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    pearlized accent ink (26 September 2011)

    i love to use this on darker background, it bring out wow feature in my lay out & cards. i have even used it on the out line of photographs. i just love it!!!!!!!!

  • distress stickles glue (27 April 2010)

    have purchased all of the stickles glue, it is a great investment there are so many ways you can use them!!!!!!! love this product!!!!

  • martha stewart 12x12 paper (27 April 2010)

    i really enjoy all of the colors and the weight of them, i can mix and match almost all of the colors. love love love this product, well worth the money!!! buy some you will not regret it!1

  • slice tool kit (27 April 2010)

    oh, i just love mine it is so pretty and orginazed. every thing i need is wright where i need it to be!!!! it is a very good investment!!!!!

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    slice adhesive (24 April 2010)

    yes this is expensive, so they have come out with a spray!!!!! which will cost around 7.99

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    scattered straw (01 September 2009)

    this is one of the most interesting color, it is almost truly like straw off a hay farm!!! i do lie it though.

  • swirl flourish punch (27 August 2009)

    i just love this punch it adds a romantic touch to your page. i have even painted them added glitter to them and just punched it out on very pretty paper, it just gives a page that touch that is so hard to find, in a way it can even use it as part of a wedding boo, that is what i am woring on now!!!!!!!!!! buy one you will be soooo inspired in what you can do with this one punch!!!!!!

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    paper punch ducks (27 August 2009)

    i just love this punch!!! i recived the whole set for mothers day and i enjoy every one of them i like using them as borders or singles there is not one of them that i do not enjoy!!!

  • travel USA card design (26 August 2009)

    i really love this one!!!!!!! I can use this one because my husband is in the military and we have already moved several times and it is going to add soooo much to my pages and also on the ones i have already made!!! love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Design card big kids (26 August 2009)

    i have really enjoyed this. it has just about every thing you can imagine useing on your pages. i have used them for alot of my older pictures and my new ones also. it can be used to add that special wow effect you need on a page. i am using mine for my cdren that are grown and my grandchildren, i just love this card.

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    martha - finr tip glue pin (24 August 2009)

    i love love love this glue, i had some thickers that the back come off of them and the glue went wright on the spots and they worked liked a dream!!! you will love this glue give it a try it also dries very fast so there is no waiting around to see the out come of your project!!!!!!!!!!

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    spiced marmalade (24 August 2009)

    it is almost a orange color but with a little pop to it.

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    distress stickles glitter glue faded jeans (24 August 2009)

    oh, i love this color!!! it adds a wow factor to paper that is even blue, who would know. it is not a bold color, it is a little off of the color blue. it goes with just about every color of paper. orange works great with the color. buy it you will be very pleased with the out come of your projects!!!!!!!!!

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    glitter brads (21 August 2009)

    i love them as soon as they arrived i used at least 4 of them wright off the bat. it gives my flowers that little pizza that they need. i would recommend them highly!!!!!

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    marthat fine ink pens (21 August 2009)

    these come in blue,red,black and brown. they are perfect for journaling i love them. i would tell andone who likes to journaling these are the pens to have!!!!!!

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    Smooch collection pack B (21 August 2009)

    oh, i just love the rich colors!!! they really give my projects that extra wow effect, that i love. the shine - glimmer is just perfect, not to much & not to little just wright!!!!!! i love them, buy them you will be proud that you did. oh the brush is perfect, it can out line the smallest to the largest area you need to add some bling too!!!!!!!

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    Smooch collection pack (21 August 2009)

    i just love these i have already used them i like to out line or fill in my objects it is a wonderful shine to any project!!!!!!!!!! buy them you will be so pleased.

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    ballpoint pen tip glue (18 August 2009)

    i really enjoy this tool on all my little punches it works with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stickles (17 August 2009)

    i love love this product!!!!! i use them on just about every page! i love bling and it does do that for me!!! if any one knows where i can get all the pearls from please let me know, i saw a chart and i have every one except the pearl ones. i also use them as glue to hold items down so a little bit of the color comes out on what i am glueing down!! this is a perfect item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i-top storage tote (20 July 2009)

    this tote is very well put togethrt and thought out. on one side there is 4 openings 3 to hold the different size brads then the 4th is to hold the i-top tool, they all zip up so there is no chance of them falling out. on the other side is a flat opening that can hold the cd they send to explain how to use the tool. i also use it to hold my punches. if i have extra paper i punch what sizes i can and slip them into the slot. this is a really great tote, i love being able to get all the items i need with out a bunch of looking and wondering where this or that is it is in all one place. a very good buy and worth it.

