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  • Love this tool (01 May 2010)

    i bought this tool when scrapbook.com had it on sale at Christmas... I have the small one and really like it but I make a lot of mini albums and canvas collages and need to be able to get further into a page thanthe original one allows. It is heavy, and strong... it's a tool not a toy. it could stand to have better instructions but it's not too hard to figure out. This can be a hand held tool or you can sit it on a tabletop. I
    had no trouble punching through heavy chipboard or setting grommets into chipboard.

  • beautiful blue (20 July 2009)

    these blue alphas from K and Co. are just perfect! Of course, they coordinate with the blue Awning collection, but they also work well with Sea Glass, and Rough and Tumble. There are plenty of each letter, so you won't find yourself stuck short. The adhesive is also of good quality so the stickers do lie flat once applied.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Collection, but be advised.... (26 June 2009)

    I love AC papers and I love tags... so I thought I had to have these and at the Jill's Deal price, who could beat it... There's tons of tags and they are two sided so you have lots of options but they are incredibly lightweight. A plus on scrap book pages, not necessarily the right weight for books or cards. I would absolutely recommend them, but I'd recommend with that caveat.

  • Awesome Blues and Creams (26 June 2009)

    I love the Blue Awning line... no denying that. I have a weakness for anything that reminds me of the shore and this certainly does. The colours are SO Sand and Atlantic Ocean, with a little bit of beach grass and wheat thrown in. There's nothing about this line I don't love. While it obviously coordinates with everything in the Blue Awning line, it also works well with the Sea Glass line.

  • Don't search for letters anymore. (26 June 2009)

    these are new and so appreciated! 183 stickers!! Don't you just hate when you have to buy two or three sets of an alpha sheet to get what you want? The glitter on these is a medium size piece so it really sparkles without heavy added dimension. Letter size is no larger than 1 1/2 inches so it makes for a nice title or subtitle in the lowercase. The adhesion is good but not so sticky that you have to use tweezers to place them.

  • Nothing Small about this paper pad! (17 June 2009)

    36 sheets of 8 x 8 double sided paper. Themed for little boys and color coordinated so you can mix patterns with ease! I love that the peach and beige are so predominantly featured in this paper pack... let's you break away from the blue and greens that are so often used in baby boy layouts. The paper is nicely weighted so you can make envelopes and dimensional pieces without a lot of extra bulk.

  • Frame and more (10 June 2009)

    I love this frame for it's versatility. Yes it's a really pretty picture frame but Look at the scroll work in it and you can see that taking this frame apart gives you brackets, corner embellishments and even a funky photo corner (if you've the patience to set those small corners!) These days, every thing I purchase has to be able to do a little more than what it was designed for and this die cut delivers!

  • Worth every penny! (07 June 2009)

    You want to fall in love? Use these scissors on anything and you just might do that. The micro serrated blade gives delicate and even cuts through even chipboard... what a great asset for making books! The tip on these is not quite as narrow as I'd like, but the accuracy and strength of the blades more than makes up for it!

  • Excellent coverage, beautiful colours (28 May 2009)

    This is a great ink... The coverage is super smooth and the pigment density is fantastic. Despite being a small pad, there is a lot of ink. This is also a good ink for shading and coloring... it applies well with a blending pen. The pink and blue are exactly the colours you would think for baby colours and the green and lavender are beautiful spring shades.

  • Worth it for the paper alone (27 May 2009)

    Winnie's Walls is such a cute paper line. The album is cute but this kit is worth it for the paper alone. The paper collection for this line retails at about 29.99. Another nice bonus, there is a design runner cartridge featuring design elements that are themed for this line. The die cuts are beautiful.

  • try this before you buy it (22 May 2009)

    O.K. Slice is portable, cordless and positionable...
    but... the instruction manual is misleading, the quality of the blade cuts is only marginal on smaller intricate cuts, there is no chaining ability so cutting out a title might well take twenty minutes. You have to apply adhesive to a glass mat (which takes a bit away from the whole "scrap where you want" pro for this little machine). It is reasonably priced, but only if you know you are never going to want a cutter with both smaller (less than 2 inches) and larger (larger than 4.5 inches) cutting capabilities. This might be the machine for you, but I'd strongly recommend trying one first.

  • This is the best stuff I have used so far (20 May 2009)

    O.K. you want to not like Martha... I know, lots of people feel that way, but her glitter is awesome... it is so fine that when applied properly, the finish almost looks like paint... Nothing but sparkle! A little goes a very long way, too, so it's well worth the price. You can also go back and patch missed spots very easily without the telltale dimensional giveaway. This stuff really lays flat.

  • too much fun! (17 May 2009)

    these little acrylic charms are just too much fun! Attach whatever image you like or for some real fun, play around with inking them. What I like most is that you can adhere them as a dangle so they move. The only thing I would want are larger pieces.

  • I love this punch! (16 May 2009)

    These new punches from EK Success are really wonderful to use. They are slighly longer than a pack of playing cards and slighly narrower than such but have about the same thickness. I'm partial to the Fleur de Lis, but all of them are great. The cut is sharp and requires very little hand pressure which makes them a joy to use. If you're like me and you save every scrap of paper thinking you might use it for something try using your punch scraps as masks... inexpensive way to do something different!

  • A great addition to your Xyron supplies (15 May 2009)

    O.K. it costs more than you think you want to spend but you do get 7 feet of laminate magnet. What are you going to do with it? Make fridge magnets of your business cards or your favorite photo. Make themed magnets for your dry-erase/magnetic board. Or, my favorite... make magnetic paper dolls for your child (or yourself!). Because the magnet fully backs the item being laminated, the magnets do not pose the safety hazard other magnetic toys do. My little one loves his magnetic Winnie the Pooh.

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    Distress Ink, Faded Jeans (02 May 2009)

    I love the Distress inks for their blendability and layering. You can achieve the palest baby blue to a deep denim color with layers of this ink. A truer blue than the Broken China Distress ink which has a more teal read. A little advice on these inks: they clean up very well with a lanolin based soap!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these little books (19 April 2009)

    Okay... I'll start with I love the 8x8 format... mostly because it means I can use my 12 x 12 paper and have scraps for coordinating embellishments, but also because it is small enough to be cute but large enough to be substantial. The chipboard sands easily and does not get splintery. The ring binding edge is a little awkward to work around but well worth the end result of a look that is finished. The interior paper is good quality as well. A bargain at the sale price and well worth its list price.