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    Love the pearl effect and the spray!!! (02 November 2010)

    I used some of the pearl mists last night on a couple of flowers I made. I love the way they spray...10 times better than glimmer mist, IMO...they have a nice large even spray and I didn't see the blotching if I did a first couple of sprays on the paper towel first.

    The finished look is not glittery like the glimmer mist. It is more of a pearl effect and when the light catches it, you see a really pretty shine, but not so much without good light.

    I also like that there is a ball inside the bottle that as you shake to mix it, I feel that it mixes better b/c of it.

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    Best border and corner punch you can buy! (01 May 2010)

    I love the Fiskars border and corner punch in one. It gives you perfect alignment between the borders and the corners. I have the Martha Stewart loops punch set, but I have yet to get a perfect result on the corners, its just so hard to line it up. This punch just punches in one inch increments, which may be time consuming to some, but for me, the trade off is well worth it!! Sometimes, it gets hard to hide those imperfect corners!

    I also like the fact that you can do just corners or just borders, rather than doing both!

    I will definitely be buying more of these punches from Fiskars!

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    Another Prima fave!!! (24 December 2009)

    These flowers are soooo beautiful!!! I love the colors and the shapes! They are perfect for make flower clusters on my page, not too bulky at all!!! This is definitely one I will buy again!

  • Better than the sil mat!!! (24 December 2009)

    I have a silhouette, but I read a tutorial on how to make my own mats using these cricut mats. I love this is 100 times better than the sil mat!!! I love how smoothly the sil cuts on it, love how easy the paper and cut items come off the mat. It is the best mat I have found to use with my sil...and I have tried many of my own creation!!!

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    Love the distresses!!! (08 December 2009)

    I love all the distress products on the market...but I really love the crackle paints...especially this one!!! I've learned some more techniques on how to fill in the cracks with distress ink and it gives such a cool and different dimension to each LO!!! I love using crackle paint on chipboard and grungeboard! I also love that I can speed up the drying process with my heat gun!! This is a great product and I recommend it along with every other ranger distress product on the market!

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    Such a perfect bright fill in flower!! (08 December 2009)

    I love these flowers! The white is very white and the little jewel in the middle adds just the right amount of sparkle to any LO! I love that they are in different sizes and they are perfect for those little fill in spots when doing a cluster of flowers! I definitely need to replenish my supply of these!!!

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    Bought 2 and ready for another!! (08 December 2009)

    I love these glitter sprays! I'm not sure what it is about it...other than that it is something different than the normal flower! I got my first in a swirlydoos kit, used it right away and then bought another!!! Next time, I will have to order several to have on hand!! I use glue dots to hold mine in place...thats the only thing a little awkward with these is figuring out a way to adhere them...but it is worth it!!! They have wire in them, so they are easy to move around and adjust right where you want them!

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    Not one of my faves! (06 November 2009)

    I didn't care as much for this vine, was actually a little disappointed with the look of it! The flowers are very flimsy and bent backwards and sideways and other than totally gluing them down, there is no way to make them straighten out. The vine isn't very full. I love most Prima products, so I was expecting a little more quality from this product.

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    Protects my surface perfectly! (06 November 2009)

    I love this splat mat! I have inked, embossed, heated, painted, and stickled on it and everything wipes off, well, except the!!! It is thin, so I can work on top of it, but nothing can harm my work surface anymore!!! I leave it on my desk at all times, so it is always there no matter what technique I decide to do. The only problem is that when inking on it, the ink rubs onto your fingers and hands as easily as it wipes off and if you forget this, you can transfer the ink to other items without intending to.

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    Gorgeous coordinating papers!! (27 September 2009)

    I was thrilled when I received this in a swap and couldn't wait to use it! My only problem with the whole package was not knowing which papers to use first! I pulled out 10 to use on 1 LO before narrowing it down!!! I love the designs, the colors, and the quality!!! It was my first BG paper pad, but it most definitely will not be my last!!!

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    Beautiful color & shimmer!! (27 September 2009)

    I love glimmer mist and this is one of my favorite colors! I have used it several times on fancy pages and girly pages! I usually ink in a coordinating color before using glimmer mist to make the color a bit darker, but I love this color with or without the inking!

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    Beautiful vibrant color with shimmer!! (27 September 2009)

    I love this color of glimmer mist. I just received it from a swap I was in...I use blue a lot and this is a perfect blue color!!! The color goes on a pretty, deep blue with beautiful shimmer effects...I love it!!!

