Maribarh's Reviews

  • Great dimensional stickers (29 May 2017)

    I bought 5 packages of these stickers to make tool chest pop up cards. I loved the stickers, they are colorful, and the dimensional aspect is great. However, I had to take them apart and use my dimensionals on them as the ones they came with had very little adhesive and they were already falling apart in the packages. Everyone loved the cards and I am so happy about that but I was pretty disgusted with your dimensionals.

  • great detail tools (29 May 2017)

    I purchased this sticker package to make a birthday card for my husband's 70th birthday. I actually made it to look like one of those stand-up toolboxes with four drawers and these tools looked so real. Lots of compliments on these stickers from all his friends and relatives.

  • My go to glue (29 May 2017)

    I enjoy cardmaking and this glue gives a little time to fine tune the position of your paper/cardstock. It also holds pretty good over time. I have used some tapes that lose their stick pretty quickly, pretty embarassing when someone tells you that your card arrived in their mailbox and when opened it fell apart. I can only speak to the liquid glue in this container since I never use the stick glue. I wish I could just buy the liquid glue since I feel guilty every time I throw away the unused stick glue. Also, I wish it came in a finer point dispenser since when gluing small pieces it sometimes gets messy. Overall, still my go to glue.

  • Verified Buyer

    Umbrella Stamping blocks with etched gridlines. (27 August 2016)

    I love this set of three blocks. They are thick enough for my hands, The grid lines are etched permanently, not peel and stick like some companies have. So easy to use and I do believe they are the 3 most commonly used sizes.

  • Verified Buyer

    Bonus paper pack (24 March 2009)

    This paper is quite nice and the price, $0.00, was absolutely fabulous. Thanks for this wonderful bonus item.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great selection (24 March 2009)

    I loved these ribbons. They were so well coordinated. I know I will use them with great satisfaction. I have already recommended them to some relatives.

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    Great tool for picking up Little Things (23 February 2009)

    I purchased three of these. Two were for my sisters-in-law. we are all three in our late 60 early 70s and sometimes can't quite manage the delicate little things. This tool makes it real simple to pick up and place small, small items like the dot of the I. Wonderful, would recommend to all my friends.