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    paper punch 28mm (20 July 2009)

    i just love this turn it over and you can see where you are punching out on the page, you can not go wrong with this punch!!!!!!!!!

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    28mm brad carriage (20 July 2009)

    the brad carrige works wonderful, and you can even do pictures, but this process takes special care!!!!!!!!!!!! i really enjoyed making a flower with my grand babie in the middle of the flower!!!!!! this is just another wonderful tool that is a good price and worth every penny, buy one and try it , if you don't like it they will take it back but you will want to keep it!!!happy scrapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    brad maker (18 July 2009)

    i have really enjoyed this tool! i love this one it is over the top!i relly enjoy making brads that truly match the project that i am working on! it is a truly great tool, one of the best tools that i own!!!

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    fine tip applicator (11 June 2009)

    i really do like this it does not run, the glitter stays where you put it. this is one of my favorite matrha stewart products so far! try it you will really enjoy working with a good product!!!!!!!!!!

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    tonic punch called floral (09 June 2009)

    this is a very beautiful punch and can also be used as a boader punch. you can use this on cards for cards and on your scrapbook pages!!!!!!! there are endless uses as what this punch can bring to a page!!! try it, it will become addicative!

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    Bees (08 June 2009)

    they trun out perfect every time, they are easy to punch as a single or as a boader. the punch has a bottom which catches all the pieces that you do not want or need and some of the pieces that you can use on another project. this is a must have punch for spring or summer time.

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    frightful collection (07 June 2009)

    these items can be used all year around even though they were sold as halloween items, for example a christmas tree could be made out of these or these could be a baskeful of easter eggs so there is no limit on how you can use them. enjoy. happy scrappying

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    Slice Embossing Tips (03 June 2009)

    I just recived mine , i am embossing on a thicker foil paaper and the flower truned out beautiful, it is so pretty i am going to fram it!!! it does exactly what it says it will do, i was not so sure about this but it really does work!!! please if you have a slice invest the 19.99 and get the embossing set you will love it. it is a whole new and simply way to get a beautiful design. i really hope they come out with a foam mat that goes up to a 12x12, that is another item that comes with it is a foam mat that is a little larger than a 4x4" frame, this is what you set the slice on to emboss. beautiful, beautiful!!!! great tool!!!

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    wizard carry bag (02 June 2009)

    i really needed this it holds everything i need to use. i can carry everything with me when i go some where or i can carry it to my table and do my work. it is a real life saver. you will really enjoy this.

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    simply renee clips (02 June 2009)

    i love these i can use them with my simply renee unit or i can use them by themselves which is great because it gives you a handle to grasp what you are trying to pick up, buy some you will find a thousand things youcan do with the clips!!!!!!!!! happy scrappin

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    tonic border or stamp punch, royal (01 June 2009)

    i think this is a beautiful punch and boader! it delivers every time. you can assure yourself that price and quality is a great deal!!! it is sturdy and a beautiful color. the design itself takes no words to express how pretty it is.

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    stickles (01 June 2009)

    these are wonderful colors. when you recevie them you get the true sense of the colors and the product works great!!! they are not like most glitter tubes that get sticky or the glitter that will not come out, both the glue and glitter come out evenly. you will be soooooooooo happy with the product!!! enjoy and happy scrappying!

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    stickles (01 June 2009)

    this is a very good product. it has a straight end that the glitter glue comes out of , so far it has done just what it is suppose to do. it is a wonderful product!!!!!!!!!! try it it is not like other glitter glue in a tube, you will not regret spending the money , i sure don't. happy scrapping!!!!!!!!

  • art & craft marker set (28 May 2009)

    i just recived these 4 days ago and they work perfectly. there is just about every color you can imagine are you can blend them and get one of a kind color. a little pricey but very well worth it!!!

  • splat mat 18x15 (28 May 2009)

    i purchased 2 of these so while one is holding one project i can move on with another one. i just love these they hold up to everything, cleaning is a wiz. it does exactly what it says it wil do, you don't find that very often but it is true. try 1 you will enjoy it and think why did i wait so long to get one!!!!!! enjoy.

