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    So vibrant (04 August 2016)

    Wow- just amazing.

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    Fabulous (04 August 2016)


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    Love it (04 August 2016)

    Amazing paper, going to keep it for a special project. Maybe a mermaid :)

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    Amazing (04 August 2016)

    Just love the bright color on this paper.

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    Wow (04 August 2016)

    So bright and colorful, just love this paper.

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    Adorable (04 August 2016)

    I love this paper pack, going to have so much fun creating with it.

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    Great vintage images (04 August 2016)

    I'm going to have lots of fussy cutting on this paper, great vintage images.

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    Gorgeous Paper (04 August 2016)

    I love Kaisercraft, you can never go wrong with their papers.
    The images are lovely on this paper.

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    Cute (04 August 2016)

    I just couldn't resist getting these mini paper dolls to play with.

    Super cute.

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    Such gorgeous papers (06 June 2012)

    I love the images on these papers, they are great for fussy cutting.

  • Gorgeous flowers (29 March 2012)

    These flowers add a special touch to any project. I really love using them.

  • Gorgeous (20 March 2012)

    Just love this line of Graphic 45. Beautiful papers.

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    Soooo beautiful (15 March 2012)

    This paper is adorable for any baby projects. Great if you enjoy fussy cutting.

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    Great gadget (04 December 2011)

    Love using my corner punch, it's a great gadget to have.

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    Gorgeous (16 October 2011)

    I used these legs on a decoupage box I made and it added such an elegant look to the finished product.

  • My Fave (16 October 2011)

    I love this ribbon, it is such a great embellishment and the colors are awesome.

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    Adorable (08 October 2011)

    I love the Gabrielle range. These little stickers are perfect for ATC's and cards.

  • My favorite line of paper (07 October 2011)

    This had to be my favorite line of paper ever. I loved the little fairies and the colors.

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    Great product (18 March 2011)

    I love using my tiny stapler. I make ATC's and the staple size is perfect.

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    So dainty (22 January 2011)

    One of my favorite punches. It is so dainty and very pretty. Love it for cards.

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    Nice detail (22 January 2011)

    This is a great punch which is very effective on layouts. I just feel I am a little restricted with it and I use the normal smaller punches more.

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    Perfect punch (22 January 2011)

    I use this punch all the time and it is so great for edging cards etc. The lace effect is gorgeous.

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    Nice range (22 January 2011)

    I love that there are different flowers in the package and the size is perfect. They really are beautiful.

  • Beautiful (22 January 2011)

    I just love this paper. I cut the images our with a kraft knife and still had all the frames left to work with. A must have for little girls.

  • Love these (22 January 2011)

    I love these, they are decorative and a lovely quality. They will add "charm" to any item you use them on.

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    Great tool (22 January 2011)

    I only just bought this staplet recently and use it on my ATC Cards. It really works well and it is easy to cover the staple with a little embellie.

  • Baubles (22 January 2011)

    I love these and plan to use them on a stand I bought to decorate it with the little baubles hanging from it. Great product.

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    Lovely accent to a page (11 November 2010)

    These ribbons are great for borders or to make into different shapes. I enjoyed using them.

  • Great alphas (11 November 2010)

    These alphas are the perfect size and I love the colors.

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    Great for titles (11 November 2010)

    I love using these as titles on my pages. Would definitely recommend.

  • Frays edges (07 September 2010)

    I have had two of these cutters now and it is fine for a while and then it starts fraying the edges. I have to go back and cut it with a scissor. I have tried putting in new blades but it is no better. Must admit I find the Fiskars punches real hard to use too.

  • Really Pretty (26 August 2010)

    I bought this in the green and the blue. I'm not sure how I am going to use it yet, but did cut off a little and added it to a layout I did. Very striking colors and light, won't way the page down.

  • Such a fun line (26 August 2010)

    I bought the paper with the banners on and cut them all out. I had such a great time using it. Great paper.

  • Great paper (11 May 2010)

    Just love the texture, the color and the diecut. Awesome paper.

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    Great quality (08 March 2010)

    Such great quality and just love the color. Nice paper.

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    Great Rub-ons (08 March 2010)

    These are so cute and with birds being so in, they are great as a filler on a page.

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    So Pretty (08 March 2010)

    I love these flowers. They are so soft and pretty.

  • Great flowers (06 March 2010)

    I just love these flowers. They are great value for money and with a nice brad or button they really make any layout look nice.

  • Nice paper (06 March 2010)

    I love the color on the paper and it has a lovely pattern. It is not the best quality and is not cardstock.

  • Nice Rub-Ons (06 March 2010)

    These are very nice but I never realised they are so small. Would have been nice if they were larger.

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    Fun letters (04 November 2009)

    Love the color and great letters to scrap with.

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    Stunning (04 November 2009)

    Such beautiful paper, great quality and so colorful.

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    Such pretty flowers (04 November 2009)

    Great flowers and the colors are beautiful.

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    Beautiful paper (04 November 2009)

    This paper is so beautiful and great quality.

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    Lovely flowers (04 November 2009)

    Great color and lovely flowers to scrap with.

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    Great paper (04 November 2009)

    Really good quality, great paper.

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    Great colors (01 November 2009)

    Great colors - look forward to using them.

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    Handy Gadget (29 September 2009)

    I got this with my lat shipment at and I really find it very useful for punching holes for brads or embellies.

  • Nice Flowers (26 September 2009)

    Great flowers for layouts.

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    Great Flourishes and letters (23 September 2009)

    I have only used the letters so far and they are great.

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    Lovely Paper (17 September 2009)

    Loved working with this paper - just love the color.

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    Great Gadget!!! (17 September 2009)

    Really great little gadget, makes neat little holes and very easy to use.

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    Awesome paper (17 September 2009)

    Just love this paper, one of my favorites. Good quality and stunning colors.

  • Great Brads!!!!! (11 August 2009)

    I just loved using these brads on my layouts, the color is exquisite and they make your layout "pop".

  • My favorites (11 August 2009)

    I just love these adhesive pearls. They are great for embellishing and make a layout look complete.

  • Cut up and used as embellishment (11 August 2009)

    I used this paper on various layouts. I cut it up and used it as borders, under embellishments etc.

  • Great paper (11 August 2009)

    Great quality and beautiful color.

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    Great flowers (02 August 2009)

    These are real pretty flowers and great value for money.

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    Borders and flourishes (02 August 2009)

    I love the flourishes in the pack.

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    Great flowers (02 August 2009)

    The color are these flowers are not as vivid as I expected but they are very pretty.

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    Nice Flowers (02 August 2009)

    These flowers are a nice size and great to use. I used them on a black and red layout.

  • Great flowers (30 July 2009)

    I really love these flowers and the colors are great.

  • Nice Paper (29 July 2009)

    Great quality and pretty paper - was a little restricted with the boder but kept it simple.

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    Great paper (29 July 2009)

    This paper is a great quality and very pretty. I enjoyed working with it.

  • Dried Flowers - not recommended (29 July 2009)

    I got these flowers in a Kit and they are really awful. They are brittle and are definitely not for scrapbooking.

  • Monkey Business so cute!!! (07 July 2009)

    This is one of the cutest collections around and the colors are great. Love this product!!!

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    Wacky Tac - what a great product!!!! (21 February 2009)

    I have a Cricut Expression and ordered the Wacky Tac to use on my cut outs. It beats gluing the letters individually and is so easy to use. I don't think I can be without this product again!!! The great this is you can reposition the cut-outs if you don't like where you have placed them.