Cutiepie0304's Reviews

  • Colorful, Phsycadelic Paper (09 June 2010)

    I love this collection because it is so colorful, and also a little whimsical. The only downside to to any basic grey collection is that the paper is a little flimsy, so not ideal for any heavy duty projects.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice knife! (22 June 2009)

    This knife cuts great. It comes with a cap to cover the blade, which is a nice safety feature. It also comes in a little plastic envelope to store it in.

  • Fun Easter Paper! (22 June 2009)

    This is adorable paper. I've found that Best Creation Easter paper is all really cute. I love the fact that the glitter stays connected to the sheet and does not come off!!

  • Adorable Easter Paper! (22 June 2009)

    This paper is so sweet. The fact that it is double sided makes it awesome for cardmaking. I used the backside pattern to make an easter basket. Another great feature about this paper is that the glitter is firmly attached to the paper. No loose glitter!

  • No loose glitter!! (22 June 2009)

    This paper is the best glitter paper! The reason I love it is because the glitter is firmly attached to the page. No more loose glitter getting stuck to everything. I use it all the time and have it in many colors. I love using it in my Cricut die cutting machine because it cuts right through with the multi cut function. If you love bling, this is definitely worth trying!

  • The Perfect Bling (22 June 2009)

    The jewels are perfect! In person they are very faceted which makes them look more sparkly. Also the gems come in four different sizes on the sheet. I love this color in particular because it looks great on Christmas cards. It is the perfect traditional Christmas red. The adhesive backing is also strong. The adhesive is similar to Glue Dots.

  • Verified Buyer

    The Coolest Die-Cutting Machine (21 June 2009)

    If you are considering a die cutting machine, this is the one to get. The creative possibilities with the cricut are unbeleivable. The cartridges have great features. I absolutely love the Hello Kitty cartridges I own. I love being able to cut out layers instead of cutting the entire image out.

  • Beautiful Paper (21 June 2009)

    This paper is much much more demure than lime rickey, but it is very pretty. This collection is feminine without being girly or prissy.

  • Ingenious Color Combination (21 June 2009)

    This Stickles is so cool. In this picture it appears to be only green, but it actually has some red and gold glitter also. I love using this glitter glue with my christmas stamps. You have to get this if you plan on making any kind of Christmas card or layout.

  • Sweet Flowers (21 June 2009)

    These flowers are very sweet. They are fairly small. They have a little bit of a vintage feel about them. Totally sweet and perfect for many projects.

  • Sweet Bird (21 June 2009)

    This bird is so sweet and coordinates perfectly with the twitterpated paper. I feel that you could use this bird on any kind of paper. The only thing I was slightly dissapointed with was the appearance of the studs. In the photo I feel the studs appear very sparkly and crystal-like, but in reality the studs are like clear dots. I don't think this is a downside, but something that should be clarified. I haven't used this sticker yet only because I want to hang on to it!

  • Cute Retro Paper (21 June 2009)

    This paper is so cute and retro. The only downside to this collection is that I feel the paper is a little flimsy. I am a card maker, so for me it is important that the paper I am using is a nice firm cardstock. But I wouldn't let that hold you back from buying this product especially if you like vintage semi-girly paper.

  • Great Product (21 June 2009)

    I would recommend every color of stickles. They are so great. The tip of the bottle enables you to accurately apply the glitter. I prefer glitter glue because it is a lot les messy than glitter by itself. The color is beautiful. It is a violet color with some silver and multicolor glitter. The name might be a little deceptive because I myself think of Starry Night as a navy color, but it is a really pretty color.

  • Fantastic Paper (21 June 2009)

    The Imaginisce Twitterpated collection is so cute. This is the first collection of theirs I have used. Their paper is great because it is a high quality paper. The paper is double sided and both patterns are equally adorable. Great for any project.

  • Very Cute Design (21 June 2009)

    This paper is adorable. I love the glossy texture. This paper could be used for any kind of papercrafting project. The backside of the paper is just as interesting as the front.

  • Adorable Paper (21 June 2009)

    This paper is so cute. I would use it for cardmaking, but it would also be great for a scrapbooking layout. I love this paper for cardmaking because it is sturdy, and it has an adorable pattern for the inside of the card. The glossy effect on the mushrooms is a nice touch.

  • Great for Stamps! (20 January 2009)

    I love the look of glitter, but I had only used kid's glitter glue pens before. I used this product today on a floral stamp. It was just the perfect tool to create a more proffessional design. The applicator allows you to thinly outline designs. Champagne has a clear base with mainly gold glitter with some multicolor glitter. I am looking forward to buying more colors in the future.