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    formal flourishes by bazzill (28 May 2009)

    this is an item that i really enjoy you can use it on cardstock or material that you sew!!! i just love all of them, but so far this one is my favorite it has 4 cards to a package and 2 designs on each one. go and at least try one you will not be disappointed. it becomes addictive!!!!!!!!! keep scrapping

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    butterflies (16 May 2009)

    it is beautiful by itself or as a border!!! good value for the money!!!!!!!!!

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    tonic border tool (15 May 2009)

    i really like this i get to use my punches in several ways now, you can also use the larger tonic punches and the boot punches with this board!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a good buy!!!!!

  • dual tip marker set (02 May 2009)

    these are great quality, but as it states brush tip writing, that is what you have to do, you can not put alot of pressure on these pens. they are really great you will love them, the price is an excellent one for this type of pen, so don't be affraid you are spending to much. they also last a very long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • storage binder hole (30 April 2009)

    i really like this because you do not have to use o-wires. it also comes out really cute when you just making a book!!!!!!!!!!

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    fall-back to school (29 April 2009)

    just recived it today, love it it has a little of everything on the card. i belive the slice machine is one of the best investments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flowers (27 April 2009)

    this has got to be one of the pretiest borders they have. i just love it, it is worth the money and the punch comes out greaand the lt overs can be used for otcts or add to thoyou are working on. thre so many posssbilites with this punch, it adds a litle elege to your project. i recommend it, go ahead and buy one you will not be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy cropping!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heart of hearts (25 April 2009)

    i can not get it to work if any one out there can explain it better please do so. i purchased 2 thinking it was the punch, so all results came out the same. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    tweezer set (24 April 2009)

    oh, i just love these they do not slip or fall out of your hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greatr product

  • ice cream cone (24 April 2009)

    oh, i love it, the botttom half can also be used as a plant pot. i just enjoy this you can make double or even triple tops. this is a very fun punch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elegance (24 April 2009)

    the name describes the out come of the punch. it has never failed. i really do think this is one of the better ones. i own from martha to tonic,to ek succes, so this one is really beautiful. take a chance and buy this one, i belive you will enjoy it. happy cropping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    medium flower heart (23 April 2009)

    this is so cute you can make the flower as big as you won't it by cutting a larger circle for the middle,or you can make it smaller as doing the opposite. it cuts out 2 hearts out at a time. this is really really cute. i belive for the price it is a great buy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    cuttlebug (23 April 2009)

    i purchased this machine thinking i need it to help give my projects some pazza, but i really did not. the machine, i recived does not work wright so i am returning it and maybe it will give me the extra pizza i was looking for!!!!!!!! if so i will add to my review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • glittering glue (22 April 2009)

    it just goes every where you have no control over the glue, i wasted my money on this product. if you purchase this, please give pointers on how to use this.

  • stars punch (22 April 2009)

    i like this very much. it is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! punches come out wright every time. you will really love this!!!!!!!!!!great buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    screw punch (22 April 2009)

    i have several punches, but this one is the best one i have i use it on every thing. i don't know what i would have done if this had not come out. it is perfect. saves alot of frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    circle cutter (22 April 2009)

    this really does work. it never fails to produce the size you want, and there are many to choose from. you won't go wrong buying this item!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    craft knife (22 April 2009)

    it is really a sturdy craft knife. when you hold it , it does not slip and it stays sharp for quite some time. this is a high end product but very worth the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    design studio (22 April 2009)

    i love this , it lets you go a little father with what you want to do with your circut cartridges. this is a lot of fun, it takes awhile to get use to it but it really is fun. buy one and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    just chillin (22 April 2009)

    by the title you would think it was for teenagers but is not, it has flowers plants, shoes , lips. it is a very good design. i just love it i found alot of items i needed that i could not find elsewhere. buy it you will use it and enjoy all that it has to offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • floral lace (21 April 2009)

    it truns out just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it does give a little romance to the project. i just love the punch it is worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cup cake punch (21 April 2009)

    just got this today, it punches everytime, price is well worth it. i love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    opaque marker set (16 April 2009)

    these are beautiful markers, they are vibrant, lovely colors. they will make you projects say wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    slice-animal crackers (16 April 2009)

    i love this one it has alot of shapes, new letters and very easy to cut. love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • photo corner fancy (14 April 2009)

    i love this one it fits all occasions, the punh work great, well worth the investment!!!!