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    So easy to use!! (09 July 2009)

    These pens are great!!! Before I had these, I took apart a pen and wrapped some sticky notes around it to make it fit in the pen holder, which wasn't very easy. I also used some markers, which this machine ended up flattening the tips!! These pens solved all those problems!!! Before using, just get the ink flowing, pop it into place and hit cut!!! They did not skip or bleed...they had a fine line and were great for my work! I actually journalled with them!!! It's great that you don't have to mess with the pen holder either!!

    I can't wait until they come out with even more colors!!!

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    Beautiful & unique effect! (08 July 2009)

    I used this for the first time a couple of days ago and I loved it! The mask stayed on my page right where I put it. I chalked around it for a thicker outline, then inked the edges and inside for a two-tone effect and it looks awesome! There is a great amount of sticky on the back to keep it securely in place, you don't have to worry about the image moving around on you! It is big, so covers a good portion of your paper! The mask is not flimsy to where it would tear easily!!!

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    Beautiful sparkle! (08 July 2009)

    I love this product for the shine and sparkle that it adds!!! This was the first color I purchased, and it is beautiful!!! You can use it on your paper, chipboard, flowers, ribbon, or whatever else you would like to add some shine to! You can spray closer or spray multiple times to get more shine and sparkle! I like to spray over an inked item to make the color more vibrant! It is a little messy with the overspray, so don't spray close to anything you don't want the shine on!

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    4th one is the BEST one!!!! (20 June 2009)

    I love this paper trimmer!!! I have been through 3 previous guillotine trimmers and have had problems with the grid being crooked and the blade not being sharp, not with this trimmer!!! The cutting mat is straight and the laser line reassures you that it is! The gridlines are nice and easy to see and there are markings for popular sizes of photos, such as 5 X 7, 3 X 5, etc. The handle is so easy to grip, it fits comfortably in your hand! I love the finger guard, press down on it in the middle and it holds the entire sheet in place while you are cutting!

    Lining up to the top of the grid is different because it does have a sloped edge, but I just line it up to the grid lines on the base and it is just as easy! The blade is sharp when cutting, it doesn't leave any feathery or jagged edges!

    I love this trimmer!

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    Great coverage with several coats (18 June 2009)

    I used this on blank chipboard and I had to use several coats, but I got extremely good coverage with it!!! It is a bright white when it dries and very easy to apply. As I dabbed it on my chipboard, I got little airbubbles in the paint, but it didn't dry like that, so I was very happy with it!!

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    So many uses!! (18 June 2009)

    I love these masks! I used them along a side of a lo, layering several different ones and I love the effect. The more I thought about it, the more ideas I came up with on how to use these on mats and LOs and tags! The stems are a little flimsy, didn't want to hold down completely on my LO, but I dragged the ink down them so the ink wouldn't go under them. They stuck really good, they are easy to put on and remove! I have several other masks and I can't wait to get more!

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    Excellent coordinating swirls! (11 June 2009)

    I love these swirls and have used them so many times since getting them! I just recently entered the stamping world, so I don't have much. This was one of my first stamp purchases, which really hooked me on the idea of stamping! Everytime I want a swirl, these are the ones I grab b/c they are so pretty and they have thin and thick swirl lines, which makes the page look so pretty and elegant! I have used these on both cards & LOs. They are easy to layer and the designs are just beautiful!!!

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    Great thick chipboard (09 June 2009)

    I love plain chipboard...I love to be able to create my own unique designs on it to add to my LOs. This chipboard is wonderful, there are quite a few pieces in the pack. I painted and inked the arrow and it was still just as sturdy and in shape as when I got it out of the bag! The top side has a nice, kind-of rounded side to make it look nicer on the page. It took the color very well!

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    Perfect itself or with the distress inks! (09 June 2009)

    I just used this for the first time last night on a lo and I love it! On one piece of blank chipboard I used a fine layer of paint and got fine cracks, on another I put it kind of thicker and got more noticeable cracking! The paint was so easy to apply, went on smoothly. I love that the applicator brush is right inside, the coverage is very nice! I put the Faded jeans distressing ink over the top, it darkened the color of the paint just a bit and made the crackling stand out more...gave me the perfect result for my page! I can't wait to collect all of these with the matching inks!

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    A little longer to fall in love! (03 June 2009)

    I absolutely love this kit! I didn't at first, when I tried using it, it didn't seem to be my style at all, I would pull it out, look at it, then put it back. Well, I recently did a Father's Day layout using this kit and I fell in love with it! These papers and rub-ons create the perfect masculine page!!! Because the papers already have a distressed look to them, you don't have to do much to add to it! The papers match eachother perfectly in design and color. Since using it on my Father's Day layout, I have used it on a hunting page that looked awesome...all because of these papers!

