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    Not just for Christmas (22 August 2016)

    I was looking for a red plaid to make a card for my brother. This was perfect! I always love the quality of the paper carries.

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    Hate glitter everywhere? (12 March 2016)

    For decades I avoided all things glitter until I saw these! All the sparkle with none of the trails left all over the house and pets. Black is my favorite. I love adding sparkle to my "over-the-hill" birthday cards.

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    Bluest blue (12 March 2016)

    I wanted this paper to make a jewel for my cousin's 45th anniversary card. It is great. Shiny and a good thickness. I wish I had ordered more just to play with.

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    Wow that was easy! (02 April 2013)

    A few years ago I thought I would save money and get a "universal" set of awls to set eyelets and such. I'm so glad I traded up!

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    Mushed (03 July 2011)

    Before I could use this I had to gently pull at the edges to even see the lace pattern and when I let go it pretty much re-bunched. I ended up attempting to tape it open which did work but was difficult and sticky. This product was more velveteen looking than lace.

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    Saturation (02 June 2011)

    The color was saturated but the paper wasn't.

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    I made it harder (02 June 2011)

    It's very easy to use once you put the little arms out for the corner punch. Of course I didn't read the instructions first. It's kinda difficult to line up the corner and the straight punches perfectly. The markings only work if you do the corners first and that would require you to know the exact size to match up the patterns. I made a guide paper, now it's easy.

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    More than good enough. (28 July 2009)

    While some might find the upper size limit troublesome, I would rather it could go smaller. The only time I wished for more than the 4" max was in cutting out frames for some bigger pictures and I just did them the old fashioned way, with a xacto. As these are easy to cut that way I didn't see any reason for a bigger more costly machine at this time. The kit comes with everything you need to start right away. I mean right away as you don't have to wait for it to charge. The cord didn't get in my way at all. But if you want to travel it works for a long time cordless. All in all, more than good enough.

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    Sorter's dream (17 March 2009)

    Finally a quick way to leaf through my papers. I sorted some by color and some by theme. Either way the right sheet for the job has been easy to find.

  • Just right. (05 March 2009)

    The thickness of these sheets lends them to use in 3 dimensional projects where I need wrap arounds as well scrapbooking. The colors were so well coordinated that I couldnít wait to start my projects.