  • punctuaion (14 April 2009)

    worth the money, works every timy, can cut through most card stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cosmos (14 April 2009)

    this truns out beautiful every time. it is well worth the investment!!!!!!!!!!

  • buterfly punch (14 April 2009)

    this one works out great with out fail, every time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • embossed heart (14 April 2009)

    it has a hard time coming out of the punch, if you won't to wast money buy this!!!

  • party hat punch (14 April 2009)

    this is a very pretty punch if you can get it to work. i have always had a horrible time with it.

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    four open holes in a card (13 April 2009)

    i just love this there are so many possiblites you can use this for!!! it is a very good investment, i purchased all the mover and shapers kits, thats how much this one impressed me.
    take a chance and purchase one and it will just swift you away. the imaginenation will just take you away!!!!!!!!!

  • small hibiscus flower (13 April 2009)

    i have had alot of problems with this i just can't get it to come out wright, all my other come out beautiful. make sure this is a flower you are willing to spend some time making.

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    page cutter (13 April 2009)

    this takes all the guess work out of cutting the paper the size you need. i really enjoy that. i just set it at the marks and it cuts it. i love love love this. all the measureing is gone and i don't have to wait it is just done!!!!! buy one you will love it. it ia a great time saver. enjoy

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    corner rounder (13 April 2009)

    i really love this. it really does work. all my pages come out perfect every time. i never have to put a second thought to it it just works. it is the first tool i reach for and i have several other products that round corners, but this one never fails!!!!!!!!

  • book (13 April 2009)

    i really enjoy the book it explains all the ends & out of the machine. it also gives lots of examples of how to use it. this is a must have product. i add it to my books and it compliments all the ideals. it is always something else to learn. i made my mom a book for mothers day i belive she will just love it!!!

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    zutter, pink series (13 April 2009)

    i love mine, i can make small too large books and it is wonderful!!!!! i just can't put it down, it is so verstal i can use it with all my other proiducts. the projects are endless. thank to for all the videos on it and all the infromation it puts out!!!!!!!!!

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    Square rims (12 April 2009)

    i love these because they can hold as much or as little as you won't them to hold!!! what a shape!!!!!!!!!

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    oval rims (12 April 2009)

    this adds a little wow to my pages i really like the odd shape!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Grocery list (12 April 2009)

    i really love this it also reminds me of items that i often forget about after arriving at the grocery store, with all the hustle and bustle.

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    note refills (12 April 2009)

    this has just got to be the best idea to come around. not only do i take notes on them but i have made a list of items that i have and this way i will not do a repeat buy until i run low, and i can keep track of all the projects ideas that i want to. try it you will find that it sloves alot of problems and alot of sticky notes laying around!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    bigz xl-cutting pad (09 April 2009)

    i really enjoy this product, it makes it possible to use the xl dies for the big shot express. since i have recived it i just keep using it. it it a very durable product and at a great price also!!!!!!!!![the price is about the best one you are going to get!!!,thanks] the projects that i have made i had to have this item!!! it sure has made the easter cards eaiser to do and i am just busy as i can be with this. it is a really good investment. buy one you'll love it as much as i do!!!!!!!!!

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    big shot express (07 April 2009)

    this is my frist die cutting machine!!! so far i just love it!! it is so much fun i did not know what i was missing!!!
    thanks to the one that put in reviews and the videos on the machine it sure helped. A great big thanks to
    i do not think i would have took the dive with out their shop!!!!!!!!!! The machine is very sturdy, and cuts like a wiz!!! i purchased some items for the machine already, bit if any one knows how to use the metal dies and what i need to purchase please let me know. i did around 7 projects in under an hour useing this machine and had a blast doing so!!! wonderful machine thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    basic shapes 2 (06 April 2009)

    i really enjoy it, it has more than i expected on it. this is a good investement!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    12x12 cardstock (02 April 2009)

    beautiful, great paper, easliey to work with!!!!

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    refill pockets (02 April 2009)

    i ordered 4 of these and just about have them field up they are a fairley large pocket.