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    Everything...Anything...It's ALL Possible with this machine!! (02 June 2009)

    I absolutely love my silhouette. I purchased it about a 1 1/2 months ago and I use it on every single LO. I recommend this cutter due to the price and the ease of finding GSD files that are unique to use. You can search the web for hundreds and hundreds of files to cut. You can create lettering with mats and lettering with die cuts, you can cut all your own diecuts, such as arrows and circles, flowers and swirls!! The machine doesn't cost nearly as much as some of the other machines and your only costs is the original purchase price and paper!!! You don't need any carts or templates...just the machine & paper! You can sharpen your blade and resticky your mat to make them lasts lots longer.

    This machine doesn't cut chipboard, which is the only thing I wish it did that it doesn't. I love using chipboard, but other than that...this machine could not be better!

    There are pens that you can buy in order to draw with the machine, but that isn't even necessary. I was able to wrap some paper around a gel pen, stick it in there, and it worked perfectly!!!!

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    The perfect little accent! (01 June 2009)

    I love these little flowers. The colors are nice and rich. There is a little jewel on each flower. I have used them as layers on a big flower, as fill-in flowers for those spots that just need a little something. They are also great if you do a bunch of stamped swirlies and then throw these in randomly for spots of color. I like that there are 2 sizes of flowers in the package and there are quite a few.

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    Perfect for any cutter!! (22 May 2009)

    I have a silhouette, and I use this wonderful little spatula all the time to remove my cuttings from the mat. The pointed end makes it extremely easy to get under the letters or other images and pop them up. The spatula slides very easily. I also will turn it sideways and scrape all those extra little pieces and shavings off of the mat. It is durable and of course, my favorite!!!

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    A flower for everything! (22 May 2009)

    I love these flowers! They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and colors! I haven't used them yet on any winter or Christmas layouts, but I have used them for plenty of others. I like the flexibility of working with them, they are great when layering! The flowers are made very well and so much fun!!

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    The start of my collection! (19 May 2009)

    I love this ink, I love the look it gives paper with distressing. I have used it both on just edges and all over, and it is terrific! There are so many uses for this. Just recently, I dabbed it over letters for the mask effect, and I loved the way it went on the paper. Since purchasing this, I have purchased 3 other distress inks and I hope to purchase the rest of them soon.

  • Room for everything...everything in its place! (17 May 2009)

    I recently purchased this set and I love it! It is really nice to be able to lay your project on the mat, using the gridlines, it is extrememly easy to measure items to cut, to line up items on your LO in a straight line! The magnetic ruler is great also for measuring, it will NOT move!! I love it that the ruler is so long, to fit from one end of the mat to the other so that you can line up and measure accurately!! I never had anything straight before getting this set!!

    It has 8 additional small magnets to keep items in place, you can hold the mat straight up and nothing will move or fall off with these! I have only used the rotary cutter so far, but I love how it cuts so easily, I also love the guard on it so little hands can't get cut!!!

    This is a great never leaves my work space, every LO I do, I do on this mat fully utilitizing all the great pieces!!! This is an excellent product!

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    So bright and pretty with the right amount of glitter!! (17 May 2009)

    I love this pack of Bazzill cardstock! Blue is my favorite color and I use it on a lot of my LO's. This pack will be perfect for backgrounds and mats!! It is thick textured cardstock with a light glittery look to it, but not actual glitter! The colors are gorgeous, but not as dark as the picture shows.

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    Perfectly Coordinating (02 May 2009)

    I love these stickers! I was a little confused about what I was getting, because it said collection, I thought there would be more than just one sticker sheet, but I was not disappointed!! I love how everything matches and it is so easy to put a LO together! The stickers are nice & thick cardstock stickers with different designs on the arrows...they are just perfect!!

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    Perfect for a boy! (30 April 2009)

    I haven't used this yet, but I love it just looking at it!!! It matches the Grease Monkey PP so great and the colors are absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to get started on my DS' LOs

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    Great product, easy to use and delightful to have! (25 March 2009)

    I just used these for the first time last night, and they are so wonderful to use! The glue goes on thick or thin, whichever you like. The colors are so true and vibrant. They do not glob or make a mess. They are so great just to add that extra bit of sparkle that you may need on your LO!

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    I love it! (25 March 2009)

    I just used this for the first time ever last night, and I fell in love with them! The colors are so true, and the glue is so easy to apply, and it gives the LO that extra bit of sparkly that it sometimes needs!! I own 53 bottles of Stickles, I will purchase all of them eventually!!