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  • Way Overpriced (31 October 2010)

    Ok, Webster's Pages apparently listened to us about the huge yardage on these ribbons and blooms, but now the price..$5.00 a yard, they have to be kidding!! I can sit down in a few minutes and gather my own material and make these for pennies.

  • 25 YARDS!!!! (18 October 2010)

    Yes, the ribbon is gorgeous, BUT, why as a scrapbooker and not a retail store would I want 25 yards of this??!! Purchase and split with other scrapbookers...great idea if you have others that scrap the same style. I seriously think Websters Pages need to re-think their packaging on their ribbons.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not pleased at all! (24 September 2009)

    I am not the least bit pleased with this purchase.

    #1 the shipping was 1/2 the cost of the little book and it took 6 days to arrive. This could have been put in a padded envelope and sent media rate.

    #2 I don't like purchasing a "book" that in reality is a magazine with ads in it!

    #3 If I didn't have a computer this magazine would be useless! Instead of listing the products needed to complete a project it states" vist That means I am going to have to go to the website, find the project and then print the page, when every project in this book has a full size ad on the previous page instead!

    I would not recommend this to anyone!

  • Nana's Kids Collection (05 August 2009)

    I have this as well as the 12x12, great papers, designs plus I love the weight. I've done baby lo's as well as summer lo's and I am very pleased with it.

  • Narratives (10 June 2009)

    There are so many uses for this paper, it's wonderful! I usually end up cutting it apart so I actually get two die cut sheets out of one!

  • Undu (05 June 2009)

    I love this product! I used it to clean all my tools including my scissors, they didn't need sharpening only cleaning! :-)

  • Doddling Templates (05 June 2009)

    I have several of these templates and they are terrific!

  • Doodling Templates (20 May 2009)

    LOVE these templates they can be used for so many things. Scrapping, crafts, and home decorating. I have 4 different ones currently and plan on purchasing more!