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    Tape, tape and more tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (01 September 2010)

    There really is not to much to decide on here, the amount of tape that is on this role makes up for the price of the atg gun by far, you will soon appreciate not running out of tape in the middle of a project and simply enjoy the price of the tape refills. Yeah thumbs up for scotch adhesive. And b 4 I 4 get the general use tape is what I use on my card making and scraobboking paper(s) I wood not recommend the General use for photos.

  • Verified Buyer

    This is not just a tape runner.................. (01 September 2010)

    When I first got the atg I was a little worried about putting the tape in but it really is easy, U tube has many videos showing step by step instructions of how to put the tape in the gun, this gun glides across paper like no ones bussiness:) the size IS NOT an issue at all, I find that it feels good in my hand, and trust me when I tell you that you will be making the atg your Main glue gun.