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    I like it so far (01 May 2009)

    I've put together 4 tags so far & I like it. It's super easy to use & the tags look great on the binding of my scrapbooks for LOM. Very cool that there are templates for making the tags for all the rim shapes you get. The only thing is that you have to cut the tags right on the lines that you draw with the templates so the paper will fit correctly in the rim. Don't cut it too small or not enough or it won't stay in the rim the right way.

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    These are awesome! (08 March 2009)

    There is a reason that Stacy Julian recommends these for her LOM class...they are very durable. They hold a TON of photos and the pages are easy to switch around if they aren't in the order that you want them to be. I haven't personally needed to add any refill pages (beyond what it comes with) to any of my albums (I stack similar pics 4-5 deep in one pocket so the binder fills up & there isn't any room to actually add refill pages to the binder). Highly recommend these albums. Not only did none of the pages tear while I was filling them but my 2, 4, & 6 yr olds have flipped through the albums & we haven't had any trouble.