Legomom's Reviews

  • Very versatile, even if you don't have the Toy Box papers... (20 April 2011)

    These are so versatile! I have used them on LOs that even don't have the Toy Box papers. They are very colorful and can compliment all sorts of things, from kid pages to circus to Christmas.
    I had a friend that even used them on her school pages and school fair pages.

  • A MUST HAVE! (20 April 2011)

    Even if you don't get the Toy Box papers, these are a must have for vintage or any boy pages... Even girl pages, like for circus, Christmas, etc... They are timeless and would actually go well with a few other lines like October Afternoon, or just to enhance some simple LOs. My boys loved looking at them.

  • Wicked Awesome! (20 April 2011)

    I love these papers! And the chipboard embellishments. I'm redoing an album of when my kids were younger (they are teens now) and these papers have come in SO handy! They are timeless and I just love looking at them. Do I HAVE to use them? LOL!

  • I LOVE it! (20 April 2011)

    I got some of the Restoration papers from a grab bag at a crop and was awed. THEN I got them in a kit club I used to belong to. Then I saw them on sale at a scrapbook store. I just love them and they are so versatile. Even though I have 3 boys, 2 of which are teens, I have still found uses for them on LOs.
    Not that fond of the stickers (stickers are just not my thing) so I gave them to a friend. Don't get me wrong, the stickers are wonderful if you are in to that sort of thing, bot other than that, everything in this collection is awesome

  • It's been done before... (14 April 2011)

    I am kind of disappointed in the stuff that The Girls are putting out. It just looks a lot like other stuff that is out. Penants have been out for over a year now, these color combinations have been used by Echo Park for about a year as well. Was hoping for something NEW and innovated from Margie and company, but it just looks like they are working on a theme that is getting 'old'.

  • It rocks! (29 December 2009)

    I must say that for a few years Kokoyu was my favorite, however it was costly and now it's no longer available. So now this little buddy is my new best friend when I am looking for a tape runner. It is easy to use, strong and never fails me.

  • Rockin' Adhesive! (30 December 2008)

    I can't imagine using anything else now. Everything pales in comparison to this adhesive! I use Club Scrap paper a lot and this is the only adhesive I have found that can handle that weight of paper. Once you just barely adhere things with this runner it's down for good!!! I have even gone back to some older pages and added some of my Kokoyu to the corners of photos and mats to make sure they don't go anywhere.

  • Smooth as silk!!! (26 September 2008)

    I heard all the raves about Kokuyo and have always been an 3L diehard. A friend at a crop was using her K-runner as she calls it. WOW.... I was coveting it the whole day! I immediately bought the runner and the last refill that was on the pegs at a nearby store. These things are never in stock at my local store and for good reason. Even Google-ing them I find them out of stock. Smooth sailing on this and it sticks the most heaviest of cardstocks. This is well worth the price! When you find one, snatch it up!

  • If you want it to stick forever... here's your solution (26 September 2008)

    I LOVE this tape! This is not to replace your tape runner, but it's great for taping large items or for taping paper to metal, glass and other objects. It lays flat, sticks forever!!! I sometimes use very heavy cardstock and my tape runner just doesn't do the job completely. I always come to my photo tape.