Sharon Laakkonen's Reviews

  • FUN effect! (09 November 2010)

    Copper Mist adds a very fun pearled look to your projects. I love that it is a bit more bold than Heirloom Gold, but it is not gaudy at just lends a beautiful coppery effect that is subtle until it catches the light.

  • Another FAB color (09 November 2010)

    I use this color mist for an antiqued look on my projects. The gold is not brash or super shiny so it lends a prefect vintage touch with a pearly effect!

  • Sweet Sunshine! (09 November 2010)

    If you want to add a ray of sunshine to your project add a few sprays of this mist! The liquid does not color, but the pearl does...when it dries it will leave a stunning sunflower yellow pearled effect to whatever you sprayed.

  • Verified Buyer

    One of my faves! (09 November 2010)

    Interference Red is one of my fave new Mists by Ranger. It lends a beautiful pinkish pearl to anything you spray with it. It especially shows up on DARK mediums for a stunning effect!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this stuff! (09 November 2010)

    I got a few bottles of these Mists from Ranger to use for Prima projects and let me tell you they rock! The spray is a bit more forceful than I expected so I now back up a bit more with them. The spray will cover a large area and add a gorgeous pearly effect to anything you spray. The liquid does not color like Glimmer Mist...this mist adds pearly color through the perfect pearls added to the spray. So far I have absolutely loved everything I have used it on. See my gallery for a sample!