it out.

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    Much better product (23 January 2016)

    I bought last year's Heidi Swapp planner, but I returned it. The covers were very flimsy. I decided to give it another try this year. I could see changes took place because right away there is a choice to make between two sizes. I chose the larger planner, because I want plenty of room to add all the great embellishments available and small photos of friends or family. It also has photo pocket pages -- one with two @3" pocket and this alternates with one with six @2" pockets. The front inside cover has pockets to carry some of the items sold separately or notes and things of your own. One complaint -- the four holes are too tight. I'll re-punch the holes to make them larger so they'll turn more easily.

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    Dilemma - which side? (23 January 2016)

    Two sided paper usually has one side you buy the paper for, and a second side that tags along. Rarely are you so drawn to each side. In this case, I love the medium size chevron (large but not overpowering) on one side, and the grid on the other. While I love the chevron side, I'll end up using the grid -- it's so hard to find a lighter sample of a color, especially a lighter color, Love this nice weight paper.

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    Two sided cardstock (23 January 2016)

    These are really 3 x 4 inch cardstock cards that are two sided. All exquisitely pink, they vary from words to symbols to patterns alone. All very different from each other. Some light, some dark. A great group to use!

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    Definitely pink (23 January 2016)

    It's so much fun, as an adult woman, to enjoy pink, to indulge myself into a pink world or scrapbook album. Plus, this variety of this and that fit so nicely in smaller places. These would go with anything pink, buy especially this Teresa Collins pink the most.

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    These tags are wonderful! (23 January 2016)

    I almost wonder if these tags belong with the "something pink" line by Teresa Collins. Each of the tags is a different design, all very different from each other. They're a bit large for the planner I'm working on, but that's OK. I'm certain they'll find a home along the way in a scrapbook.

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    Love these as planner embellishments (23 January 2016)

    There seems to be a trend toward great planners (or I've just missed it until now) and I bought these Carpe Diem clips for my planner to help bring the days and weeks to life. I haven't used any yet, but they're just the right size and should work well. They're chipboard, I believe, so have enough substance to them that I'm not afraid they'll tear or get mangled.

  • Jennifer Swift's designs rock (12 January 2016)

    I just adore the entire Blomma line. One branch goes toward pink and orange, and the secondary branch goes toward more neutral colors. They even mix together if you want to. The coordinating solids are on the other side of the prints, which leaves us with the dilemma - which do I use - the gorgeous print or the matching solid?. This is paper, not cardstock, but it is of good quality, not flimsy.

  • Love the Design, but Poor Execution (20 August 2015)

    Along with everyone else, I fell in love with the black and white striped planner from PL and Heidi Swapp. With PL, who could go wrong? Well, not the paper designer - the paper is gorgeous and all the patterns do go together well. However, when I received the entire binder with contents, I was sadly disappointed. I waited over 4 months just to find one and got the last one at the time. When I opened it up, the cover was physically damaged. There was a huge hump where the 4 ring binder clip holds on. The first two months of planner had a corresponding bump. The weight of the cover is nowhere near enough to be handled multiple times a day. I might have been vinyl wrapped cardboard. I could bend it. Now, if they'd made this binder similar to the memory planner, they'd have a winner. As it stands, the tars it was given were for the gorgeous pink flowers. Major disappointment.

  • Simple made easier and elegant (14 August 2015)

    I bought the package of 3 x 4 cards that match the colors of the Project Life Midnight collection. There are five colors that perfectly match the collection. They are plain yet have the rounded corners as the other products do. Sure, I could have cut these myself, but I know that these will fit the pockets perfectly, the corners are already rounded, and the colors match perfectly, too. Take easy and make it simpler on you - save your labor time for assembling more albums!

  • A fun an easy to use embosser and cutter (14 March 2015)

    I never owned an embosser before I saw Teresa Collins' eBosser, I had seen many demonstrations of other brands. I've watched "big name" designers demonstrate their own versions of embossers struggling to crank their project all the way through. It might not be difficult physically, but it was clear they wanted the machine to go faster. I solved the frustrations I witnessed in others by buying the eBosser. It is electronic - so no cranking at all. The motor pulls the project through, and your embossing and'/or cutting is done in a flash. I don't have to struggle with a wobbly crank handle with my arthritic hands. I can have a thicker project to feed through, and it goes through as easily as one sheet of paper. The folders made by Craftwell are big - almost 12 inches long by 8.5 inches. You can emboss an entire piece of cardstock for layouts and not just small pieces for cards. Teresa makes special embossing folders that emboss a letter size cardstock into a card with different front and back! I'm so glad I picked the eBosser as my choice.

