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    Lacross stickers (12 March 2009)

    Bought for a friend for there is so little on Laross. The stickers are cute, but to much money for what really came on the card.

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    Poor Quality (12 March 2009)

    Just starting out this product was recommend to me -- I just pruchased these rolls and opend them today with a friend helping me and both dispensors have stopped working. You have to pop the dispensor open so you can get to the tabs and not fully waste the money that was spent on this product along with the shipping charge. The strips will not go on the take up wheel to dispense the tabs, and the strips back-up.

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    Very Poor (12 March 2009)

    I had used this product before as a beginner which is why I looked all over for its replacement since our craft store stopped carrying it. What was great was the tiny dots for thin strips od paper. However, I opened a new roll today and the strip of dots broke off! I now have to pull out strips and press the stuff on each individual item with my fingers so as not to loose the money I paided for this product -- very time consuming. The dispensor is no good.