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    3x4 journaling cards (14 January 2014)

    These are great filler cards & a must have!

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    6x6 pad (14 January 2014)

    This is a great pad, however I haven't used it as much as I thought I would in our album. I purchased so many other 4x6 & 3x4 pocket fillers that I really haven't needed as much of this as I had expected.

    I'm sure I'll find something fun to use this paper for!

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    rumpelstiltskin paper (14 January 2014)

    This paper is very pretty. I didn't end up using it with the princess breakfast like I had planned when I ordered it, but it really will work with anything because the back has no fairytale-type theme to it & are pretty popular colors I also love the green plaid!

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    best day ever paper (14 January 2014)

    This is a cute paper, however, the front side is pretty busy! It is easily cut into thirds vertically & then you could slice into it horizontally to get sections. Or just slice through it randomly like I did : )

    The stars pattern on the back is really cute.

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    buy several sheets!!! (14 January 2014)

    I love this paper & really wish I'd purchased more than one sheet! It's great for Minnie stuff or for the Cars theme!

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    say cheese stickers (14 January 2014)

    These are adorable! My only thing is that I'm not really into using the "magic" theme that I realize is prevalent with Disney, but just not my thing, so there are several that I either won't use or have to get creative on how to use them.

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    label stickers (14 January 2014)

    These are great stickers - perfect for any Disney album. The only thing I wasn't wild about was that I didn't really pay attention to the title of the collection "real magic", so it says magic on a lot of the labels & since I'm not really into using those, there will be several I won't use unless I creatively cover up that part.

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    say cheese (14 January 2014)

    A must-have for any Disney album!

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    bingo cards (14 January 2014)

    This is a great sheet to buy! You can use a few of the bingo cards & the rest as the star pattern that coordinates with the other items in the collection.

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    Say Cheese (14 January 2014)

    This is an adorable sheet with 4 sweet graphics. It's kind of hard to decide which ones to use, so you might consider getting 2 sheets if you like all 4 graphics!

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    4x6 cards (14 January 2014)

    I would agree with the other reviews, these are great for either a traditional scrapbook or a Project Life style scrapbook like I'm doing.


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    Disney chipboard pieces (14 January 2014)

    This is an adorable chipboard set! I love the variety - not just characters, but a few little extra pieces that are fun!

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    marker buddy (14 January 2014)

    I've had the PortaInk Dual Swivel Traveler for a few years now & love it so much, so I finally decided to buy a marker buddy to see if I liked it.

    Well, I'm still not sure what I think yet...maybe it's the way I have my system set up (I don't have my 2 PortaInk cases on the swivel base but sitting beside each other with my ink & font reference book in between them). I put the marker buddy on the inside (between one portaink & the book) & most of my markers (Zig Writers) stick out farther than I like (2 1/4").

    I guess I should've taken the time to measure the markers vs. the size of the buddy, but I didn't. Obviously I'll be keeping it since I opened it, but I'm not sure if I'll buy another or look for a different system. Guess time will tell.

    ETA: Have not ended up using it because it just doesn't work for my markers.

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    Teal dust cover (14 January 2014)

    Well, it's not the color of teal that I was hoping it would be. It has much more green to it than I think the picture above shows.

    It's a pretty color, but I guess I thought it would be more blue-aqua-teal than green-teal...my fault, but I just thought I'd pass the information along.

    I am sending it back though.

    ETA: I ended up keeping it & found some other items to pull this color into my craft room, so I bumped it up to 5 stars.

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    Missionary Album (14 January 2014)

    This is a very nice album!! They call this color charcoal, but I'd describe it as a medium grey color. It looks very sharp with the silver embossing!!!

    I am planning on making an album of all of the missionaries that our church supports & thought this would be a great album for that!

    I love that they come in so many colors!

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    Sister journaling cards (14 January 2014)

    It's not that I would NOT recommend this product, it's just that I didn't realize when I ordered this set of journaling cards that they were for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I had ordered both the "elder" & "sister" sets not realizing what they were. Fortunately, I only opened the elder set & can still return the sister set.

    I just wish it had been a little more specific in the description that it was for a specific church is all!

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    Missionary Elder Cards (14 January 2014)

    It's not that I would NOT recommend this product, it's just that I didn't realize when I ordered this set of journaling cards that they were for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I had ordered both the "elder" & "sister" sets not realizing what they were. Fortunately, I only opened this set & can still return the sister set.

    I do think that there are enough cards that I can still use them in the missionary album that I am making, so I'm not too bummed!

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    Red Polka Dot Washi (14 January 2014)

    This is a nice quality washi tape! I bought it to use on a Disney album & am glad I did!

  • Outer cases only (17 February 2011)

    Make sure that you realize that these are the outer cases only with no dividers inside!

    I love these cases, I am using them to store my misc. wood mounted stamps. It is as great way to see several at one time. The only problem might be that they are a little heavy for the cases. So far I haven't had any problem with them popping open while I'm retrieving the case out of my drawer - but I'm thinking it just might happen.

    I would also love to try the clear sheets you can get for these to store my clear stamps on - just haven't done it yet.

  • These are great! (17 February 2011)

    My dh bought these for me for Christmas & I LOVE them! I'm currently storing my wood mounted stamps in them. I use the dividers to divide different stamp sets.