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    Only fits Stickles and .5 oz bottles (17 April 2014)

    The ad for these nifty holders did say it would hold Stickles; and they do, upside and through a clear cover, so they are easily visible without taking the cover off.

    However, I obviously did not pay close enough attention to the product description, since they do not fit any other size bottle. I have "stickles" in off brands like Queen & Co that hold more product so require a bigger bottle. These do NOT fit in these lovely holders.

    I wish someone would invent the same products for slightly larger bottles to help up store all those colors that are so enticing!

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    Cute kitties (20 July 2013)

    This was a great pad of 6 x 6 paper with a variety of prints in mostly tans and browns as are the several pages that have just one or two larger cats at the bottom. I also like the green accents. Great for a small album or cards.

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    Great Variety (15 June 2013)

    6 x 6 paper pad. While you might think a collection entitled "My Hero" might show all military scenes, it doesn't. It includes a sort of military motif,, plus a white-collar worker's tie, nice shoes, and so on. Plus, this is double sided paper so that leaves room for even more ideas! Several of these papers are also produced separately in 12 x 12 paper.

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    Need clarity as to what "wheels" will hold (11 June 2013)

    I was very disappointed when I receiived this product, especially when everyone else seemed to be loving it.

    sAll the descriptions for it indicated it would hold Stickletss glue as well as Pearlized inks. They didn't make it clear that one "wheel" of holes held the Stickles and the second "wheel" held the pearlized ink; I wanted to hold all my Stickles together in one container, but this is impossible.. This is not even possible; and that is never indicated in the description of the item.

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    Couldn't live without my Xyron (24 June 2012)

    Just and inch and a half wide, this Xyron is perfect for small pieces for any layout or card. Being removable makes it easier to fix small misplacements, dropped pieces, or complete redos. Changing cartridges is a snap, and they come in removable or permanent, and changes between then, even while already in use, is very easy. I never hesitate to get extra refills so I don't run out!

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    Absolutely true to its name (24 June 2012)

    Stickles is a glue with glitter. The tip on the bottle somehow manages to dispense the glue in a thin stream with light pressure and if you want more, you just squeeze harder. Easy to use. Comes in a rainbow of colors. Makes adding some glitz to your project incredibly easy.

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    Gorgeous color (24 June 2012)

    Stickles is a glue with glitter. The tip on the bottle somehow manages to dispense the glue in a thin stream with light pressure and if you want more, you just squeeze harder. Easy to use. Comes in a rainbow of colors. Makes adding some glitz to your project incredibly easy.

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    Amazingly accurate name for this color (24 June 2012)

    Stickles is a glue with glitter. The tip on the bottle somehow manages to dispense the glue in a thin stream with light pressure and if you want more, you just squeeze harder. Easy to use. Comes in a rainbow of colors. Makes adding some glitz to your project incredibly easy.

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    Rich, rich color (24 June 2012)

    Stickles is a glue with glitter. The tip on the bottle somehow manages to dispense the glue in a thin stream with light pressure and if you want more, you just squeeze harder. Easy to use. Comes in a rainbow of colors. Makes adding some glitz to your project incredibly easy.

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    Perfect Christmas red (24 June 2012)

    Stickles is a glue with glitter. The tip on the bottle somehow manages to dispense the glue in a thin stream with light pressure and if you want more, you just squeeze harder. Easy to use. Comes in a rainbow of colors. Makes adding some glitz to your project incredibly easy.

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    Non-sticky glitz (24 June 2012)

    Stickles is a glue with glitter. The tip on the bottle somehow manages to dispense the glue in a thin stream with light pressure and if you want more, you just squeeze harder. Easy to use. Comes in a rainbow of colors. Makes adding som glize to your project incredibly easy.

  • Bright and cheerful (25 November 2011)

    I love this paper! Think of South America in the earlier part of the 1900s. Or think of South Beach, Miami. Bright, colorful, unrestrained. Colors that don't hold back, all done in Anna Griffith's respected taste. Coordinate or not. Use together or alone. But use them!

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    A mainstay in my scrapbook kit (14 August 2011)

    I keep the Xyron 510 out on my workspace all the time. It's the perfect size to use to put adhesive on the back of a 4" x 6" photograph. Or the mat behind that photo. There's not even any waste since there's not much room left on the sides when you get to 5 inches. That's a big help on the budget. I especially like using this Xyron for repositionable use since it covers the back of the photo and holds it real tight yet if I change my mind or it went on crooked, I can peel it off gently and do it over. I don't need to get another photo or completely re-do a layout. A valuable tool in my toolkit.

