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    Typical great WRMK quality (06 February 2012)

    These are fantastic. Great quality as I always expect from WRMK. I purchased them to go in my project Life album ( a faux leather 3 ring binder) not realising that they wouldn't fit. I am a bit disappointed about this BUT if you put the top hole of this in the middle hole of the album then the ring below stops it from sagging out and it sits in quite well so not a total loss.

  • Beware the colour (10 August 2011)

    This is a gorgeous album in every way and I can't fault it. The only problem is that my computer shows it as a vibrant purple and the name is plum so I anticipated it to be close to the colour that I was seeing on my moniter. In real life this album is very pinky, almost fuschia colour. Great if that is what you're after. Not so good if you wanted purple.

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    Pretty but hard to use. (04 September 2010)

    I was so excited to get this product but I am a little disappointed with it. It is extremely sticky and once stuck to your page it is permanent, even if in the wrong place :( The fiddliness of the product means that mistakes are very easy to achieve.

    Still, a high impact product.

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    My only choice for albums! (01 May 2010)

    A year ago I came across a blog post about a way to sort your LOs in your albums. After reading on it turned out to be about Stacy Julian's 'Library of Memories' system. I had missed out on signing up for the class at Big Picture Scrapbooking but I decided to implement the album system (four different coloured albums for different 'categories' of LOs - Those we love, All about Us, The places we go and the things we love and do) I ordered the red album as well as the kiwi. I LOVE them! I now have country blue as well and just placed an order a couple of days ago for 4 more. My most full album has 31 page protectors in and not all are double sided but most. It is comfortably full and I do use 'lumpy-bumpy' embelishments but nothing too huge.

    If in doubt, get one and try them.
    I will never go back to post-bound!

  • 'Must Have' product (02 May 2009)

    I love thickers in general but this font gives that little bit more!
    Great for quirky pages or pages that show the fun side :D

    My only concerns are that the adhesive backing often comes off so you have to glue them manually and once you put them on your page there is NO taking them off again.