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    So cute...but so much work (06 November 2015)

    I agree with the other reviewer they are not cut very well and you have to poke out the centers. I've stopped using them even though I think they are adorable because it is so time consuming and frustrating to punch out all of the middles.

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    So Adorbs! (05 June 2015)

    These are soo cute! I almost want to eat them! They look like candy!!!
    I love their texture. Those hearts are such a cute addition to my pages.

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    So sharp! (05 June 2013)

    The images are so sharp and it's so cool how they stick to my acrylic block!

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    Finally got my hands on this washi tape! (05 June 2013)

    Love the cameras! They are soooo cute!

  • I love these punches! (24 August 2010)

    I love these slim punches! They are just so cool looking and super sharp. They don't need a whole lot of force to punch. I love this on in particular... i use them with my scraps as it was recommended by Ana Cabrera on the Paperclipping Roundtable. I use them just as embellishments, I don't always write anything in them.

  • makes me want to flamenco dance! (07 March 2010)

    I had been lusting after these flowers since I first saw them... and they are just as beautiful in person. I almost want to wear them in my hair!

  • manly Flowers? (07 March 2010)

    they are just darling! Although they are flowers the colors are manly enough to use on boy pages I think.

  • not my typical style (02 March 2010)

    at first glance I thought this collection was kinda tacky... but it has ended up being one of my faves. it can be masculine or feminine, young or marture, playful or serious. And i found some prima flowers that looked perfect with this paper! LOVE it!

  • I love thickers but... (02 March 2010)

    this collection of thickers must have come with a weak batch of adhesive. I have had to replace letters on layout because they dont stick. UGH! to a scrapbooker that is very upsetting...

  • beautiful (02 March 2010)

    They are dainty and sweet I love them!

  • they are thickers... what can i say (01 March 2010)

    i love all thickers

  • best glue pen! (31 January 2010)

    after trying a few of its competitors and being perfectly happy with those products I walked into a Paper Source in Brookline, MA and fell in love! This one writes just like a pen! Smooth and quite tacky! I love using it with my Martha Stewart glitters! I don't even use my other ones anymore!

  • basic grey always gets me (31 January 2010)

    between the butterflies and the color I totally fell in love. I bought the kit and i keep replacing the papers that I use.

  • Happiness on Paper (31 January 2010)

    I love this paper... scrapbooking for 9 happy boys this happy paper comes in handy all the time! I love it!

  • Moda Bella is my favorite AC collection (31 January 2010)

    I am so sad that this collection has been discontinued. Because it is my ultimate favorite. I love the colors. I love the patterns. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • they look better in the picture (23 November 2009)

    Not that i didn't love these flowers they just looked a little flat in person. But I do love that they are different from all the other stuff out there. And the colors are different and happy too.

  • I love thickers (30 September 2009)

    I LOVE thickers. I am an addict. And I really love this font and the color the only problem I had was that the color came off before i even took them out of the package. The silver and the black ones didnt do it just the red ones. But I still love them. So much so I googled the font and downloaded it. If you were wondering it is called ziggy.

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    The envy of all my friends (04 July 2009)

    I officially have all three Amy Butler creativity bags. I know its a little excessive but they are all so pretty that I couldnt make a choice. I bought the mums first, the the damasky one and finally this one. And I love this pattern the best...I think. They are just beatiful and so Handy. I even use them as a tote for work. Totally in love with them. Tons of pockets... nice thick strap that doesn't slide off your shoulder. LOVE IT!

  • Fun sleek punch (01 July 2009)

    I didn't like the other paper shapers because they were too big and bulky. But when I saw their new design I was so excited. I first bought a photo corner punch and loved it. Then I wanted to try their border puches and loved it too. I love how I can slip them into my tote and they dont take up any room at all. My cuts were clean and sharp. Totally recommend them.

  • good but it tangles (25 June 2009)

    I like this adhesive. It lasts a pretty good while. But I have had some trouble with it getting tangled. and having to wind it back up. I have noticed if you dont put at the perfect angle it tangles.

  • LOVE IT! (16 June 2009)

    This is by far my favorite AC collection. It is fun and sophisticated. I LOVE IT!

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    THE ENVY OF ALL MY FRIENDS (28 April 2009)

    Every time I use this bag I get tons of compliments. It is big and comfy and beautiful. I love it so have now ordered another one in a different pattern. So pretty.

  • My favorite cardstock (28 April 2009)

    I love AC's cardstock. I love the colored core and the texture and the weight. I want them all! My only thing is I don't really get the way they have put the collections together. Who scrapbooks by seasons? well I dont think of my colors in seasons anyway. Other than that I love it.