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    Makes gluing little things a breeze (14 August 2011)

    I couldn't live without my Xyron X adhesive and scrapbook and cardmake too. Whenever I have small pieces that need glue or adhesive on the back, I turn to that little "X". Dropping in the cartridge couldn't be easier, so changing from permanent to repositionable adhesive is also a breeze. Dropping in tiny things such as letters, embellishments, flowers, anything less than an inch and a bit will go thru without any problem. When you go over an inch, you can go up to and inch and a half but you might need to turn your piece around to get it to angle in. Why use something more difficult when you can have so much fun?

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    Quality ... at a discount (14 August 2011)

    This tape gun has made crafting so much less expensive for me. All I had to do was compare the price of refills with this gun getting two reels of tape for less than $10 (depending on acid free or not) for 72 YARDS total as compared to about 50 to 60 FEET from other manufacturers for comparable prices. That means the refills give me THREE times as much product.

    Yes the gun costs something - I waited for a sale and actually got two, one for acid free tape and one for regular tape, so I wouldn't have to unload and reload one gun to switch tapes in the middle of the roll. I figure I made back the price of the gun within about 3 boxes of refills, and you know the gun will last a lot longer than that.

    Loading the gun is really no problem. There is a video right here on and there are directions with pictures that come in every box. After you do it once or twice, it's natural to you.

    I would say the only drawback is its larger size to accomodate the larger reel of tape, but even that I got over very quickly. At least I don't lose my tape on my desk somewhere!

    Very highly recommended

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    Another winner from Anna Griffin (14 August 2011)

    As always, elegance rules what Anna Griffin produces, and this is no exception. This mat stack is showing up in my Christmas cards with its easier size to use and variety of papers. I'm certain it will make things much easier on me.

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    Great finish (20 April 2011)

    Basic black. Nothing wrong with that. Simple you figure. Not always. Some black powders I've used are wimpy or chunky or boring. This black embossing powder is fine and rich and covers extremely well and gives your project life that it wouldn't have had with a lesser powder. After all the work you put into your project, use the best powder to embellish it even more.

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    Useful everywhere (20 April 2011)

    Ever buy an ink pad in a gorgeous color that accents your paper just right? Then you end up covering all that up in some embossing powder that doesn't match. Or maybe you can't afford to buy 18 jars of powder when just one, this one, will do the job perfectly. This clear powder gives you the effects of embossing without covering up or over the color of your ink. Makes life a little easier, too, with just one jar to grab.

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    Fabulous (20 April 2011)

    I love this paper. It's the same medium pink of the pink cat paper from this purrfect collection. The houndstooth pattern in black (it's flocked in the paper pads) which purrfectly defines it and brings out the well-known pattern. I think this paper goes so well with all the papers in this collection, even the flowered pages. I'm sure it will have many more uses, so I'm glad this page is sold separately as well so I could buy extra for future projects.

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    Pink and prretty (20 April 2011)

    White cats abound on a medium pink background that matches the other pinks in the Fifi and Fido collection purrfectly. I had to buy this extra sheet by sheet paper along with the paper pads of the collection since I'm certain to find more uses for it.

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    Awwwwww and other sentiments (20 April 2011)

    These sayings about our animal companions are so charming and so spot on. This vellum stack has several quotes or sayings per page which you cut apart and use as you like ... as the center to a card, with an embellishment, or as titles for your pages. Endless uses. The colors match the Fifi and Fido collection, but their use isn't confined there.

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    Useful new design for a punch (20 April 2011)

    You know how you use a punch upside down so you can see prrecisely where your punch will go through the paper? It's awkward. You put the punch upside down on your table and try to put the paper in, then get the placement perfect, and then try to punch upside down. Well, forget all that. This squeeze punch is a charm. You can place your paper easily, and rather than punch down onto a punch, you simply squeeze the handles together. I worried about this since I have arthritis, but the squeeze is easy and not hard at all. This punch is even endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation.

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    Useful and easy to use (20 April 2011)

    These dots are terrific in making 3D layouts or accents for cards. Each dot is separate from the next one on their paper backing so you don't end up pulling off a dozen by mistake. There are two sizes, so you can use what fits the best. The paper backing is easy to pull off; I didn't struggle for hours trying to peel it off. It sticks really well; better than you think it will when you put it on. This small dot really holds well and elevates whatever part of your layout you desire. And they don't squish easily either!

