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    Worth the wait (29 August 2014)

    Tried to order this a couple of years ago when I ordered the trays, but it was on backorder. I forgot about it and stacked the paper trays on the top of a storage cabinet which worked well until I needed more room, that's when I remembered the rolling base. My timing was great because the base was on sale. I have 20 trays stacked on the rolling base and it work great. Sturdy metal and smooth rollers make it easy to use. I think the bas is a MUST HAVE if you use the trays.

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    Excellent product (07 August 2013)

    These dividers are perfect for organizing cardstock and Designer papers.

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    Fun & Easy (03 June 2013)

    I really like the ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD. Variety of sizes to choose from, very easy, fast and finished envelopes looks great. It's one of my favorite toys.

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    Great tool (24 February 2009)

    I bought this because I wanted to have the freedom to put ribbon slots anywhere I wanted, even if its in the middle of the page. I also wanted the half circle punch. This slot punch tool works GREAT with the Making Memories Instant Setter. It is easy and fun to use.

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    Great tool (24 February 2009)

    I have used a hammer for a couple of years; didn't like that. I looked at the crop-a-dile and thought it looked like a tool of torture. I saw this Making memories Setter and the price was right, reviews good, so I thought why not. I have not been disappointed. It works great and easy to use. This is a must have tool.

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    Awesome (24 February 2009)

    This is my favorite tool. Easy to use and it holds the smallest objects until you are ready to let go. I really like using these tweezers when I heat emboss small objects. I don't burn my fingers any more.

  • Just Beautiful (22 December 2008)

    I really like this ribbon, but I think I like the quantity the best. I find great ribbon but it never seems to be enough and I have to make another trip to town or order more and wait days to receive it. 25 yards seems to be the perfect fit me and the quality of the ribbon is great.

  • Color for Dummies aka Me (22 December 2008)

    This is great for me. I am so bad at knowing what colors go together that I have given up on projects because finding the color is so overwhelming.
    The Bazzill swatchbook has been a great help too.

  • A must have (22 December 2008)

    I have used this for several years and it works like a charm. It is safe to use on photos, getting price tags off products, even used it on our kitchen floor when something (not sure what it was) got stuck on the floor. This products is safe and works great.

  • Great product (22 December 2008)

    I have used this photo tape for about a year and I think it is great. I enjoy making cards and this is the PERFECT adhesive for cards. I usually buy this at a local store but it can be hard to get (everyone wants it). The cost is a bit much but well worth it. I bought several of these from because their price is better. Wish I could afford a case of this tape so I wouldn't worry about running out.

  • A perfect fit (22 December 2008)

    To be honest, the only reason I got this is because it was offered free. I didn't want it, but thought I would pass it along to a friend. That changed when I saw it. Cute, cute cute. I have use the Creative Memories Side-Kick for years, it was by favorite "TOY". It has now been replaced with this Baby Scrap Can. I think everyone should have one of these.

  • A must have (16 December 2008)

    this is a great product and one I use on almost every project. It works perfect for paper, no problems, but I would be careful using on cardstock. I had to re-tape a few Christmas cards with a super high tack tape. But I still love the Mono Adhesive, it is great for paper to paper or paper to cardstock, just not cardstock to cardstock.

  • Very Helpful (16 December 2008)

    The Swatch Book has been very helpful in picking colors and knowing the name so I can order that just right color for any project. I intend to purchase more in the future.