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    idea-ology-unmounted stamp binder (02 April 2009)

    it is constructed of durable material, it even has a tag opening on it, locked on the out side of it so you can put remarks on it, almost like a travlers tag. the packages are very strong!!!
    you need to get one to really see why it is so great!!!!!! i have filled mine up it holds around 23 packages!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am going to order another book, but it is well worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    specialty cardstock (31 March 2009)

    this is some beautiful paper, it is easy to work with and the shimmer adds that extra bling!!!!!!!!!!! wonderful paper!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    chal A-Way (31 March 2009)

    it just does not work!!!!!!!!!! it is a waist of your money and time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    case to hold cards!!!!! (27 March 2009)

    just recived mine got it all put together and i love this i can see excatly what i need!!!!!!!!!!
    no more fumbling through a drawer for what i need, i really did need this!!!!!!!!!
    happy sliceing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    shapes 3 great deal!!!!!!!!!!! (27 March 2009)

    i love love love this it is so wonderful and fast!!!!! i can get a card or an emblishment made in just a fea seconds!!!

    if your like me time is very vauable and you run out of time to do what needs to be done!!!! i

    i have about 5 of these designs and these are JUST PLAIN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    needed very much (26 March 2009)

    i love love love this!!! it alows me to write something down real quick about a picture or a certain holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    my helper (26 March 2009)

    it has alot of quotes in it for just about everyone you can imagine!! it helps me come up with what i would like to say while putting some of the projects together.
    you can use them as home decor. also, great for that!!!!!!!!
    i reaiiy enjoy my book, planning on ordering more!!!!!!

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    refill pack for page planner (24 March 2009)

    i purchased these because i hve so many pictures and ideas i needed the extra space. i would give this a 10 if possible!!

    buy this you will find it a "have one"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    creative page planner (24 March 2009)

    it allows you to gather all you items in one place then you can, put them all together. i really enjoy this because i find a picture and i a have some where to put it as i discover what i am going to do with it.
    the price is very reasonable and a great investment and the pages are very durable!!!!!!!!!!!

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    acrylic stamps (20 March 2009)

    they were a little smaller than i thought they would be, other than that they are perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    embossing powder (20 March 2009)

    everything worked out perfect!!!!!!!!!!! it was shiney and bright!!!!!!! made the book pop out!!!!!!!!!!

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    creative planner inserts (19 March 2009)

    i really enjoy having this, now i can keep track of all the cards i need to get done and remember all the holidays!!!!!!!!

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    my wonder machine (18 March 2009)

    i call it my wonder machine because it is hard to get away from it, if your looking for me i am with it 89% of the time!!!!!!!! it does cost a litle more than most people would like to spend but it sure is worth it!! i learn something new to do with it all the time, it always helps my projects say wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    making memories-slice cordless design cutter machine-stater kit (18 March 2009)

    i just recivec mine about 2 hours ago i have been just "cuttin up" with it. it is so lite and i am able to use all those scrap pices that i have left from useing my pazzle and cricut machine. i love love love this little machine, buy one it is well worth the money!!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN AND ENJOY ALL YOU CAN DO WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    american crafts- 12x12 caoc-60 shs-spring (16 March 2009)

    this some great paper!!!!!! the colors are very beautiful and the weight of the paper is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have used this paper to even write a letter on, that tells all about our family and sent them out!!!!!!!!!!

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    E-Cuts Cards [download and print] purple retro greeting (15 March 2009)

    i love this!!!! it takes so little time to put together when you are in a hurry and the thing i like about it i can go back and use it as many times as i wish to!!!!!!!!! alot of bang for .99 cents wow what a time and money saver!!! i also can add some emblishments to help it sparkle or leave it like it is and i recived soooo many compliments from one easy card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pazzles-inspiration-creative cutter (14 March 2009)

    i just recived mine and it has been so much fun using it! i am enjoying the added emblishments it can cut!!!! sooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! susan159

  • making memories-tag maker kit (14 March 2009)

    i just recived mine and i hve so much fun with this!!! it really makes a project stand out!!! the thing i like about it you still get the excitment of the project without it being so bulgy that your project won't lay flat enough for the next page!!! "this is a must have"

  • memory dock, creative page planner work binder (13 March 2009)

    this is a GREAT item to use as you gather your pictures and your emblishements and size of paper you will won't to use. i love it it hold all my project items together as i use them i can start useing the holder for another project, i also use this for my jewlery making ideals!!! "must have"

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    memory dock, creative dock (13 March 2009)

    i love this there is so much room in it to add to it, and as the ideals flow you will need this to write it down and you can also use your other ideals as you progress on a scrapbook page! this is a "must have item"!!!!!