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    Smaller sizes for more uses (20 April 2011)

    I love the mat packs for card making, matting photos or color blocking. These are cardstock weight papers and can be used for just about anything. Practical, too, because you don't have to cut up a 12 x 12 paper to mat a photo or some other smaller use.

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    All the patterns of this great collection (20 April 2011)

    I believe all, or certainly most, of the papers in the new Fifi and Fido collection are included in this paper pack of single sided paper. These are only printed and not flocked or glittered, and there are three pages of each pattern. This paper pad includes additional designs not included in the embellished pad. The "plain" yellow and green, called furry in the pad, really aren't plain. The "plain" black is really a sort of reverse flower image. Houndstooth. Random dots. Plaids. Graphics. All complimentary yet all could stand alone with no problem. I'm certain most could be used far away from thoughts of cats or dogs, so don't let the title scare you away from these quality papers.

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    Don't drool over this fabulous paper! (20 April 2011)

    Anna Griffin has done it again! She's come up with a bright and cheerful collection of patterns featuring cats and dogs, sometimes together, sometimes apart along with a gorgeous flower pattern colored just right for spring. Along with them are some graphic designs in similar colors and even flocked houndstooth paper! The main flowered design is glittered to enhance that design. Other papers are flocked. The extra ornamentation just brings out the patterns and makes them bolder and more defined. Purr-fect!

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    Real accent pieces (20 April 2011)

    I think this is something new associated with Anna Griffin's collections. This is an assortment of the shapes and figures that are the stars of this Fifi and Fido collection you might have cut from the papers yourself. Now the work has been done for you. Plus they are cardstock weight. The daffodil from the cat and dog paper is there along with the various other flowers and symbols and the animals, too. An eclectic collection.

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    A true gem (20 April 2011)

    This sticker will be great sitting next to a photo of one of my cats. It would be equally terrific next to a photo of one of my best friends. Scrapbook layouts, cards, endless uses for this black flocked 3D sticker. I bought extra for the places I know it will be purrfect for.

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    Pretty in pink and blue and green and yellow! (20 April 2011)

    These paper border stickers are great patterns to go with the patterns in this new Anna Griffin collection featuring cats and dogs. The largest border has a large paw print, not really found anywhere else on the papers. Of the smaller widths, one features a dog bone, another is a nice pink and black design that goes with the pink houndstooth or cat paper. Another border is yellow and white stripes and has appropriate words like woof and meow in the center. Another skinny print is white with a black sort of star. All very different from each other yet complementary.

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    Cats rule (20 April 2011)

    This assortment of 3D cat stickers is the purrfect accompanionment to the kitty papers in this new Anna Griffin collection. Some of the papers features cats, some dogs, some both, and these will be just right to feature cats right next to the pictures of the four who own me. Of course they could be used on any layout featuring kitties, not just this collection. Have fun with them.

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    3D wonders (20 April 2011)

    How does Anna Griffin keep coming up with such terrific ideas? These relatively simple accents are just perfect accents for the paper collection that is made to play with your cats and dogs. Single flowers, paw prints, or dog bones each top a 3D base. These will be purr-fect for my kitty layouts (altho the dog bones will be featured elsewhere!)

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    No fuddy duddy flowers here (20 April 2011)

    No old lady flowers and lace are on these 3D stickers of large white, pale pink, and bright yellow flowers. A simple stem and flower combination speaks louder than a bouquet of other designs. I bought extra to use making cards, since I just bought a card making kit from Anna Griffin featuring 3D flowers as the embellishments. These would have been the stars of that collection to me. They will certainly be perfect accents to the Fifi and Fido papers.

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    Charming accents (20 April 2011)

    Besides the terrific papers in this collection, these 3D accents just bring out the colors and turn on the charm. I'm sure they would compliment any layout but the colors and styles really do justice to this paper collection.

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    I would give this 10 stars! (20 April 2011)

    This flower pattern is bright, bright, bright and cheerful. I can't help but smile when I see it. And you really have to get the effect of an enlarged sample to fully see the full pattern. The color combinations are not one I would have done, but done by Anna Griffin, they're fabulous. A glittered version of this paper is included in the paper pad, and that makes the pattern even more striking. I bought extra sheets to use for other projects outside matching Fifi and Fido layouts.

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    Soft color and design (20 April 2011)

    You'd never know that this blue plaid came from a collection about cats and dogs. Don't let the collection title turn you away if you're not interested in paper for your pets. This blue plaid could be used anywhere. The uses are plentiful. Nice medium to light blue patterns are not so easy to come by.

