Hanging By A Moment's Reviews

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    So easy! (14 February 2009)

    These are so wonderful I love how easy this makes masking. They self adhere to the paper so they stay where they are put and you just go to town inking or distressing around it. The results are crisp clean images that can be subtle with a little inking or bold with a lot. Have fun with this product. I DO!

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    GOT TO HAVE (08 February 2009)

    I love this product. I like to use them more then the foam pop dots. I use these on almost every LO. You must try these if you want to create that wonderful dimensional look.

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    This is simply magical. (27 January 2009)

    I love this vellum. It adds such a sparkle to everything you use with it. I have used it on my Bella Bear page (Cinderella's coach) I used it as a backdrop for my Peter Pan lo. It is Fairy-tastic! You got to try, it makes your pages fly.

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    Must have (25 January 2009)

    I love these things. I use them all the time to give my paper layers a boost. I also use the Zots pop dots but I use them on my embellishments more because they are clear. I would have to say though. This is the type of 3D dots I use the most of on every LO.

    Money tip: You can cut these down for smaller areas the package goes farther that way.

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    Supper sticky! (22 January 2009)

    I love these things. They give a great lift to the item you at tacking down and more dimension to your LO. Watch out they are very sticky! However that is a good thing when you are wanting things to stay in place for a while. I love that they are clear and that you can cut them down into 1/4 with craft scissors for smaller items that need a lift off of the page.

  • Not so great. (20 January 2009)

    I have used for years the little rubber square adhesive remover and loved it. Because it took the goo off of photos too, with minimal residue. This product is okay for just using on paper but once you try to remove any mono adhesive (removable xyron) or glue from a photo... forget it. It just smudges and smears it around and your photo becomes trashed. You probably will have to get the photo reprinted. I bought this because I lost my little rubber square and I really am not impressed.

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    Just start playing with it. And Tips (13 November 2008)

    I have had many of these for a very long time but just recently got into using them. I have found more of a use in my card making then my LOs but on my really traditional pages I can usually work them in.

    Tips: if you are looking to do a boarder I would suggest starting at the centerpiece of the edge you are looking to punch. Then moving out to each edge. This will center the design.

    IF you can not see the design on top just simply flip it over and look through the holes for the punch to line everything up to get a strait design with multiple punches.

    Hope these tips help!