  • So-so (01 January 2011)

    I was really excited to get this mask set, and maybe I just didn't know what I was doing, but now it doesn't stick any more. Everyone else seems to love them, so I'm guessing I just gunked them up. Maybe I should buy a new set & try again.

  • Must Have! (01 January 2011)

    This is so great for stamping, inking & scrapbooking! It's great for figuring out placement of stickers, inking Petaloo Color Me Crazy alpha sticker or painting. Whatever get stuck on it will come right off - I even use it when pouring out my Scentsy!

    Once you get this you will not want to create without it!

  • wonderful little things! (01 January 2011)

    These are great for making your own ink mist - just add ink & water (& for sparkle some perfect pearls).

  • Great Tool! (01 January 2011)

    These are such a must for adding ink to any project! I have had a problem with the velcro part coming off, so I used a heavy-duty staple gun & fixed the problem easily!

    After trying them, you'll want more than one! : )

  • this is a must if you use distress ink! (01 January 2011)

    If you have Staz-on, Distress Inks, VersaMark or the old Stampin' Up inks you will want these! I have a big mix of stamp ink brands & these are essential!

    I did not snap these into place, so I have not had any problems as some of the others have. I simply slid them in the slot & slid in my ink - simple as that. Now, if I want to re-arrange my inks, I won't have any problem!

  • great ink storage! (01 January 2011)

    This is a wonderful way to store & organize your stamp inks! I got this one because I wanted to be able to have the swivel base, carrier & cover, but I am actually using it as 2 separate cases since that's all of the room I have on my scrap desk.

    This is so worth the money (which really isn't a lot compared to some other ink organizers out there) - you will not be sorry if you buy this!

  • spring flourish crystals (02 December 2009)

    These are great - get more than one set though!

  • paint dabber (02 December 2009)

    I love to use these dabbers - you can get away without having to get a paint brush out most of the time.

    I will say that this is a brighter aqua. I really was looking for something a little darker, but I made it work for my project.

  • fingertip craft knife (02 December 2009)

    This one was a surprise to me. I don't do very well with craft knives, but when I ordered I could get this one for free, so I thought I'd try it out. I really liked the control that I get with it.

  • Journal Pages (02 December 2009)

    These are so awesome! I got them to use with my Teresa Collins envelope album kit. They are a great weight, so they definitely work for mini-album pages.

    Love, Love, LOVE!

  • Red Love Song PP (02 December 2009)

    Not completely in love with this. For me, it was just ok - had I seen it IRL, I would've passed it up.

  • chipboard buttons (02 December 2009)

    These are really great!

  • Crown crystals (02 December 2009)

    These are awesome! This brand is so reasonable - which makes it even better!

  • Lace-Cut Snowflake Glitter paper (02 December 2009)

    This is a beautiful embellishemnt. You really can't appreciate it on a computer screen - but you won't be disappointed when you order it.

  • Metallic Paper (02 December 2009)

    This paper is simply beautiful! It will make a very special Christmas lo!

  • Topaz Crystals (02 December 2009)

    I didn't realize that these were Topaz until I received them. They are very nice, but just not what I needed for my project. Oh well, I'm sure there will be something I'll need these for! ; )

  • BG - Rooftop (02 December 2009)

    Another great BG pp!

  • BG - Snow Globe (02 December 2009)

    Sweet paper!

  • Misteltoe Song pp (02 December 2009)

    This is a great paper - make sure to get more than 1 sheet though!

  • MM Christmas keys (02 December 2009)

    These are a really cute something extra.

  • die cut file folder pack (02 December 2009)

    These work with the TC envelope album kit - if you need extra pages. They will also be a great embellishment on regular sb pages.

  • envelope book kit (02 December 2009)

    This is a really great kit. It makes an adorable mini album & doesn't cost a ton of $$!


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    Pretty paper (01 April 2009)

    This is nice, heavy paper!

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    front porch (01 April 2009)

    I really love this paper!

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    Love this paper!!!! (01 April 2009)

    Buy more than one sheet!

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    White Galaxy Marker (01 April 2009)

    Everyone needs one of these markers!

    They write wonderfully - make sure that you do get the medium point & not the broad (it's too hard to write anything with it).

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    It's Complicated (01 April 2009)

    Well, using this paper isn't complicated! It is a very pretty paper. I used Diamond Sparkles & some bling on it to really add some fun!

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    spring fever (01 April 2009)

    Gorgeous paper!

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    hankie (01 April 2009)

    Beautiful paper!

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    Fawnd of You Too (01 April 2009)

    You'll love this paper - but buy about 3 sheets! It is a great paper & I LOVE the edge that you can cut off & use as decoration - what a great idea!

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    Basic Grey Bittersweet (01 April 2009)

    Well, who doesn't love Basic Grey? : )

    These brads are beautiful! I will say that none of them are alike, so if you'd like multiples to match, buy more than one pack!

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    great paper! (01 April 2009)

    This is one of those papers you need to buy at least 2 of! You'll really like it - I wished I had gotten 2 so I could use the back as well! : )

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    Life is Beautiful (01 April 2009)

    Interesting paper, not exactly what I expected when I ordered it. I haven't used it yet, but looking forward to trying it out.

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    Jake's Reel (01 April 2009)

    Love, love, love this paper. It's great on both sides!

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    Sweet Spring = sweet paper (01 April 2009)

    Love the colors in this paper - you'll be happy with it!