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    Purr-fect pet paper (20 April 2011)

    Wow! Anna Griffin, my favorite designer, has come up with a delightful design of cats and dogs almost floating amongst large daffodils and flowers as well as symbols any cat or dog lover would recognize - fire hydrants and dog bones. Being owned by four cats, I just had to get quantities of this paper for each of their albums.

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    Fantastic pattern (20 April 2011)

    I love this pattern from Anna Griffin's Carmen collection! I'm sure this would be considered monochromatic, yet the different greens and shades of those greens making up this pattern are quite distinct. I'm sure this would make a fabulous paper for any project with the pattern featured or used as a background.

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    Luscious pink roses (20 April 2011)

    Another Anna Griffin monochromatic pattern. This time of roses. Yet they are done in a luscious medium shade of pink that still manages to have plenty of different shades to bring this pattern to the forefront or let it slip to the background, depending on how you decide to use it.

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    Bright monochromatic green (20 April 2011)

    Sometimes monochromatic means dull and boring. Not in Anna Griffin's Carmen collection! The shifting shades of bright kelly green bring the rose design to life.

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    Just the right bright (20 April 2011)

    Yellow is a hard color to find in just the right shade. It always seems to be flourescent or school bus yellow. This yellow from Anna Griffin's Carmen collection is just the right medium shade of yellow that still manages to find contrast in a monochromatic pattern.

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    Extra special accents (20 April 2011)

    These 3D stickers (that almost sounds like an oxymoron!) are just the right touch to add to the bright and cheerful Carmen collection. These multi-layer stickers with glitter will make just the perfect addition to layouts or even on a greeting card.

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    Bright and cheerful (20 April 2011)

    The Carmen collection is certainly bright. Simple but not plain, that's for sure. These 3D stickers have jewel accents in each flower. These are just the flowers, no stems or groupings, just single flowers. They can be used anywhere singly or in a group you make. Fabulous in any application.

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    Bright and modern (20 April 2011)

    The Carmen collection with its tropical South American theme is bright and cheerful. I love these flower stickers because they are simple yet stunning with the 3D effect and the jewel accent at the centers of the flowers. I may need to order more so I can use some for card making and some on scrapbook layouts.

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    Cha cha cha (20 April 2011)

    Anna Griffin says this collection was inspired by South America. I believe her! It is full of those lucious tropical colors - orange, pink, green, lemon yellow. The patterns are both large and small and mix fantastically well. I love the mat packs for card making, matting photos or color blocking.

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    Lovely blues and greys (20 April 2011)

    The Willow Collection exemplifies why Anna Griffin has the reputation for beautiful scrapbook paper. She has found gorgeous patterns and then reproduced them in bright cobalt blue and also in black. Stunning patterns. I love the mat pack for card making or matting photos or in a color blocking.

  • Best stickers ever! (14 January 2011)

    These fabric Thickers have to be the best alphabet dimensional sticker I have ever used.

    I do wish that the description of these stickers (all the Thickers) included how tall they are. It isn't always easy to tell from the photograph shown since there is no frame of reference.

    Other than that small point, I highly recommend these letter stickers!

    PS They do stick quickly and very well, so please be careful when placing them.

  • Bazzill is my favorite (29 April 2010)

    No matter what color or texture, bulk packs or single sheets, my absolute favorite cardstock is BAZZILL!

  • Home Sweet Home (05 October 2008)

    We're just finishing a 21-month long renovation of our entire home which I documented all along the way. This tiny album certainly can't hold all that, but it does hold the highlights which I can share with friends easily. I love mini-albums for just this reason - just enough to share but not enough to overwhelm. I keep the big books for the family who has lived through it to reminisce.

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    Thank heavens for bigger bottle (05 October 2008)

    I'd just run out of un-du when I saw your entry for the larger bottle. Thank heavens! This stuff is fabulous. Of course, it's great in scrapbooking, but it's useful in all sorts of things in the home. My hubby grabbed it the other day to use in his workshop. Love this stuff!

  • Purr-fect album! (05 October 2008)

    Even my grey tabby cat who just jumped over the keyboard thinks these albums are keepers. I had to buy one for each of my 5 cats plus 2 who have passed on. Frankly, I've never made a chipboard album before, altho I've used lots of shapes, so I don't know that this will be so different except it will be 2 sided! With only three letters and a ton of pictures, I don't think I can mess it up. If I do, I'll blame it on our new 4 month old kittens! :)