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    Found the Answer (21 December 2008)

    I haven't had time to work on my new Modern Albums. Christmas is closing in on me. BUT what I plan on doing is a Pen & Ink drawing of a family tree then filling in the information on one for my son's family and one for my daughters family. I have already filled several of the post bound ones for them that I'm planning on transferring to the big ones. Wonderful one book instead of several with loose pages stuffed in.

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    GOOD FIND (15 November 2008)

    I just finished working with this albumn and I like it. I'm going to order several more. I'm tired of the CUTE limited albums with 10 pages. I've never been able to add pages to these so that it looked correct. I like that I can design my own cover for each family. I'll be able to add lots of pages.

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    CUTE (15 November 2008)

    Again, I haven't had time to use these but there are allot of cute thought proviking cut outs here. Nice weight and color. It will be fun to find a place for these.