GingerC's Reviews

  • Great Tote! (01 May 2010)

    I received this tote as a gift. I absolutely adore it. I can't believe how much I can fit into it. When I go for a scrap weekend I can fit all the paper I want to use in it. The handles are sewn in so well that no matter how heavy it is, the handles do not show any stress. I would get myself a second one to put even more paper in to. Great item!

  • Amazing! (07 August 2007)

    These are incredible! They are beautiful. The ease of use makes these so attractive. All you have to do is press the ink on the stamp and place it on your paper. Instant beauty! You can make your own patterned paper with these and probably never have a duplicate paper because there are so many options with 33 different stamps. These are definately something every scrapper needs.

  • These are the best! (02 August 2007)

    I really love these brads. They are lightweight and so easy to use. I find the metal prongs hold securely. They make a bold statement without adding a lot of bulk to your page. Another thing I really like is that they come in three monochromatic colors all in one pack.